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  1. ^ maybe if the guy who owns Starbucks was buying the team and was doing a sort of Charlotte "Bobcats" tongue in cheek kind of thing, otherwise no. Not to mention, there's nothing unique about deer. Deer are fricking everywhere, literally. There's a lot more interesting local fauna (both real and mythological) they could use here if they wanted to go that route.
  2. Really wish the Lions would give the blue road pants a rest. It was fun the first few games, but let's get back to our classic road look.
  3. Well they may be in all blue, but as for the "ready" for the Patriots part, I'm extremely skeptical.
  4. Atlanta's ownership (Atlanta Spirit Group) didn't move the team. They didn't want to own the team, so they sold it to an out-of-town buyer (Mark Chipman). Peter Karmanos (Hartford), Norm Green (Minnesota), or Barry Shenkarow (Winnipeg) would be better examples of owners that picked up their team and moved them while continuing to own them.
  5. yeah this has gotten silly at this point. Radulov was a stretch, but this is beyond ridiculous. What's next? Guys who played road games vs the Habs?
  6. yes, as in unoriginal. Oh look a team made their primary logo the first letter in the name of their city! Ground-breaking stuff.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers‏Verified account @Chargers FollowFollow @Chargers MoreWearing all navy on Sunday 11:33 AM - 15 Nov 2017
  8. The Eagles need to give it up with the black. It's unnecessary and midnight green is dark enough as is.
  9. You were? This is a sports logos forum.
  10. I also miss the days when each Federation had their own uniform looks and you had clashes of manufacturers and styles. This crap with the IOC signing deals for entire sports really sucks the life out.
  11. lucky for us, there are no NHL players in the Olympics and all of the games will be on at 6 AM EST anyway, so we wont have to see these much.
  12. I just said it was to sell jerseys. I didnt say what they claimed to be doing with proceeds.
  13. That was sort of supposed to be the point of Color Rush, except for the fact that the NFL considers white a "color" now, so it's more like Third Jersey Revenue Night now.
  14. Give me royal blue over navy blue every day of the week and twice on Sundays
  15. I'm aware of his two stints with Toronto, but he still played more seasons on the Hawks. The Islanders thing comes from me being a fan, and him being on a line with Pierre Turgeon during the 93 run to the Wales Conference Finals.
  16. Always think of Steve Thomas as more of a Blackhawk or even an Islander than a Leaf.
  17. Right. MLB was Northern VA (at the time the Nats were still in Montreal) and the NHL had a decent bid from Hampton Roads. My 1990's expansion scenarios tend to run together in my head. Arguably Northern VA could still probably support another team given the demographics, but I'd have to think MLB would prefer elsewhere like Charlotte, Portland, or San Antonio.
  18. Wasn't Hampton Roads, VA a VERY close 3rd place on the last expansion go around? They could be in play again.
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