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  1. 1) Why put the helmet numbers in gold only when the burgundy jerseys have white numbers with a gold outline? 2) Why get rid of the helmet stripes entirely? 3) Why, after getting rid of the helmet striping, did they keep striping on the pants, but adopt a different pattern that is similar to the apparently now-shelved gold pants? My quick fixes: 1) Put the "W" from the placeholder on the helmet in lieu of the numbers; if you must keep the number, even on one side of the helmet, have it match the burgundy jersey's number color. 2) Have consistent striping on the helmet and pants, preferably by using the old helmet stripes and using those on the garnet pants. At a minimum, match the helmet to the new burgundy pants. 3) Bring back the gold pants.
  2. The Space Needle anchor alternate logo is fantastic, I want that on a baseball cap pronto!
  3. Getting some serious An American Werewolf in London vibes, interesting, and understand artistic license but I think real red wolves have a different ear shape...
  4. It’s like no one has deduced the problem with striping on the set the Broncos have had since 1997...
  5. If Under Armor terminates the balance of the ten year, $7.15m/year per annum deal with South Carolina running through 2026 I suspect the Gamecocks want Nike over Adidas but aren’t even thinking Jordan brand. Plus, if Nike is going add a Palmetto State-based team to its Jordan cadre, it will be Clemson (which is in a different division than UNC so would not be minimizing the brand’s cache within the ACC FB setup too much). Many Gamecock fans would welcome having Nike handle all sports unis over UA.
  6. "From the trails of Griffith Park to the shores of Santa Monica, our community is active and assertive. The removal of television numbers from the iconic home jersey reflects the adventurous spirit of our fellow Angelenos, who spend Sundays not in front of a TV but surfing, sunning and soaking in the beauty of Southern California." - Nike, probably.
  7. Probably photoshopped but still a better look at what UVa’s set will look like with the updates:
  8. Football jersey looks pretty much the same. The MBB jersey seems to have switched to blue numbers.
  9. “Since A&M is dropping bevels let’s adopt them, and also use a Ninja Gaiden motif.” -UVA Consultant
  10. Very Ole Miss-esque. Add a blue stripe next to each red stripe consistency and you are cooking with gas.
  11. make the striping on the jerseys match the helmet or vice versa and it would be perfect, like Schelly-era FAU unis
  12. I agree on the need for both silver and white pants but IMHO both of those and the actual white jersey would look much better if the stripes were blue-red-blue rather than red-blue-red, especially since there isn’t going to be a red jersey in this set. The blue is the primary color for this set and swapping those stripes would emphasize it more.