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  1. Now that I've accepted reality that there won't be any springtime hockey in DTLA for the 1st time since 2009, let me applaud the Kings for giving everyone their brightest 5-year period in franchise history. Never in a million years would I have seen a Stanley Cup championship before a World Series title in my lifetime, let alone two in three years. Maybe being ousted now rather than in the playoffs will teach 'em a lesson, that these last 5 years were unsustainable in playing hockey very dangerously to the high wire. Maybe the emergence of the new Canucks, Flames and other teams will finally show these Kings that derping the regular season is no longer was never feasible to being a championship contender. The difference came down to defense. Of course, the Voynov situation pulled the rug out of nowhere, while Willie Mitchell's pursuit of avoiding property taxes in Florida provided a second uppercut to the team's defensive woes. But overall, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver wanted to win; the Kings expected themselves to win. That half-ass lolligagging was seen by perhaps the worst OT/SO record in the post-2005 NHL era, and (at long last for some people) it caught up to them. Onto recharging for 2016. And it will be fun to watch playoff hockey without a dog in the fight this time. It'll be fun to watch other teams/fans be nervous this time of year for a change. Enjoy your 2-month Game of Thrones tournament, ladies and gentlemen; I'll be watching from a high chair relaxed and cool.
  2. The 2015 Reds: "We're so committed to stealing this season, we've stolen an N off Washington for ourselves!"
  3. Damn. At least go down all gun's blazing, Kings.
  4. Bieber = the Kings approaching the playoffs. Police = the Oilers.
  5. Oh, hell no. After winning three titles in five years, with having the most dominant postseason pitcher in MLB history, the Giants can no longer use "torture" to describe themselves, their fans, nor their style of play.
  6. What makes Duncan "annoying?" Has he ever whined for a foul call? Does he personally receive overexposure on television and other media (including exposing his off-basketball life)? Has he said/done anything which have angered people to the point of some people taking it personally? What does he do which irritates you? I want to freaking-know an answer to this. And what does it matter if he's not that marketable? Duncan's done his share of commercials in the past (McD, Sprite, Edge Shaving Gel, AmEx), while also supporting local charities in his home-playing market. What effect will that have on his play and personality? If being low-key has resulted in 5 championships, 6 Finals trips, back-to-back regular season MVPs and other accolades within his 17 years of service in the NBA, then all for-it.
  7. NFL: Perhaps the 2002 Buccaneers? Or if we really like a feel-good story, the 1999 Rams? NBA: Last year's Spurs? Or if some people detest "boring" basketball (including some on these boards), the 2011 Mavericks? Or the 2008 Celtics? Or maybe as far back as the 2004 Pistons? Or even as way far back as those mid-1990s Rockets? NHL: Maybe those two Shicawgaw Stanley Cup teams? Or the 2007 Ducks? Or the 2004 Lightning? Or as far back as the 2001 Avalanche (singlehandedly because of Ray Boruque)? MLB: The 2005 ChiSox? Or maybe the 2002 Angels? Or the 2001 Diamondbacks? NCAAF: The 2005 Texas Longhorns? NCAAB: The Louisville Cardinals of 2013? Or maybe Kansas in 2008? Or even Syracuse in 2003? TL;DR version: Yeah, it's been a Pax Romana of villainous winners in 21st Century sports in America.
  8. Congrats Vancouver on likely clinching the Pacific's #2 seed. But man-oh-man, the Pacific #3 and Wildcard #2 spots are still up-for-grabs. Each have three games left and play on the same days (tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday). Kings are tied with Calgary in points, but the Flames hold the tiebreaker because of ROW. Kings have the tiebreaker against the Jets in ROW but trail them by one point. Oh, man. Every other day now will be so juicy to watch this week.
  9. "Thanks for taking out Kentucky, Badgers. Now, we're the champs!!!" -Duke
  10. He's fun to watch and a genuinely good teammate and person, not a borderline sociopath like many NBA stars seem to be.Tim Duncan is SOOOOOO freaking boring. He's the best mannequin to ever play professional sports. Completely uninteresting most of the time, and whenever he does open his mouth it's usually to whine about petty crap like not being able to wear his polo shirts on the sidelines when he sits out because he's old. I get that people want someone with less personality than guys like Artest or Iverson because they're totally over the top, but it'd be nice if they at least had SOME personality. So by your logic: BORING = UNLIKEABLE/HATED/DETESTED Nice to know that someone who plays basketball quietly and without controversy is more of a degenerate, NBA player to you than, say, a flamboyant doucnenozzle (LeBron), a couple of certified floppers (Griffin, Paul, Wade) and a stuck-up, childish a$$hole (Dwight Howard). Ironic how you hate Duncan for being boring, when you root for a team which does nothing but bore the hell out of people during the summer and fall (SF Giants).
  11. Welcome to Dodgerland, Jimmy Rollins.* *though I still don't like you for how Game 4 of the 2009 NLCS ended