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  1. Rings don't make you GOAT. Brady and Belichick should have been kicked out of the NFL over a decade ago. They are cheaters. The NFL has fixed games for them for years. These last 20 years are the most dishonest time in NFL history.
  2. 1. Brady has won with two different teams (NE & TB). So did Peyton Manning, while we are at it. 2. McMahon wasn't healthy during the 1984 and 1986 playoffs. In 87, he only played in seven games. Plus, the Bears weren't as good of a team after the strike ended and the veterans came back. Before the strike hit, they pounded the defending SB champ Giants and the lowly Bucs. After the strike, they almost lost to the Bucs, Chiefs, and Packers, were blown out in San Fran, and only beat a 5-9 Raider team 6-3 to close out the season. As for Dilfer, he didn't get a chance to defend his title. 3. There being plenty of good defenses doesn't change the fact that Brady was riding his defenses to his first three SB wins. Those defenses forced 25 turnovers in nine playoff wins in 2001, 03, and 04. He didn't win a SB with a dominant offense in New England. He lost to Eli Manning twice with offenses that scored over 500 points in those seasons (they scored just 14 and 17 points in those SB's, respectively). He also lost to a 9-7 team in the SB (only QB to do that. Brady worshipers gloss over that, however). Also, there is the matter of Spygate, and how much that helped him in New England. That's another topic that Brady lovers don't want to deal with. People think that Brady is the best because of the lowest common denominator garbage that the media puts out (QB's with the most rings are the best). That crap started with Joe Montana, and has continued under Brady. It doesn't matter how his team performs, they get all the credit. That is wrong.
  3. OK. So, anyone who criticizes Brady is a troll. I don't think so. Did you watch the video? Did you see the stats he posted at the end? Fans are brainwashed to believe that the QB with the most rings is the best. It doesn't matter how well his defenses play (and, Brady's defenses have forced a lot of turnovers in the seven playoff runs where Brady won a ring). Give the credit to Brady. That is anti-intellectual.
  4. Wisdom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJh9lQ8x7qQ
  5. Because other QB's didn't have coaches that were cheating. Also, Just winning a SB as a QB doesn't mean you are great. It is a team accomplishment.
  6. See, this is why some people have a problem with Brady. It's because he is getting too much credit for his TEAM winning Super Bowls. He is a good QB, but I think that guys like him and Drew Brees are among the most overrated players ever because they have played their careers in an era where it is easier to play QB than it was in past eras. In addition, there is one thing hanging over Brady's head that nobody wants to talk about anymore: SPYGATE!
  7. I am sick of the Lakers and Celtics. I had enough of them being in the finals every year in the 80's growing up. I was happy when the Pistons broke through. I also was happy for the Bulls after their first one, but I got sick of them as well.
  8. A probable victim of what we have talked about before on this site (coaches working too hard). Fassel died of a heart attack: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31587569/former-new-york-giants-head-coach-jim-fassel-dies-71
  9. They are moving on from Terry Stotts, and they may go after Jason Kidd: https://www.nbcsportsedge.com/edge/basketball/nba/player/28232/jason-kidd
  10. I remember how St. Louis screwed up, but Baltimore? I thought they were screwed over by the NFL.
  11. That hockey team probably won't get any support when it starts losing. We'll see how long it stays there.
  12. Bronco fan here. I don't think they should nuke their next few drafts to get him. He is great, but he is 37. I would offer just one first-rounder for him (2022), a second and fifth-rounder (2023), WR Tim Patrick (who can start for them), WR-KR Diontae Spencer (as a throw-in), and either Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater (their choice).
  13. They should contract in MLB, NBA, and NHL. Just too many teams.
  14. I think that the Denver coaches think like that now. They passed on Fields for Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. Now, they could get Aaron Rodgers, but that isn't guaranteed. If they don't get Rodgers, their new GM is living on borrowed time.
  15. Some had him dropping to Chicago in the 20's.
  16. Not surprised. In my last mock for Football's Future, I almost had Mac Jones go to them at 32 right before the SF rumors heated up earlier this week.
  17. Davis's stock has been rising, and some people see Owusu-Koramoah as a safety.
  18. Andrew Luck 2.0. What, does Ryan Grigson work for them?
  19. For Denver, I would have Floyd Little, John Elway, Alex English, and Joe Sakic. Floyd Little was the Broncos' first franchise player. He helped save the franchise and keep it in Denver. I would replace Swann and Crosby with Mean Joe Greene and Pops Stargell.
  20. Exactly. Just because a team wins doesn't mean the coach is great. As a Denver fan in the 80's, I know. The Broncos won in spite of Dan Reeves and his antiquated offensive system.
  21. It's official: The Steelers aren't about winning Super Bowls anymore. Re-signing JuJu TikTok and giving this awful HC an extension confirms that. What's next, are they going to bring in Johnny Football in for a tryout? Chuck Noll must be turning over in his grave.
  22. Yes. And, if they return, they should bring back the Air Coryell era unis, not the ones that they have now.
  23. Yeah, but it went on for awhile before they stopped it. And, what for: a measly 5,000 less fans?
  24. They used to have the league on Labor Day weekend for years (in the 80's and 90's). It couldn't have been that bad, or the NFL would have stopped it a long time ago.
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