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  1. On 1/12/2016 at 8:38 PM, Clintau24 said:

    Pitt will have all new Unis this year not just for football but for all sports. Per reports last year, they will have 3 helmets   Gold/Blue/White  , same goes for jerseys and pants combos. And I guess there will be a 4th set of unis as a throwback as well.


    And re-adoption of the script wordmark throughout the athletic department.

    Pitt's AD recently commented on their merchandise provider.

    "On the huge Nike deals for schools like Ohio State, Texas, Michigan and how Pitt can compete with that

    Ohio State came after the incredible deal with Texas and then Michigan, those are huge broad-based programs, but there are opportunities. I’ll say this, there’s other players in the market that are trying to grow the market share and because the other players are trying to grow the market share. Because the other players are trying to grow the market share, they’re very aggressive in what they’re offering. So as we think about our opportunities down the line, we’ve got to look at aligning ourselves with a partner that can give us market and beyond the school our size and the league that we’re in. I believe that we have every opportunity to do very, very well when we come up to our next contract."

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