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  1. Since their SB win ten years ago, they have been coming up short every time they make the playoffs. Same thing with Green Bay (since their 2010 SB win).
  2. Naturally. Fans want to keep their head in the sand.
  3. This whole thing has been fixed for NE the last 18 years. It started with 911 and the SB after that when they said "We're All Patriots".
  4. That's pretty good. Yeah, I think all of these games (sans NO-Min) are toss-ups. If the Pats win this week and beat KC, though, I am going to be concerned. I think the fix would be in at that point (to try to get Brady a seventh title and let him ride off into the sunset).
  5. That was around the time when they were trying to get what was then known as Invesco Field at Mile High built. Bowlen would have moved the team if that didn't happen, and he wanted to get a new logo without a D in it just incase.
  6. Nah, I think that the Broncos need an overhaul. They only made that change in 97 because it was possible that Bowlen would move the team. I would start completely over with an orange helmet, new logo, and new uniform design.
  7. Because some of those missed calls are sanctioned by the league. They are allowed to fix their own games, and they do it more than you think.
  8. Jan. 25, 1998: Broncos (and the AFC) finally get off the schneid. It felt great.
  9. If Martin doesn't get hurt, they probably place the Bearcats as the 1-seed in the Midwest, with Mich. State moving to the 1-spot in the South. Then, you probably get Florida-MSU and Cincinnati-Wisconsin in the National Semifinals that year, with MSU and Cincy facing off in the title game.
  10. Good point. The NBA has been messed up for years. I think it started in the 90's when it became the Michael Jordan league, and the NBC stood for National Bulls Corporation. I know that everyone loves MJ, but I think that nobody (outside of David Stern) has been worse for the game.
  11. Who said that Brady was actually bad? I just said that he is overrated.
  12. I don't think "being undisciplined" can explain those turnovers. Those looked like they were on purpose to me.
  13. Not really. This game seems fixed already, with two early fumbles by Chubb.
  14. It started turning into manure in 2001 when the league started fixing the sport for the Patriots. If you put the rosters that they have had (including the overrated Tom Brady) the last 19 years in Cleveland without Belichick, Kraft, and Ernie Adams, they wouldn't have won a darn thing.
  15. Also, the idiot Padres are to blame. Trade McGriff to an AL team instead of Atlanta, you idiots!
  16. In Dallas's matchup with NE that season, I think they were down by four going into the fourth quarter, and then they got stuffed on a 4th and 1, right?
  17. 2012 AFC Divisional Playoffs (Ravens-Broncos) 2000 WCF Game 7 1991 WCF Game 6 1985 WS Game 6 (Denkinger)
  18. If this is true, they need a change (the person who designed the recent look should be in rehab). If I was doing it, I would go back to the creamsicle look, but with the flag as the logo (no Bucco Bruce. That was another mistake). I would also have red pants on the road, not orange ones (like they had from 1992-96).
  19. From League of Fans: http://www.leagueoffans.org/2019/07/24/limiting-full-contact-practices-cuts-football-concussions-57/ Also, here is the article Ken linked to: https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/UWVQT6VQDKK8W7HU3Y3N/full
  20. It could make the NFL better. The players aren't developing properly in college. For example, a lot of O-linemen don't know what certain types of blocks are when they come into the league. The NFL would have a better product if they developed their own players, and not put that responsibility on the colleges.
  21. Also, this guy I used to play hockey with said that he liked it because of the strategy involved. I could never get into it myself, however.
  22. What you said here got me to go back to the SI archive. Previously, I read a three-part series about Brutality in Football from 1978 (believe it or not). On the page I am reading, here is this quote: Here is a link to that issue: https://www.si.com/vault/issue/70793/75 Another thing that was talked about in that three-part series (spanning three issues. I don't know if it's in this one or not) is the shoulder pads. Back then, someone wrote that the coaches maybe don't like pads with extra padding because they like to hear the pads pop.
  23. KD is a punk for going to Golden State. He didn't earn his rings. That's the only problem that I have with the Warriors. I like Portland, and it sucks to lose, but they aren't good enough yet to win a title. Nobody expected them to get that far.
  24. This division wants to stay a joke. Outside of the Jets, the Bills have a young QB that I am skeptical about (although they may have a good young defense with Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, and Tredavious White), and the Dolphins are terrible.