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  1. Wait for the Authentic, that's what I'd do.
  2. Steelers: Hines Ward #86 Jerome Bettis #36 wait, nevermind, they've been with 1 team for their entire careers, except for a few years with the rams for the bus
  3. That was a weird post, the secondary logos are cool, but i hate soccer.
  4. I go to all of the home games, the jerseys are screen printed, NNOB, and are matched with black pants with a hideously modern red stripe. The uniforms now are a disaster.
  5. Thanks for the comment! The burgundy may be slightly off for some people. Looking through some vintage pictures I noticed varying different shades used. So I kinda had to settle on one. Thanks man. I know where you're coming from about FSU. Though the Skins used that styling at various points in their history. Washington wore them during the mid to late sixties and then as a throwback in the early 2000s, where as FSU began with the spear in the mid seventies. ------------------ I'd like to get some more comments on the Chargers and Skins before I go on. I am sitting on a few concepts (Falcons pretty much done, and a Seahawks one that has been partly completed for a month or two). Some more comments and then I can get rolling on releasing some more! I would say maybe try the Redskins helmet with the W logo, beyond that, not much more I can think of.
  6. Well done, I LOVE everything you've done with the Chargers. The only thing I don't care for with the Redskins is the Helmet, reminds me too much of FSU. Other than that, phenomenal work!
  7. I did a senators concept back in December of '10 that looked eerily similar to what they unveiled as the new third jerseys, I was almost honored that they would base their new thirds off of my concept, or at least in my mind they did. I would say the best thing to do would be to try and get in contact with the person doing this, that should be the first step, inform him of the situation, and then go from there. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I would definitely say net upgrade, I wonder if they will change football unis too. I hope so, I'd like to see the new branding when they come and play YSU.
  9. Absolutely, NYR has history with this look, Dallas, however... Great concept, maybe ad a shoulder patch? i'm a stars fan that wants the team to wear green sweaters with the primary logo on the chest... but this comment you just made makes almost no sense. the stars have way more history wearing this style than the rangers. the stars have already worn it 5 times longer than the rangers, and with no plans to change until after this upcoming season, it'll be 6 years in that style against the rangers one season in 1946-47. just because something happened a long time ago doesn't mean it is fitting or relevant. to hate it on dallas, but like it on new york because of historical precedent is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. either way, i have no issue with wordmarks on jerseys. my main gripe with the stars is the lack of green... which has nothing at all to do with this well made concept. my only complaint with this concept is that it seems too blue and red, with not enough white. the rangers always seem to keep their color balance in the same range, and this seems to tip those scales a little bit, though i can't quite put my finger on it. i think it's the hemstripes/diaper effect i don't like. i think it would look especially odd with the rangers trademark red pants. What the heck are you talking about, the Stars have used that lackluster wordmark since '07, I must be missing the point of this, but anyway, maybe it is a flimsy argument on my part. Doesn't matter, I like the concept and the wordmark works for the Rangers, IMO.
  10. Absolutely, NYR has history with this look, Dallas, however... Great concept, maybe ad a shoulder patch?
  11. I saw it on NHL Network, and I thought it was a joke...
  12. Glad to see the Kings win, but that jersey is pathetic.
  13. you really cant go wrong with either of the eastern teams, home or road. but the Kings whites are my personal choice.
  14. Columbus should have a team.