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  1. Any more comments before I edit these and work on adjustments?
  2. Hey all, this is my first post on this forum in over 2 years. I'm working on a class assignment that asks us to create a brand that appeals to all generations. I decided to pick Denver because if you ever go to (I'm forever calling it) Mile High Stadium, you'll notice there is an internal fan base battle over the new navy and orange color scheme versus the traditional blue and orange from the OG Elway days. I just took some screenshots of the concepts and logo I have created so far because I'm really looking for some C&C on the next steps before I fully turn this into a presentable concept and project. So before I can waste anymore of your time.. Here is my idea. Blend both the Navy and traditional blue into a color scheme that works, evolve the new bronco head with the very famous "D" that has previously been introduced in their most recent Color Rush, and throw in some millennial sprinkles like a mountain and red rocks shadows in the numbering to give everyone a little taste of what they want the Broncos to look like. Again, C&C is very much appreciated! This would be the Broncos Alternate and "Color Rush" The Blue Color Rush and Alternate jersey's should design would be based off the City of Denver Flag. I removed the Sun from the jersey because of Nike's swoosh placement in the NFL. Up Close rough mockup featuring Nike's now famous sublimation pattern of Red Rocks Amphitheater.
  3. Thought I'd give this contest a try. Heres my idea. Let me know what you all think!
  4. Made the sublimation look like the spotlights in Hollywood
  5. Last up - NFC West Seattle - 49ers - Cardinals - LOS ANGELES Rams -
  6. NFC South Panthers - Buccaneers - Saints - Falcons -
  7. NFC NORTH NOW UP Packers - Vikings - Lions - Bears -
  8. NFC EAST Giants - Redskins - Eagles - Cowboys -
  9. AFC East NEXT UP Bills - Jets - Dolphins - Patriots - (Also thank you to Logoman for the Pat the Patriot logo)
  10. NOW UP AFC NORTH Steelers - Browns - Bengals - Ravens -
  11. UP NEXT AFC SOUTH Texans - Colts - Jaguars - Titans -
  12. Recently, concept helmets made by people across the nation have gained lots of attention on social media and sports sites including ESPN. I personally believed the helmets were sloppy and lacked true effort into designing a helmet that would fit the NFL's strict traditions. I made an effort to modernize NFL teams helmets, without ignoring each teams traditions. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts! AFC WEST: Raiders - Chargers - Chiefs - Broncos -
  13. Okay Before I post my next four teams, I wanted to share my updates of the first 4, based on comments and critiques. I added striping to the Bucs pants to give it more pop, Inversed the Broncos colors to have White as the main color for the numbers on both the Home and Alternate as well as switched the homes sleeves to fit the overall striping better. For the Bears I edited the striping to make it multicolors and just just a solid orange, and eliminated the huge white helmet stripe for the away, Giants, I made the helmet stripe smaller and fixed the sleeve stripes on the alternate. Anymore C&C before I move onto the next ones??? THANK YOU!
  14. Thanks for all your input everyone. I am currently in the process of updating the designs to account for your comments. And should have the next teams up soon too.
  15. I've been working on these uniforms as a fun summer project. Hopefully, if the boards like them enough, I'll post ALL 32 NFL teams. Not much to explain other than each jersey design will be with Nike's 51 template that is in use for most teams right now, and I tried to keep consistent with the NFL's rule of only 1 helmet for a design, but still being able to use pants as combinations. As always, I love to hear your C&C! Up first... Chicago Bears : This design doesn't stray too far from their design at the moment but I felt the bears lacked a little consistency in their striping between their road and home uniforms. As for the helmet, in real life it would be the same helmet, just a different striping patterned sticker for the home and away. Also, thoughts on adding an alternate? Color? Next... Denver Broncos: I've already posted this design on the boards, just an updated version and tweaked some areas of design. Again, the striping of the helmet is now transferred to the sleeves and pants of the jerseys to add consistency and maintain some of the original nike design from the initial Broncos rebrand. New York Giants: Again, like the bears, I thought the Giants striping lacked consistency, so I focussed heavily upon that. Also, similar to Ohio States rivalry uniforms I used large helmet and sleeve striping to give the Giants more of a modernized look. White pants are also an option. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I applied Nikes LARGE helmet logo and pewter helmet to the design, but applied a blacked facemask instead of chrome. The frontal design is intended to give the uniform a sails on a pirate ship feel. Eliminated the alarm clock numbers with a more subtle font. Questions or thoughts on if the design needs pants striping?? Alternate jersey??
  16. Hello boards! Today I have started a new project, SEC revival, where I will attempt my best to create all 14 teams jerseys designs the way I would love to see them on the field. To start off I will do the SEC East and work towards the West. I will upload .ai 2D designs and if people request, I can create 3D photo realistic versions of the designs as well. FLORIDA
  17. Okay here are the front views! And I did remove the primary logo from the pants Alt: Home: Away: I will be posting more combinations later tonight with white pants for the home and away.
  18. Yes I just caught this, but I actually think I like the 3D version more now because the orange striping can correspond to the pants better that way. I will be posting my front photoshops today as well as little fixes to my previous jerseys. Thank so much for the feedback and keep them coming!
  19. First off, need to give Darth Brooks credit for such a great photo realistic template! Earlier this year, I posted an illustrator version of my design for the Denver Broncos and I've come to the conclusion to put it into a realistic photoshopped form in order to truly get a feel for whether others my idea. My central plan around my design was to use the Broncos signature helmet stripe as the general idea around the uniform set. Similar to the Seattle Seahawks, the central design will be featured on the pants. helmet and act as the shoulder stripe. The helmet would not feature any change and continue to have the famous three stripes that represent the Broncos hair and mountains (my opinion), and the Denver Broncos will continue to only use 1 helmet color. C+C is much appreciated as I want to know whether this design would truly be accepted with fans of all ages. PS Does anyone else agree with me that: I feel as if the Broncos are one of the hardest teams to rebrand in the modern day NFL Home: The home jersey will continue to stay Orange for the sake of Fans majority. I elected to go with blue pants for the sets primary, but for lersey home and away, they can be worn with white pants. No more struggle to only wear white with the orange jerseys just because the side stripes only match that way. Away: Alternate: And for reference, here is the illustrator version of my design. No more Woodyard though.. Using Darth's other template, the frontward facing one I have recreated my design as well, but would like to hear your comments first before I post those.
  20. Edited the Blue jersey to have a blue stripe like the shoulder sleeves. Also added the older lighter blue for those of you who like that more. Still favor the nay though. I appreciate the comments so continue to leave your opinion! Home OLD SCHOOL: Away OLD SCHOOL: Alternate OLD SCHOOL:
  21. I added white pants to give the uniforms more options. HOME: ALTERNATE: AWAY:
  22. I'll explain my choice for the navy blue and not 80's blue. I'm 17 years old so being a broncos fan my whole life I've grown up with the navy blue and orange combination. They won their super bowls in the navy blue too. I've never worried about the broncos looking like the bears, because their uniforms have a much different approach than the bears. Many teams share colors look at the MLB.
  23. UPDATES. Thanks mbannon92 for your input. Added Pant striping and edited the names font. altered away cleats just a little. HOME: ALTERNATE: AWAY:
  24. Yes I meant to state that in my opening comment! I'd love to hear if more people like the orange as home like we have now. I'll edit my post now. Thanks!
  25. ***SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATED JERSEYS. 80's colored blue concept on page 2 I know many people hate the Broncos pants and jersey stripes, but I, (being a local) really love their helmet and especially the helmet stripe. I Think their Type and numbering is unique to the NFL so I wanted to create a concept that incorporated the elements from their current design to a more simplistic "Nike-like" design. I also edited the colors to a more matte finish and not as bright orange. Also I still can't decide which color should be the home Orange or Blue. First Up: HOME OPTION 1 Next Up: Away LAST: HOME OPTION 2