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  1. Don't like the Bruins logo. I like what you're trying to do, but right now the bear looks like it's taking a dump.
  2. I prefer most of the EDGE jerseys to the older ones.
  3. I would love to see what you can do with R.I.T.
  4. I'm pretty sure they dont use that logo anymore. They just use the "W" that's in their regular logo now.
  5. I was thinking that exact same thing too.
  6. The Whalburger is a registered trademark of Tom Wahl's.... http://www.tomwahls.com/menu.asp I'm no lawyer, but that might cause some issues.
  7. This was my reaction at first, then I looked at it a little harder, I realized what it was. this is genius, I love logos like this. Once you see it once, you can always easily pick it out again and again. Nice job!
  8. Taken from the Galimov link from Charger "The only other person to survive, flight crew member Alexander Sizov, remained in intensive care at Moscow's Sklifosovsky hospital." Looks like he passed away Monday. He hung on as long as he could but 90% burns are just not very survivable. Terrible tragedy. Now we just need to hope the flight engineer hangs on. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/6960576/alexander-galimov-only-player-survive-russian-plane-crash-dies I read somewhere that the doctors say the flight engineer's life is out of danger.
  9. Usually TSN doesn't allow comments on stories like these.
  10. I really like that Man U third jersey.
  11. on the grey jersey, the "Soul" word mark is hard to see. Other than that, I love this concept, especially the pant stripes. Nice job.
  12. The men's team as in what? When the USMNT plays friendlies here they are very well attended. And of course the WPS game here was sold out, the capacity is 13,000 (although 2000 more seats were added for this game). 13,000 attendance for an MLS game is on the very bottom of the spectrum in terms of average. The Rochester Rhinos was the men's team I was referring to.
  13. The numberss on the Brampton jerseys look too small
  14. This World Cup led to the sell-out of a WPS game between the WNY Flash and MagicJack. The Men's team here doesn't even come close to selling out.