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  1. Right. See Gabbert, Blaine, Locker, Jake, and Trubisky, Mitch. Those teams drafted another QB in the first round a few years later, and the Jags will draft their second first-rounder since then this year.
  2. Crazy. Actually, from 2009-19, only Mahomes, Watson (that should be changing), Mayfield, Darnold (that also could be changing), Allen, and Daniel Jones are still with their original teams.
  3. News flash: That was rigged. The NFL wanted Brady to have a big comeback in the Super Bowl, and they got it. It's sad that fans don't question anything. They just praise the QB who has multiple rings (football is a team sport, isn't it? Could have fooled me with all of the Brady love over the years).
  4. So, boxing has been fixed from time immemorial, but you are saying that the NFL can't be fixed (and players can't be told to take a dive)?
  5. Yes. He just had another SB handed to him by the NFL: https://superfraud.blogspot.com/2021/02/day-332-part-two-st00pid-bowl-lv-night.html
  6. MOD EDIT: Don't bring politics into this.
  7. That's why I call him Ward Cleaver.
  8. From around 90-96, Carl Peterson never really stocked the offense with good talent. And, when he drafted an offensive player, it was a redundant pick (RB Harvey Williams in 91 when they had Word & Okoye) or a bad one (Greg Hill in the first round in 94 over Isaac Bruce, Darnay Scott, and Charlie Garner). He also drafted a QB in the second round in 92 (Matt Blundin) that they didn't really try to develop (or it didn't seem like they tried). They just kept picking up 49er QB's (Montana I understand, but not the other two).
  9. I have a feeling he could end up with the Jets because they have two first rounders this year (the extra came in the Jamal Adams trade).
  10. For the Ravens, they should switch to a purple helmet with a gold or purple facemask. Also, wear gold pants at home while still wearing purple on the road. Another team that needs to change their unis is the Broncos. The logo isn't bad, but it should be smaller on the helmet, and I would like to see an orange helmet. Then, I would completely re-design the uniform.
  11. The Tuck Rule shouldn't have been applied, because the ball was in both hands near his belt. That's not a pass attempt at that point.
  12. Hope that Brady doesn't get in. He doesn't deserve a 10th SB trip. He doesn't deserve the ones he has.
  13. Not surprising. These players are never held accountable for their actions, which is why a lot of them act the way they do. They think that they are better than everyone else.
  14. A friend of mine told me that Ben admitted to having elbow problems again. I can't find that online anywhere, though. That very well could be true. BTW, what did he do at Miami (Ohio)?