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  1. Should've been you, Phillies. Should've been you....
  2. Lions are home to Chicago for Week 12 , the early T'Giving Day game. They are wearing their throwback set. They play Buffalo the following week
  3. Their helmets do suck, although other parts of the uniform are problematic as well. Titans missed an opportunity to be unique and go back to their roots with a columbia blue helmet. That would balance out the above look so much better.
  4. yeah seriously, Koskinen has 6 career games played in the last EIGHT years, He'll be lucky if anyone remembers him even being in the NHL
  5. Pistons fan here as well. Count me as being extremely underwhelmed. Would rather have seen them bring back the Grant Hill era teal uni's. At least they're interesting to look at. These things look like they were designed in all of 5 minutes.
  6. "Buzz City" is like meeting someone who you know gave themselves their own nickname
  7. Jets might bust out the white facemasks again for the color rush-ish Thursday nighter against the Christmas poos Browns
  8. Now we just need a cool Native American inspired "Thunder" logo and this franchise may finally be on it's way to having a non=generic identity.
  9. Nothing will ever beat the Ravens surprise December mustard pants. And by "beat" I mean it in terms of being worse than.
  10. this photo looks like one of the ones from the portait studios in Canton, OH where you (or in this case your Dad) can put on his favorite NFL uniform.
  11. Titans had a real opportunity to do something unique and bring back the awesome columbia blue more prominently with a helmet and main home jersey. Now they look like the bastard love child of the Texans and the old Jags set. Sigh.
  12. I was in Hartford about a week ago for work and saw a decent amount of Whalers merch. But lets be honest, that city's in rough shape, They're not getting a team back in the foreseeable future.
  13. this is the height of trying to be a pedant. The Preds are a gold dominant team, that use navy as a secondary, The Sabres are a navy dominant team, who uses gold as an accent (along with silver for some reason?), while they contain two of the same colors, they're schemes are completely flip-flopped.
  14. yes, your perception of color seems to be off. Perhaps consult an optician?
  15. That's the problem with a white alt when teams don't wear white at home. You have to specifically schedule it against a team on a one game road trip so they can bring only their dark uniform on the trip with them. That may only happen like a half dozen times a season if that.
  16. "Don't @ me about the Wild" @'s me about the Wild They have a majority darker almost hunter green uniform with a few brick red-colored accents. It's really nothing like the Devils kelly green and bright red. This would be like arguing the Sabres and Predators have similar schemes.
  17. A color scheme unique to the four major pro sports (dont @ me about the Wild). This is a great set and should be brought back full time.
  18. "The New Jersey Devils are ready to kick-it old school. For the first-time in 26 seasons, Devils will be throwing it back to their original white, red and green home uniforms, which debuted during the Devils inaugural season in 1982. The original uniform scheme was worn for ten years (1982-1992) at Brendan Byrne Arena. The 2018-19 Heritage jerseys will be worn four times this season at Prudential Center."
  19. The Penn State look is fine and the pants don't really need a stripe so long as you wear the socks like Saquon Barkley and NOT like Trace McSorely, who even with a pant stripe would look silly. I guess it just bother me less on them versus a team like the Jaguars since they've always looked this way and they only have dark blue and white in their scheme whcih clash pretty well, whereas the Jags have 3 colors they dont consistently use and the teal and white blurs more together. .
  20. ^ really want to see us wear the traditional white jersey and silver pants on the road at least once this season. The blue pants are fine, just want to see the traditional look with this new set.
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