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  1. Possibly because the logo is supposed to be evocative of the host City and not the resident franchise? This the flag of the City of Atlanta Dark blue, but probably couldnt incorporate the gold as it would conflict too much with the silver lettering.
  2. I'm a big fan of any MLB hat that doesnt have letters on it.
  3. the comparisons of Wahoo to either the Notre Dame or Vikings logo are so purposefully ignorant and have been dealt with and dismissed so many times before, I don't know why you keep dignifying them when they get regurgitated YET AGAIN with any kind of response?
  4. The whole pinned feathers on the block C gives off a real "Redskins" vibe, which I assure you the Indians do NOT want to emulate. Yes I realize that the "Redskins" name is the problem, not their logo but regardless they're not going to want that association right now.
  5. On the other hand the Eagles are 0-2 wearing green in Super Bowls.
  6. Why would it be the Stars? The Gunds owned the Seals/Barons, then consolidated them into the North Stars. Years later the Gunds extricated their ownership interest back out of the North Stars (and sold to Norm Green) as part of an agreement not to move the team, and then formed the Sharks as an "expansion" team even though they took a portion of the North Stars roster with them. What was left of the North Stars wouldve had no rights to the Seals/Barons marks because they never owned them to begin with. Either the current Sharks own the rights to those marks (via sale from the Gunds and other previous Sharks owners) or they were ceded to the NHL at some point in the franchise relocation processes.
  7. On the flip side had the AFC championship gone the other way too
  8. Count me in for either Totems or Sea Lions, although use an actual sea lion in the logo, not like an African lion on a surfboard As for Seals, wouldn't the Sharks still technically own those trademarks from the Gunds? Or did those rights revert back to the NHL at some point?
  9. Are the Caps wearing a cumberbund???
  10. The feeling I get is that the trademark law in Canada is a bit different. I agree that Knights is a pretty ubiquitous name especially in terms of sports teams, and the VGK don't really look anything like the London Knights, you just dont see crossover team names between the CHL and NHL too often unless like the Rangers, they have a historical precedent to be there.
  11. Silver Knights? Just go down a grade in precious metals, and Nevada is the "Silver State" Probably keep the same color scheme, maybe just swap the gold for silver. Although silver and gray might be a bit much together.
  12. Atlanta was the home team last year, they just probably havent updated the Super Bowl template on the app yet
  13. IMO all of the expansion teams from '91 - '00 killed it with their original looks, and pretty much all of them were superior to what they're wearing today, perhaps with the exception of Columbus.
  14. the "gray + neon color" trend that these jersey makers keep throwing up on us is getting old.
  15. Clash. No. Intrasquad scrimmage, Probably
  16. Taxi cabs are in their death throes. They wont even be here in 10 years to worry about./
  17. I like the new logo, the new uni's leave a lot to be desired.
  18. Harrison already turned heel once and played a year in Cincinnati. Not sue the fanbase finds this as "shocking"as the author thinks
  19. The 1997 update is much better if you take the goofy helmet off the dolphin. I will say that's the one thing the 2013 update got right. Outside of that one thing however, the 2013 logo looks like it belongs on a low budget, Caribbean airline.
  20. Is the NBA doing Christmas jerseys again this year? Apologies if this has already been asked.
  21. They're not going to call an NBA team the 'Spades" ever. Jesus.
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