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  1. I agree. I like the overlapping logo concept and it works for the most part - especially in the Atlantic Division. But there are just some divisions that are really hard (ie. the Cavs and Clippers logos drives me crazy). It may just be as easy as swapping those logos out for the teams' primaries and increasing the spacing a bit like you said. Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys. So this NBA season I decided to start a blog that focused on daily recaps of each night's action. After toying around with doing standard text-driven posts, I decided to go with a more graphical style. Here is an example of my daily recap infographic: A few concerns I have: Is the standings section too cluttered?Can you make out which stat lines are associated with which players in the Stars/Squares section?Here is an example of a weekly feature containing statistical leaders from the previous week: And here is an example of a weekly feature of team "power rankings": Otherwise, I would love to hear what you guys think. As a long-time member of this board, I'd be lying if I said that the creativity and attention to detail of the CCSL community weren't an inspiration with this new, more visual approach. So with that being said - What am I missing? What's working? What sucks? Etc. Thank you all. Leon
  3. I guess Threadless ran a Design Contest where they asked people to design graphics for various colleges: Threadless College Design Challenge You can click on each school and see the designs submitted. Some are really awesome. I'm pretty sure at this point one design was chosen for each school and you can see/buy the winning design at Winning Designs I have to say, my favorite has to be this one for the U (I'm a little biased but regardless I wouldn't mind seeing this as their main identity): I'm actually surprised this didn't win for Miami. P.S. If this should be in the Concepts thread I apologize.
  4. I just noticed I forgot to color the belts in the UTEP concept. I will update it tomorrow. Next team will have a different color scheme than navy and orange, too.
  5. Texas El Paso Miners Hi-Res (Click To Zoom)
  6. Hey BrandNStudio, First off, I'm really digging your concepts and the template. Top notch work. I hope you don't mind, I played around with your SVG'd version a little bit to make it a little more Inkscape friendly. I by no means want to take any credit away from you for the template. Anyway, here is the link: NikeBaseball I used it to make this: Cal State Fullerton Keep up the awesome work.
  7. Cal State Fullerton Titans Hi-Res (Click To Zoom)
  8. So just as I was starting to get rolling with BMac's Baseball Template, BrandNStudio hit us with his awesome Nike Pro Combat Baseball Template and I had to give it a spin. I will be continuing my College Baseball series in a new thread using the new template. I am possibly open to revisiting some of the teams I did with the old template, I'll look at the teams I currently have lined up and decide. 6/7 Cal State Fullerton Titans Note: The Pro Combat jersey really bogs down my computer for some reason so unfortunately I won't be able to use it for all the concepts. 6/9 Texas El Paso Miners
  9. Haha, very observant. I actually have the sticker for the other side but it fell off and lost its adhesiveness.
  10. I was rummaging through my football cards and found my collection of OLD miniature NFL helmets. I used to get one each time I went to this local video store. I was wondering if anyone else collected these as well. I am missing the Saints. Photos below. NFC AFC