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  1. This is a nice sentiment and source for inspiration, but these statues were mass-produced in the 1920’s and are found all over the country. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/wwi-doughboy-statue
  2. ... so you're all saying there's no further news about what the team will call itself in 2022?
  3. Some West Coast League logos: Edmonton Riverhawks: Kamloops NorthPaws: Nanaimo NightOwls: Port Angeles Lefties: Portland Pickles: Ridgefield Raptors:
  4. "Our new triple bacon cheddar jalapeno burger melt, for a limited time, only at Huskers!"
  5. The big advantage of this redesign, and I’m sure one of the driving factors, is that it opens up the package design options enormously. The previous packaging was constrained by the brown of the Pringle man’s hair. All of their packaging colours had to compliment that brown in some way. Their new packaging can be any colour of the rainbow.
  6. Will the crest itself be a hexagon? If so, that's a major design win in a league dominated by shields and roundels. It would also be a miss for New England, who should go with a hexagon to represent the six New England states. But the Revs' ownership is stuck in 1996.
  7. If they get Brandiose involved, it'll be the Beloit Blankity Blanks.
  8. The Minnesota Wild have nailed it pretty well. I think if you're not careful red and green can come off as cheezy Christmas-y.
  9. Kodiaks has a nice ring to it, but Kodiaks are only found in Alaska.
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but was Charlotte Independence never in the cards? That name along with the Union and Revs would have made a great set of unique American names and historical references.
  11. I liked the AC St. Louis branding for that 10-month period they existed.