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  1. Now, if this were a real league and the teams are to play against each other, I know who will win the Finals.
  2. Maybe make orange the primary color on the Suns. Dunno why, but I like them better in that color.
  3. Omaha Mad Cows or Locomotives. BTW, the Conquistadors' colors look very much like the Diablos'.
  4. If this were a real league, I'd be supporting the Royals. Love their unis.
  5. @sephyr: I'm gonna pick out the best among your ideas. Baltimore Blast Providence Rollers Forth Worth Gunners Pittsburgh Towers - sounds good if the team has many tall players Vancouver MOUNTIES Oh, and were this a real league I'd be supporting either the Monarchs, Diablos or Spirit.
  6. Nice little GTA reference you've got there, bro.
  7. That would mean the Monarchs are the best team in this alternate dimension...the winningest team, after the [insert Celtics counterpart here].
  8. He can take Sacramento, as the Kings are moving to Anaheim next season.
  9. 501stJFW

    What ifs.....

    Then we're gonna see Kobe with the Timberwolves (if the Minnesota team changes its name).
  10. I agree with the other users to make the [Carolina] Flight colors light and dark blue, to reduce the number of red-white-blue teams...and maybe the Claws could use some red-orange.