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  1. Until the 7-1 Maracanazo II Germany put up against Brazil last year, I'd never seen a home, World Cup crowd so stunned and saddened by a World Cup game outcome as on that day when Italy opened up the floodgates near stoppage time in that 2nd extratime in that 2006 semifinal.
  2. None of the soccer-specific stadia in this country are large enough to host World Cup matches.Maybe for practices and scrimmages can America's SSS be used for the a World Cup. For example, for all the lore the Home Depot StubHub Center has, the more likely World Cup stadium in Southern California would be Pasadena's Rose Bowl or the new, LA-area NFL mega-stadia which will exist by the next decade.* *we all know this is a lie
  3. How's about this; the NHL announces two expansion teams because it wants so damn badly to have those stupid Coyotes stay in Desertland, and is hellbent on never being proven wrong on the obvious.
  4. FIFA is many things. Anti-American is not one of them. FIFA was openly praising the US ratings for the last World Cup.Rumor also has it that such ratings praise could lead to FIFA awarding the United States the 2026 World Cup*, in celebration of America's 250th birthday. *on the contingency that the USSF pays a handsome amount to FIFA officials and supplies their own slave workers from Latin America to build stadiums funded 100% by taxpayers to be used only for one summer month, of course
  5. I'm in the ESPN one (three groups from there including the CCSLC). Bracketname: dbadefense1990-2015.
  6. These are the kinds of banners you'd see for franchises who've won a championship, maybe two, tops. But hey; management has to find someway, anyway, to bring Devils fans to Newark this season.
  7. It depends. Actually, that team had more talent around the two in 1998, when their relationship wasn't made as public (from what I remember). It seemed to me that the problem was team chemistry as a whole, not just their relationship. If I am correct, then Phil Jackson made more of a difference than I thought, and it wouldn't have mattered if they didn't like each other or not. Shaq even said in 2000 on ESPN that he would have wanted to be traded if they didn't get a better coach like Phil. I never thought Del Harris was a good coach to "round up the troops" to begin with. They had Kobe and Shaq in year-2 of their platonic excursion, alongside some holdovers from the lean years of the mid-1990s (Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell). They only went 61-21 that year because of each player playing to their individual talents but not really showing team cohesion. It was a paper-fraud team, and even I knew it at the time. By the time Utah had swept them out of the West Finals, management and the players had butted heads to the point of no return, most infamously Van Exel being a whiny bastard about Derek Fisher replacing him, and him during a pregame scrimmage in that WCF series shouting "1, 2, 3, Cancun! Cancun!" Kurt Rambis didn't quell up anything in the strike-shortened 1999 campaign, and it was only until Phil came along which whipped the Lakers team into mental shape for the start of the new decade. In retrospect though, player-management tensions were contained until the disastrous fallout during the summer of 2004.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/videos/tampa-bay-buccaneers/0ap2000000214914/September-21-2003-Warren-Sapp-catches-a-TD-pass
  9. Agreed. Instead, it's going to be scrutinized for weeks now. *sigh* Oh well, At least Seattle won a Super Bowl. I can at least die happy knowing that my loyalty towards the Seahawks wasn't in vain. Hell, they can go 0-16 next year and I'll still be happy. At least they had one Super Bowl parade. That's about the only thing that will truly console all those devastated Seahawks fans right now. Imagine if they'd lost last years game. Between the loss of the Sonics, the laughable trenchery which are the Mariners, not having an NHL team and all those painful postseason endings by the Sounders, Seattle would have been right up there with Buffalo and Cleveland as one of America's most tortured sports cities. Still a shame the Doug Flutie lead '86 Bears lost to Washington in the divisionals. A McMahon lead Bears vs. The Giants in the NFC Championship would have been an awesome brawl. Isn't the '87 Divisional loss to Washington the worser of the two since (1) Jim McMahon was the quarterback in that one and (2) it was Walter Payton's last game.
  10. The Patriots won the last 8 minutes. The Seahawks only got to Glendale in the 1st place because of 8 minutes.
  11. Yeah, I wasn't either. Everything he threw seemed to be within five yards of the line of scrimmage. I'd give the MVP to the kid who made the INT. Or Edelman, to be honest. But...but..he's an NFL quarterback. You have to give him the MVP by default... I agree with this. Brady made some good plays and some bad plays. Overall, he played good to allright game, but definitely not an MVP game. That red mini-van had Marshawn Lynch's name on it, but unlike the NHL, they don't award the MVP to a player on the losing team. They could have gave it to one of their stronger offensive fowards, or hell just give to Butler. He's the reason why Brady has his 4th ring. A couple of years ago, we brought up the discussion of this current, mega-stratification of NFL quarterbacks over the last decade or so. Comparing New Orleans Super Bowls, Joe Flacco in XLVII and Brett Favre in XXXI had nearly identical passing statistics, yet Flacco was chosen Super Bowl MVP of his game, whereas Favre wasn't of his. Jacoby Jones had a better performance two years ago, but was penalized out of MVP honors because he's not an NFL quarterback in today's offense-friendly game. Tonight, my money would have gone to Edleman or Vereen, but alas, Brady simply being the quarterback of the Super Bowl-winning team was the sway needed for him to take home his 3rd game MVP.
  12. Yeah, I wasn't either. Everything he threw seemed to be within five yards of the line of scrimmage. I'd give the MVP to the kid who made the INT. Or Edelman, to be honest. But...but..he's an NFL quarterback. You have to give him the MVP by default...
  13. Got 'im Now do Brady pogo-sticking in joy on the sidelines during that last interception.
  14. I just got disturbed a little by GrubHub's "flying burrito slapping everyone in the apartment like a flying chode" commercial.
  15. Black Eyed Peas. This was not worse than that. In fact, I enjoyed it. In the post-Nipplegate era, it's still The Who in 2010. Those men looked like they were ready to pass out on-stage.
  16. So Katy's being harnessed up by NBC's "The More You Know" star? Kay...
  17. Translation: "I don't want to be known as the governor who let the Rams leave Los Angeles have an NFL team again." Fixed it.
  18. A mechanical-engineer-turned-comedian-turned-actor-playing-a-scientist is discussing the NFL on a news show. Our society has reached the pinnacle of absurdity. But the NFL loves it, because this story has lead the news for the last week, and will only increase the Super Bowl ratings. The only way this game could be any more perfect for the NFL is if it goes to double overtime and one of Katy Perry's boobs falls out during halftime. So Nye has been an actor posing as an astro-physicist this whole time???
  19. So the NFL has taken a page out of the NCAA's playbook, I see...
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