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  1. Sure, I'd be happy to take requests. What do you want to see?
  2. Over the last couple of months, I have been teaching myself the photoshop techniques required to build interesting baseball uniform templates. I shared my early development process here, and received some great feedback inspiring me to keep working to improve. I’ve now created several different uniform templates and yesterday decided to make them available for download. I’d love to get more feedback and see some concepts using one or more of these templates. Thanks in advance. 1) DAHOF Hat template: I created this simple hat template last year using a 1962 Chicago Cubs program as a guide. Very easy to use. DOWNLOAD HERE 2) DAHOF running player template: You may have seen this before. It is the first "action" uniform template I attempted.DOWNLOAD HERE 3) DAHOF defensive player template: This template is based on a picture I shot this summer of Royals prospect Mike Moustakas. DOWNLOAD HERE 4) DAHOF batting player template: I looked through hundreds of batter pictures before I selected an image I took of of Josh Hamilton. DOWNLOAD HERE 5) DAHOF standing player template: I just completed this more traditional baseball uniform template over the weekend. DOWNLOAD HERE 6) DAHOF turn-two template: I've showed off this template a couple of times. It too is based on a 1979 Chicago Cubs scorecard. The design style is much more simplistic than the action templates above. DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Sorry for the delayed response. Real life has prevented me checking this forum recently. Here is what the updated template looks like. I changed the throwing arm length and angle. Does this work? I used the new A's gold jersey white/green piping versus the 1970's all gold uniform with gold/green piping.
  4. Today I finished another baseball action template using a more abstract style. The original concept comes from a 1979 Cubs Scorecard. I lifted the throwing arm and dropped the glove position to give a clear view of the uniform front. Let me know if you are interested in the PSD file for this template.
  5. Send me a PM, and I will give you a URL to grab the templates.
  6. Thanks. That is excellent feedback. If you stare at something too long, you miss things. I clearly see what you are talking about. I will see if the modification works and share it back. Here is a close up of the face/jawline modification suggested by Lafarge. Definitely an improvement. THANKS! and the full template with the face change in a 1972 Chicago White Sox HOME uniform.
  7. Thanks. That is excellent feedback. If you stare at something too long, you miss things. I clearly see what you are talking about. I will see if the modification works and share it back.
  8. Sure, I can take requests - OR I am happy to share the PSD file so you can make your own.
  9. NAWWD Nice job! I love some of your designs. It looks like you modified almost every team, that takes guts. Favorites: 1) The combo of the Mariners compass & trident are very good. And 2) the twist on the old Phillies "P" is very cool.
  10. In May, I started this thread documenting my first attempt at creating a new photoshop based action baseball template. I got a lot of good feedback. After letting it sit for a month or so, I started re-working my original design with the hopes to improve it. The original concept is still the same: I am not 100% happy with my initial attempt at pinstripes, but I feel like I am getting closer to the intended vision with this iteration of the template. At this point I wanted to throw it back out and get some more feedback. Since you have last seen this template, I have reworked the edges on almost every layer to make the entire template more sharp and crisp. I also improved or added options for a vest, long pants, pinstripes, 70's style beltless/pullover design, lots of different piping options, the helmet has a front panel color and colored visor options. Everything can be modified by the correct layering and utilizing the color overlay and/or opacity/fill settings. A couple of examples to show the versatility of the template... Pullover v-neck jersey with long beltless pants and shoulder stripes: Vest, short pants, colored front panel helmet, and no sanitary socks: An Astros "tequila sunrise" just for fun (yes, you can change the colors to your own rainbow desires): And finally, I pulled it all together for a remake of one of my favorite baseball movies: Any feedback is appreciated and will be considered.
  11. Great topic. Here is my take in the order of the current standings. Some hats I just left alone: Yankees, Cubs, and Dodgers. Others I really prefer the "throwback" look: Red Sox, Orioles, White Sox, Phillies, Reds, Astros, and Padres. The rest I just played round with until I got something that I liked.
  12. DAHOF

    Baseball cards

    You are correct. It is a photoshop plug-in product from Topaz Labs called Adjust, the specific effect is called psychedelic. It is almost exactly what you see in the GQ cards and very close to look used in the EA sports game covers.
  13. DAHOF

    Baseball cards

    Thanks, I got to shoot a game at Comerica Park a couple of years ago and have some workable Brandon Inge images. I am working on a card for him now, I will post it when I get it done.
  14. DAHOF

    Baseball cards

    Searching this forum, I have found a couple of older custom baseball card topics, so please accept my apologies if starting a new topic is wrong. As a kid, I was an avid baseball card collector. I still have most of my collection, despite my mothers best efforts to ruin them I have not collected seriously in the last decade or so -- mostly because the market is very confusing and complex. I just don't know where/who to start with. This season, I noticed that Topps released a retro style card set based on the 1887 GYPSY QUEEN tobacco cards. I love the simple design of these cards, including the unique post-processing effect to the images. The look is very similar (if not exact) to the "psychedelic" effect provided by Adjust plugin by Topaz Labs. Recently I have taken to pulling out some of my own photos and dropping them into my own Gypsy Queen template. I thought I would share here in an effort to get some feedback.