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  1. Red Sox fan: Blue Jays Celtics fan: None particularly bother me, but if I had to pick I'd say Raptors Patriots fan: Dolphins (Bills close second)
  2. I feel like the real issue with this concept is color balance. Seems like white and grey are fighting each other while red and blue are doing the same. There needs to be a clear pecking order
  3. I really like those black uniforms in a vacuum, but something feels off about them. I hope the Celtics wear them primarily on the road
  4. Girardi not returning to the Yankees seems reminiscent of Jim Harbaugh getting the boot from the 49ers and Tom Thibodeau from the Bulls. Clearly a great coach/manager, but shown the door almost certainly because of a clash of egos. I'd expect Girardi to get a slew of opportunities going forward, be it another managerial opening, a front office role, or even in TV. The Nationals opening seems like a pretty good one at least in the short run, but he may want a year off after a hectic 10-year run in New York.
  5. Other than the sleeves being a bit cluttered, Patriots concept is very clean and a logical fix to the issues with their current set
  6. I'm good with red or blue numbers for the Giants on the road. I used to despise the red numbers (maybe associated with some bad memories), but I think what really bothers me is the red numbers combined with the grey pants. It makes each uniform element a different color and looks completely mismatched. Red numbers with white pants work, as would blue numbers with grey pants. Also, I love your treatment of the stripes. That Giants road uniform gives me an LA Dodgers home uniform feel, in the best possible way.
  7. Definitely. I would say if they went with those pants and kept the St. Louis gold horns and navy face mask, it would be a very strong look and a perfect transition from one uniform set to the next. Even when they'd have to wear navy jerseys it would look like a real uniform set. Also I like your treatment of the helmet with the gold face mask much more than what they're actually doing with the white mask. The horns get completely lost, at least with the gold it ties to the rest of the uniform and still lets the white horns stand out.
  8. Seems like John Farrell was a pretty convenient scapegoat for the Red Sox falling short this year. There was a huge crowd of fans calling for his head all season, but of course it's always easier to blame one individual than address the real issues on the roster. I'm not sure that Farrell was necessarily a great manager, but I know he wasn't a bad manager either. I feel like his firing doesn't really change anything. Curious to see what happens going forward.
  9. I like the idea of blue bill on the road and orange bill at home for Houston, if only for the fact that it would match the piping on the uniform. I don't mind them mixing and matching though, they seem to always look solid.
  10. The Red Sox magic number to clinch the division is 2, so if the Yankees win out, Boston would need a split in their 4 game set with Houston to clinch the East
  11. I love the New England Patriots name as well as Golden State Warriors, mostly because they are so unique. I hope they never change.
  12. Unpopular opinion, but I think that mid-70's C is just awful
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