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  1. Yeah, Miami would get good coaches, and they wouldn't stay for too long. You had Schnellenberger leave to go to the USFL after five years (which, in my opinion, was a mistake on his part), and then Jimmy Johnson left five years later (he had to. The 49ers and Cowboys were interested in him). Then, after the Erickson era (which did lead to two national titles and then a decline), Butch Davis leaves after six seasons to go to the Browns (another mistake). As for Coker, you are right about the players wanting him. They said that in the 30 for 30 documentary The U Part 2. That documentary seemed to hint that they were looking at Barry Alvarez to replace Davis, but the players wanted to keep the status quo.
  2. I didn't like that team, but you are right. That's what I was telling my friend the other day. MJ said that they should have played until they lost, and he is right. However, according to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN and Around The Horn, Reinsdorf didn't want the team to linger around as long as the 60's Celtics did. That's why I think he should have just let Krause break it up in 97 like he wanted to. Krause was ready to trade Pippen to Boston for the sixth overall pick (which Jerry was going to use on T-Mac), but MJ and Reinsdorf said no. If Reinsdorf decided it was time to break it up. MJ and Phil are done right there, and Tim Floyd takes over as the new HC.
  3. Take that goal away, along with the play where Randy Carlyle let the puck bounce over his stick (game five of the 1982 Patrick Division Semis against the Isles. Pens had a one-goal lead with about a minute left in the game when that happened), and the Isles probably have two less titles (although, if Bossy somehow stays healthy, maybe they make that up later in the decade somehow).
  4. I am looking at the Sporting News archives (on Newspaperarchive.com), and there were people that predicted a Subway Series for 86.
  5. Actually, those early-00's Laker teams really weren't stacked. They just had Shaq, Kobe, and a bunch of average players (Horry, Rick Fox, Fisher, etc...). They had more talent in 1998 and 1999 (they had Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Elden Campbell, and even Rodman for a stretch in 99), but they didn't get to the Finals because they didn't have Phil as HC.
  6. If the Soviets win the Miracle on Ice, does hockey sink to all-time lows in popularity in the US?
  7. When I watched an episode of The Last Dance, I came up with another idea. I call it Class of 1984. The 30 for 30 would focus on MJ and Mario Lemieux. It would cover their organizations up to that point, their drafting, rise to first title, and the years after.
  8. Heck, in 1984, the Pittsburgh Spirit Indoor Soccer team was more popular than the Pens. Also, this was a few years before the Pitt Basketball team got pretty good (and choked in the 87 and 88 NCAA second-round).
  9. No. I think it started with Vermeil. That's why Gene Upshaw said in the 1980 Raiders America's Game episode that they had the weight of the whole league on their shoulders. If the Eagles beat them, that trend of overwork may have spread like wildfire (that was also the decade where overwork was starting to be pushed in society as a whole).
  10. Another interesting tidbit: Bud Grant used to leave the office at around five or six p.m. everyday (he said it was to get back home to his family). He was in four SB's, and he led the Vikings to the playoffs twelve times. There are guys that work way harder, but they don't even sniff a Super Bowl.
  11. Yeah, he did learn to delegate some when he came back, but he still was working the players way too hard the first two years (watch the 99 Rams America's Game episode where D'Marco Farr was talking about that. He was saying that they didn't have any energy for games their first two seasons under Vermeil). Switching gears, though: Did Vermeil almost return to Philly in the mid-90's? Don't remember that. That is another "what if" for the Eagles in that time period (another is when they almost traded for Mark Brunell in 95. However, they couldn't agree on a contract, and the Jags came in and stole him).
  12. Amen. I think they try to be like the sainted Bill Belichick, but what they don't (and aren't allowed to) talk about is that Belichick cheated on his way to success. Also, some learn the concept of overwork from their father like the ex-Rams coach (Vermeil) did. His dad used to work in his garage constantly. When Vermeil was hired as HC of the Eagles in 76, Jim Murray (Eagle GM) was at their house, and offered Vermeil's father a ticket to a game. He refused because he said he had to work (man, can't you take one day off for crying out loud?).
  13. I know. I saw that one. In a hypo 1986 Draft 30 for 30, they could talk about things that weren't talked about in Without Bias, like how Sixers scout Jack McMahon (they had the #1 pick that year until they made the idiotic trades that sent the franchise downward) didn't like Bias. Also, they could discuss other things about Rodman dealing with the draft that weren't discussed in his 30 for 30.
  14. Walter Football criticized the TE's Belichick took in Round 3, giving them a Belichick's dog grade.
  15. Good one. 1986 would be another draft class that they could do one about (Bias's death, drug problems with other guys, Rodman, Sabonis, etc...).