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  1. Will the crest itself be a hexagon? If so, that's a major design win in a league dominated by shields and roundels. It would also be a miss for New England, who should go with a hexagon to represent the six New England states. But the Revs' ownership is stuck in 1996.
  2. If they get Brandiose involved, it'll be the Beloit Blankity Blanks.
  3. The Minnesota Wild have nailed it pretty well. I think if you're not careful red and green can come off as cheezy Christmas-y.
  4. Kodiaks has a nice ring to it, but Kodiaks are only found in Alaska.
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but was Charlotte Independence never in the cards? That name along with the Union and Revs would have made a great set of unique American names and historical references.
  6. I liked the AC St. Louis branding for that 10-month period they existed.
  7. Great logo, but I don’t think having a river makes a city unique.
  8. From Axios with a great analysis and infographic of all the candidates’ color schemes: The 2020 Campaign Gets Colorful
  9. Great write-up by the AP on Brandiose and how they approach MiLB projects. I think it still remains to be seen if their brands/rebrands will be long-term successes but cool insight to their process. https://apnews.com/0ecd470d6f7742199d909ba337032c20
  10. Overall I think it’s an upgrade and great at unifying the University’s brand. But I’m really not a fan of the lion’s mane. It looks like he has two little spike legs and spikey squiggle arms. Like the Colonel Sanders logo.
  11. I really agree with what’s been said about the logo. A definite upgrade. While I love the new font, there’s something about the kerning that’s straining my eyes for some reason.
  12. I’d rather see that Isles third in Orange.