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  1. Always find it odd when the NHL All-Star logos/patches make no reference to the host franchises (only the cities) but OK.
  2. If a team has a color rush uniform but never wore it, did truly ever exist?
  3. these are only being worn in warm-ups right?
  4. Ugh the Devils. I just can't....
  5. Did we confirm blue pants for the Lions on MNF? Or is that assumption being made because they wore them the only time they wore their new away jerseys?
  6. actually I think this is supposed to symbolize them getting run over by the Warriors in the Finals last season...
  7. and that statement is..... neon boat party?????
  8. That was a really strange time when the Houston Astros joined the NFL....
  9. of all the tech companies in and around Silicon Valley, the Warriors get a sponsorship from a Japanese e-commerce company?
  10. wait until New Era buys a winery and starts making their own sparkling wine.
  11. Ugh that one still hurts. Like watching Jack Morris go to the Twins (and later the Jays) but only worse somehow since JV is such a good guy and Morris was a jerk.
  12. Actually since most NFL animal/bird/people logos are side profiled, I'd love to see a head on look of the Bills, Lions, Cardinals, Pats, Dolphins, Ravens, Broncos, Panthers, Jags, etc. as well.
  13. I own a couple that I actually wear to play hockey in (novel concept), but wouldn't imagine wearing them in any other place or situation.
  14. Give me silver socks with that look and I'm all in.
  15. franchise =/= team The current Jets have worn throwbacks to those Jets and own those marks now I believe. So from a "team" standpoint they're effectively one in the same, even though the original franchise that called itself that resides in Arizona. This is the equivalent of if Ray Lewis had played a year for the original Browns before moving to Baltimore. It's just a wrong uniform at this point mostly becauuse the Browns exist again back in their original city.
  16. I'd say Doaner in a Jets jersey is just a flat out "player in the wrong uniform" scenario period since that team exists again. Although I'm hard pressed to think of which iteration of the Yotes uniform that he looks most right in at this point?
  17. I like the NJ outline on the patch and the incorporation of the franchises three main colors over their run. However, I feel like aside from the 25th anniversary you should really just celebrate the 10's. After 30 years as a franchise you've shown some longevity and probably don't need to commemorate your own existence every 5 years. Also odd that only Chico Resch is shown in the pre-1992 uniforms in that lithograph. The red/green period was almost a third of their history albeit not the most successful one. They still had some pretty memorable players during that time especially the Cinderella 87-88 team with Burke, Shanahan, Muller, MacLean, Broten, Verbeek, etc.
  18. Part of me really wants to see the Lions bust out the blue pants this weekend.
  19. Pau Gasol? Really?
  20. I think the EA people said this was done because due to the low resolution in the early graphics, the players in their home (white) jerseys would disappear into the ice.
  21. It's like he got thrown in a dark closet with random pieces of football equipment, and that's what he came out looking like.
  22. why again did Atlanta build another domed stadium?
  23. Taken in a vacuum and if you took the "Minnesota" and "Wolves" off the respective jerseys and I told you this was the new template for say the Clippers, a team that's on a coast with an actual nautical theme to them, it's a solid yet unspectacular look. But to throw this on a team from the Upper Midwest named after a large, canine animal and it's a huge WTF??? This is akin to having flames on the side of a jersey for a team called the Pilgrims or something. It's like Nike built this uni template for some other team who was like "Nah, we're good." And the Wolves went and dove in the dumpster to recover it and slap their wordmarks on it to save the time and effort.
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