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  1. Yep the sleeve stripes need to match. The cream home looks odd with the thicker strikes, yet the pants have the regular stripes that match the grays. Oh for sure there will be a powder blue alternate in a couple years. If you go on the Team Store you can see they already sell power blue shirsies...just testing the waters. I just hope it's not all out powder blue like the Rangers which looks terrible. And more like what KC did with wearing their powder blues with white pants.
  2. A cream jersey looks cool when an MLB player is wearing it on the field...but it doesn't look as appealing when an everyday Joe is wearing it to a game or out in public with jeans or khakis compared to a navy or gray uniform. I've always liked Brewers jerseys that say Milwaukee on them so I gravitate towards the roads/road alternates. Need to get the new grays next!
  3. Love that Jake Plummer Pat Tillman era look. I would play Madden '99-03 Franchise mode as the Cards just to play with these uniforms I would love a modern update to that look, kinda like what the Jays did in MLB.
  4. Great update. Why can't all teams consult with this website before making their final decision? I'd love to see a white pants option and a red jersey added to this set as well.
  5. Are the numbers italicized? I would of prefered something a little more traditional, and then the numbers off the helmet and on the sleeves. Man we might all have to buy Madden 21 just to make our own uni combos for every team there's so many changes this season!
  6. Wait so there's no white or silver pants? Just blue? I really dig that white helmet photo of Brady with the white pants. Man that looks great.
  7. Those side shadow numbers make me dizzy. Like I'm looking through 3D glasses at a blue and pink image. Simple red outlines would of worked better.
  8. Looks close to the uniwatch leak from a few days ago. I like em but the Give me some orange pants Still very nice!
  9. We all know down the road a anvil black and facemask gray alternate uniforms are coming...thanks Nike woof. I like the number and font changes. Numbers maybe a touch too big and close together for my tastes but that's about all I got. No blue pants? I really dug that look from the Harbaugh QB era.
  10. After seeing the higher res new leaked image, I like it more than I thought. The all yellow part of the webbing is a little distracting now, like others said I find my eye going up to that part now that there's no white there. It almost needs white to balance it out again with the white from the ball. I'm more excited/scared to see the jerseys and the BREWERS and MILWAUKEE wordmarks. If they look similar to the text in the circle logo I think it will be pretty good. Nice pic of the Braun era gold jersey! I loved those jerseys...they only looked good in the sun like in the photo here. But when the roof was closed they look much darker and very mustardy and not as appealing. I actually even own one
  11. Somehow they will add gray. "Dolphins are gray."-Nike
  12. Taking me back to my childhood with all those Brewers 90s caps. I had the wool fitted versions of all of those.
  13. Wow forgot how good those square number Jags uniforms are. When did they wear those the first year?
  14. I dig high numbers in baseball. I was 79 in high school mainly because Barry Zito was my favorite pitcher and was 7 or 9 in numerous other jerseys when younger.
  15. I hope not. That look screams traveling team adult softball to me. It's hard to read too on teams with black.