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  1. I think that would look really cool.
  2. There’s also the issue that pops up when schools retire a jersey in honor of former player and actually take that number out of circulation, as opposed to continuing to use it but having honorary patches on a current player’s uniform.
  3. The current (former) team name is based on a bounty for scalping indigenous people. Changing the name does nothing if you still have a cartoonish Native American on the helmet.
  4. The all black pants seems to similar too what the Saints already do in that division. The silver pants seem incongruous with the rest of the set given the absence of silver on the helmet or jersey. Maybe go thin silver-black-red-black-thin silver striping on all three pants, helmet and the jersey collar and cuffs?
  5. I like it, though the the number font does slightly remind me of the current alarm clock numbers the Bucs use. I like the consistency in the striping, did you consider using red numbers with black and light silver outlines for the black and white jerseys? That might look cool. Also wondering if you thought flipping the center stripe on the pants so it started out thicker at the top. That might match the helmet better.
  6. I’m think he meant having pants striping that has the helmet’s thin navy outer stripes and has the argyle pattern imposed over a central stripe that is either white or Carolina blue, depending on the pants color.
  7. To make this a real homage to the inaugural college football game back in 1869 Rutgers needs to request that the NCAA allow them to have 25 players on the field at a time. If that happens they might even cover the spread against the Gophers!
  8. What’s worse is that they could’ve just called the Houston team the Wildcatters and kept the same oil industry logo/motif and then come up with a non-generic Be for LA.
  9. South Carolina with a slight update, at least on the shorts
  10. They don't but the Sterling Sharpe picture is from the 1987 Gator Bowl, those patches were sewn on the pants and on both shoulders:
  11. Nice, but the collar on your mock-up is all black, whereas the Twitter video reveal shows a white-red-white striped pattern on the collar.
  12. They got the pants to match the Sterling Sharpe/Todd Ellis set but I wish they would've used the actual, overly detailed throwback helmet striping shown above. I'm happy for the white circle and logo to certain to the garnet helmet in place of the script "Carolina."
  13. The Grand Junction Rockies are NOT pleased with the fan petition to rename the team.