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  1. That one whole season for Radulov in Montreal must've made quite an impression on you.
  2. a snow shoe might've made more sense
  3. And here's where I point out that's irrelevant, because the Avs are just adopting a previously existing symbol of the state in which they play and are named after. Not to mention it's not even really the same "C" if you want to truly go the pedantic route.
  4. And here's where I point out the Colorado state flag (where the Av's C comes from ) came about two plus decades before the Cubs adopted the style C they have now.
  5. ^ and they wont until they collect the equipment to take on the trip.
  6. I'll give you that the Raptors dumb "We The North" slogan does come off as saying that they and only they are the North. The Wolves on the other hand is pretty generic and "All Eyes North" is mostly just referring to the fact they're in the Northern US, and their logo is a wolf howling up at the North Star, which is one of the state's nicknames. If the Blazers come after them for that they look like a bunch of terrible, pendantic "well actually" nerds.
  7. They just need hem stripes to match the sleeves. When almost everyone else has gone away from the Edge-esque practice jersey, they went to it.
  8. If they could've legally been named the Knights, they would've been. They can't drop the descriptive adjective from the trademark at this point
  9. Given Minneapolis/St. Paul's lattitude compared to that of Toronto, it would seem like a short argument
  10. Knicks are going to get really hot playing in black sweatpants.
  11. Teams with adjectives in their nicknames always shorten it for chants, merch, etc. See Leafs, Wolves, Sox, Jays, etc. I assume for trademark reasons, the "Golden" descriptor will always be part of their proper name.
  12. https://twitter.com/MikeReiss/status/915273484753829889 Mike Reiss‏Verified account @MikeReiss From the equipment room: Patriots will wear white pants and white jerseys for Thursday night's game at Tampa. Color rush. https://twitter.com/MikeReiss/status/915273917765386242 From the equipment room, Part II: Then on 10/22 at home against Atlanta, the Patriots will wear blue pants & blue jerseys. Color rush 2.
  13. ^Not to mention they're the parent company of the previous jersey rights holder.
  14. The US Govt owns the Statue of Liberty and the National Park Service, I believe, runs it. However there may be someone who has the rights to market items with it's likeness.
  15. I believe Brooklyn was its own city at one time, before merging into the greater body of NYC. I still dont consider it a regional name however, since it describes a finite area that's a borough and the team using the name is the only one in its league playing in it.
  16. Good regional/state designations: New England - reps entire multi-state region even though Boston prob only city big enough to have team. Minnesota - less wordy than the city name Indiana - see above Arizona - mostly indifferent about it, think it looks better than Phoeniix though Tampa Bay - includes both cities on the Bay, and the region Carolina - Works for the Panthers. They play in Charlotte close to SC border. more inclusive and SC never getting a team anyway. It's still a little odd for the Hurricanes. Tennessee - prob wouldve been "Nashville" if not for playing in Memphis to start but works with alliterative nickname. Bad regional/state designations: Golden State - a bit much in that it gives the team almost a college feel, and the fact that there are 3 other teams in California in the NBA. Florida - yes I know the Florida Panther is a species, but the name just sounds wrong when you have another team in state and you started out in Miami. Texas - see above Colorado - just seems random. You're all in Denver. Go with it. New Jersey - couldn't be New York, and no one wants to call themselves "Newark" so they didnt have much choice, but half the state hates them and roots for their rivals on the other side of the river.
  17. Funny that you cherry-picked the two warm weather locations with teams currently struggling (though Carolina won a Cup) to suit your opinion. But ignored the fact that the NHL has flourished in LA, Anaheim, San Jose, Nashville, Tampa, and Dallas.
  18. Vegas looked really good at home last night for the first time
  19. Played in the same division for 3 seasons. So would've played roughly 20 games against each other. Not too rare.
  20. T'Wolves really missed the "boat" by not getting a sponsorship from like Nautica or Old Spice or something.
  21. Delaware and their colors predate the University of Michigan by almost 75 years. And they aren't even the same colors. The Blue Hens are royal blue and gold. Michigan is maize and blue (navy).
  22. Dean Spanos almost suffocated under a powder blue blanket as a baby*. * may or may not be true
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