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  1. Looks like for the Stadium Series game, the Penguins helmets will contain the wordmark rather than the Penguins logo, that is normally on. (at least Im assuming that's just the normal wordmark) (Pic from @RealDanaHeinze)
  2. Same thing here. My parents bought it for me when we were in Disney World when I was 4 or 5. I wore that thing out.
  3. Highmark Stadium (home of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds of the USL, sorry best small pic I could find) And here it is set up by the Penguins for hockey.
  4. I think I read that due to the new ownership agreement with the city of Glendale, the Phoenix Coyotes will become the Arizona Coyotes...So maybe a new shoulder patch?
  5. Can't you just wear a shirt underneath it? Maybe adidas should make an official NBA undershirt. Believe it or not, they already do....
  6. Sorry for size, but I love this Louisville Southern Miss matchup pic.
  7. With regards to logos, the Penguins obviously went away from the "Skating Penguin" in the 90's only to come back to it in the 2000's.
  8. Keno Davis, CMU's new head coach, just tweeted this. (I'd embed the pic, but it's huge)
  9. Well, with the addition of a third green helmet for my Alma Mater, I started up an Ohio Uni Tracker for this season. If you can't find one for WVU shortly I'll throw my hat in that ring as well.
  10. They signed a 5 year extension with Russell this past year after their contract expired last year. And with regards to their shoes, they've had a Nike Shoe Contract for a couple years.
  11. They've been practicing in black facemasks, so Im assuming that they're sticking with that.
  12. I've always been partial to the grey facemask, but just saw this picture tweeted by Paul Lukas. Is the white coming back?
  13. Stumbled across a Grady Sizemore jersey and a Roberto Clemente Jersey Tee at TJ Maxx. First time I've ever had any luck at the place. May need to start checking more often.
  14. But they do! Here are the Primary logos. The NBA makes it so that the team name must be in every logo. Incredibly stupid if you ask me.
  15. Yep, the phantoms are a USHL team, and the browns sponsor them. Have the wordmark on the ice, and along the boards. I actually play in a league at the Ice Zone, where the team used to play when they were a member of the tier 2 NAHL, and still practice. The thing that interests me is they have a advertisement behind the net for the Browns, and right down the boards, there is an advertisement for the laboratories (literally 3/4 of a mile away) which are owned by John York, the 49ers owner, so yep, their ad also includes the SF logo.
  16. A couple pages back I wrote that I obtained the black Ohio Bobcats football jersey. Well now I added to my collection again...the black Ohio Basketball Jersey. Actually very sharp in person. EDIT: Sorry for the Huge Photo Size. DIdnt realize it was that big.
  17. More Importantly, they're up 20 on Kent in the 2nd half. Apparently the Bobcats love wearing black!
  18. We all heard about and saw the black football jerseys, but now the Ohio Bobcats Mens Basketball team for the first time wore black jerseys at home this evening against Kent State. Definitely an interesting design. Not sure what Russell is doing, but as an Alum, i dont mind it, just don't wear it that often.
  19. I like Grey Facemasks with colored helmets. Love that the browns went from White to Grey, and I liked Michigan's throwbacks more than their regular helmets.
  20. That is priceless! Where did you get that? Kenjon Barner actually tweeted that picture. But then (which along with EDSBS, every college football fan should read for some good laughs) got a copy of a Barner Picture that isn't much better.
  21. Jerseys aren't too bad in my opinion. At least they're green and yellow and not anthracite and volt. My reaction to the helmets however is very similar to LaMichael James on this roller coaster.
  22. Michigan is wearing special jerseys for the Sugar Bowl. I'm a bigger fan of the striped jerseys they wore for the Michigan State game, Sugar Bowl Jerseys
  23. Illinois' new coach Tim Beckman is coming from Toledo, who was there while their football program transitioned to UA, and the rest of the school is Nike I believe. I wouldn't be surprised to see it being the Illini.
  24. Also for the second time this year, my beloved Bobcats are going white-white-white on the blue turf in Boise.