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  1. I think your numbers might be a bit off. Unless nobody lives in the rest of Alaska.
  2. Iowa Cropdusters could be cool. "Combines" isn't bad, but "Iowa Combines" doesn't really roll off the tongue.
  3. Glad to see this is still going on. The Nashville Rhythm is a home run--great job on that design. I recall, once upon a time, suggesting Bloodhounds as a name for Nashville. Since that's obviously off the table, maybe it would work for Greensboro?
  4. Really like Fifty8's Nets logo. It has a very "cool" look that caught my attention right away.
  5. I think it's amusing...but then, I freely admit I'm a terrible person. I'm pretty sure some of the teams I've made on Madden would get me punched in the mouth if people knew about them.
  6. I like the explorer poking out of the C. That's really cool. Also, I would like to state publicly how much I hate that Sioux Falls changed their name from Canaries to Fighting Pheasants. Hate hate HAAAAAAAAAAAATE. (For those who don't know...or care...both Sioux Falls and Sioux City play in the same league.)
  7. This is great news. I'm glad you bumped the thread, too--I've wanted to see these ever since you mentioned the project in the Alternate NFL thread (which I miss a great deal, but I understand why it went to the graveyard. *shakes fist at the jerks*)
  8. I think you're fine with the orange, as it doesn't look like the same shade as OSU's. Cool concept. Definitely better than the nondescript mess the Thunder use now.
  9. I love using the wick and spark on the "i." The NJ still looks weird, though. Maybe not having them connect might look a little better? Just a thought.
  10. CoolHand

    Bmac's MLB

    I really like the navy jerseys. And of course, "batting cub" is always a favorite.
  11. I say, go ahead and put the Generals in DC, and leave the Marauders in Virginia. Sometimes you've just gotta say "damn the man."\ I don't know what that's supposed to mean in this context, but I'm standing by it.
  12. The Page 2 selection gets a bit tired after a while...but the Bengals logo change is hilarious.
  13. I'm a big fan of the Chicago one. The sock hanging off the bull's horn makes me laugh every time I see it.