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  1. CELEBRATE THE RETURN OF PITT SCRIPT! Join Pitt Athletics to celebrate the return of the Pitt Script with a new uniform unveiling featuring all 19 of Pitt's varsity sports. Date: Wednesday, May 18 Location: Petersen Events Center - Main Lobby Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
  2. And re-adoption of the script wordmark throughout the athletic department. Pitt's AD recently commented on their merchandise provider. "On the huge Nike deals for schools like Ohio State, Texas, Michigan and how Pitt can compete with that Ohio State came after the incredible deal with Texas and then Michigan, those are huge broad-based programs, but there are opportunities. I’ll say this, there’s other players in the market that are trying to grow the market share and because the other players are trying to grow the market share. Because the other players are trying to grow the market share, they’re very aggressive in what they’re offering. So as we think about our opportunities down the line, we’ve got to look at aligning ourselves with a partner that can give us market and beyond the school our size and the league that we’re in. I believe that we have every opportunity to do very, very well when we come up to our next contract."
  3. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2015/08/31/Pitt-to-adopt-script-logo-for-all-sports-beginning-with-2016-17-season/stories/201508310073 Pitt to adopt script logo for all sports beginning with 2016-17 season
  4. Pitt is getting new digs next year but here are their options this year (nothing really new but they've never worn this gold jersey in a game--only spring ball). They have worn gold previously (when Revis was there) and they looked terrible. Just FYI.
  5. Unfortunately, no. I'd like to think it will be a more deliberate and planned release though.
  6. Please just be a concept... please just be a concept!! Pat Narduzzi was on Pittsburgh radio this morning and said that the depictions of the new uniforms are nothing like they are going to look but also said that no one but a select few know exactly what they're going to look like because it's top secret. Just FWIW.
  7. There certainly is a rich history of other schools borrowing colors from other universities or sports teams (Iowa wanting to look like the Steelers, for example). The City of Pittsburgh's seal was taken roughly from the Earl of Chatham, William Pitts family coat of arms and was chartered in 1816. Pitt was officially founded in 1787 first as the Pittsburgh Academy, then as the Western University of Pennsylvania (1819) and finally renamed the University of Pittsburgh (1908). That said, Pitt's school colors are Old Gold and Blue and have always been. Few if any university athletic teams have had as many color variations as Pitt has had in the last 100 years or so on the field of play (see Ditka-era, mustard and dark navy; or Mario/Dorsett era with mustard and a pure navy; to the late 80s with canary yellow and royal blue; to the late 90s with Vegas gold and dark navy; to today with a little tannish looking gold and blue) but Pitt has always been old gold and blue officially as a university.
  8. Apparently, people who have seen photos of the new uniforms are all very excited and they think Pitt fans will really like them. It sounds like it is going to be a general update: mostly the same colors, but a newer look to the uniforms. Obviously the script logo is here to stay, but I'd expect the new unis to be an update more than a complete overhaul. They will be different, I think it will generally be the same colors (maybe sleeve stripes?). However, I have also heard there will be an alternate - that will be a throwback. I don't know if that means similar to what they wore against Youngstown State in 2005 or not, but it sounds like Pitt's going to have the mustard available for use. The new Pitt AD comes from Utah State and their new head coach comes from Michigan State, so perhaps a little blending from there. Probably will remain quite traditional looking (which is a positive IMHO).
  9. That one is actually NOT the current panther. They dropped this version and went back to the original one (the one on the shirt posted earlier) at some point. I don't know when they switched back, but as of 2015 I can tell you that they no longer use this version. This. Pitt actually introduced this several years ago and it was never accepted by the fans and Pitt quickly reverted to the one on the shirt-the "steel cut" panther. With the script on the helmets, Pitt's uniforms for football actually are very nice (for the first time in a long time). Agree they need a new panther.
  10. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B70SU7vCIAAy2c5.jpg:large Would not be surprising if this actually occurs but this is a Photoshop.