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  1. Shane Beamer teasing a 1969 fauxback for South Carolina Edit: players are modeling it too:
  2. Imagine being Bosack and The Citadel and spending a year + on this and then getting beat to the punch by the Cubs ONE DAY before the big reveal.
  3. Welp, I'll admit that I didn't know that and I'm embarrassed since I live in the Charleston area. I think the Jack Douglas/1990's beat the Gamecocks and Razorback era set was pretty great as well, though maybe incorporate a little bit of gray to help further differentiate The Citadel from Chapel Hill.
  4. If The Citadel wanted to make a move akin to what LSU does, and what Georgia Tech did before Collins took over, they could start wearing white tops at home, at least occasionally, and mimic the cadet attire shown below. A while helmet, white jersey with light blue shoulder stripes to mimic the epaulets (similar to the old Adidas Mississippi State and/or Manizel-era A&M uniforms), and dark pants (not sure if that is navy or grey) with a black stripe to match the cadets would look pretty good IMHO.
  5. I get that you are going for a Yeti as the Forester mascot, and that they aren't real creatures (allegedly), but I think most depictions have larger foreheads and more furrowed, pronounced brows (like Harry & The Hendersons, for example). Also, are the triangular eyes trying to tie back into the tree shape? As is it looks a little Jack-O'-Lanterny, but I like the idea.
  6. I've heard a few different names mentioned - Spiders, Commodores (playing up the connection to Lake Erie), Blues (original AL team name). I've heard Rocks or Rockers mentioned, but I don't see how MLB would allow that with the Rockies already in place, to say nothing of trying to recycle a WNBA team name. I think the Cleveland Engines would be kind of cool, it retains a nod to the current name and honors the workers who've built engines for Ford for decades in the Cleveland-area. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Engine
  7. We’re going to get a color-on-color SEC Championship game where Bama is in it’s normal home set and the Gators are mono-blue, head to toe, aren’t we?
  8. It would be nice if tOSU had consistency on the home and road jerseys like Florida does (I’m ignoring the orange set). Would be a fun one-off to have a white jersey and pants where the gray striping is swapped out for the white. They could add a gray outer stripe on the whites as an alternative as well and maintain consistency.
  9. The (still) defending champs have unveiled their 2020-2021 set, not sure about downplaying the orange this much:
  10. South Carolina’s garnet jerseys have been revealed. Not a fan of the striping.
  11. These look like someone in the UNLV athletic department saw Wazzou’s set from last few years and then tried to mimic them in the Nike Custom Uniforms design-a-jersey website. The new numbering looks similar to the “Spartan” font Nike offers in its online DIY catalogue. Anyone know if Nike had much if any creative role in this update?
  12. I think this came up earlier in this thread, but one of the TV commentators in Charlotte's first game against App State was saying that they should've been penalized and lost a timeout in each half because the jerseys violated the NCAA's guidelines on contrasting colors. I think the officials let it slide since Charlotte apparently didn't get their jerseys until right before that first game on 9/12; they supposedly even had to have some of the players' moms helping sew the names on the back because they were so pressed for time. Due to the COVID cancellations and postponements, Charlotte did have 3 weeks between their first and second game so thankfully were able to find the above-noted vendor, who had ample time and did a bang up job remedying the perceived problem with the numbers.
  13. I like how they added double outlines to the numbers so it is still technically green-gold-green and thus technically consistent with with the shoulder stripes.
  14. Just bring back the fantastic Schnellenberger-era set on newer templates, and throw in blue and red helmets if you want, so long as the striping is consistent.
  15. Is Vandy playing a day game? These are going to look awful and illegible unless they are under the lights at night.
  16. Virginia going navy/white/navy as they travel to #1 Clemson in a rematch of the 2019 ACC Championship Game.
  17. As anticipated, South Carolina has updated the striping on the white helmet to match the previously leaked new white jerseys and the fauxback white pants worn initially last season. They’ll get pasted this weekend in the Swamp but at least they’ll look good
  18. Replacing the gold star in a circle with an * as below makes this accurate. I get the recruiting hype train, but how does have 85 different "crests" promote the notion of a "uniform" jersey? And why are they relying on sub-Game of Thrones level "house" logos? Are these going to be helmet stickers? The whole thing is really bizarre and seems to promote individual players over the team.
  19. I agree and strongly advocate for the V-Sabre on both sides of the helmet AND tweaking the jerseys to add a contrasting outline/stroke to the numbers, so an orange outline for the white numbers on the navy jersey, a navy outline for the white numbers on the orange jersey, and going back to orange numbers with a navy outline on the white jersey, like so:
  20. Closer look at Virginia’s updated set that will be on display against Duke on Saturday. Key points: 1) Updated V-Sabre one one side of the helmet, numerals, in the new font and with an outline (unlike the jerseys) on the other; 2) one of the new secondary logos is being used as a helmet achievement decal, which is a first for the program; and 3) the helmet’s back bumper features “VIRGINIA” in the new font.
  21. South Carolina has updated the black helmet and black pants to match last year’s carried over fauxback.
  22. Georgia's throwback white jerseys will only be acceptable if they have the Lindsey Scott-esque tear away sleeve stripes:
  23. Congrats! Question about the blood orange color rush set — is that a conscious but unstated homage to the red, black and yellow color scheme used by the Maryland Terps, who are 12 miles from FedEx field? And have you considered a color rush that was either just red and white, like the DC flag (assuming, as in real life, that they could have 2 helmets, including a white one, in 2021 under the new CBA), or a red, white and blue scheme for color rush (maybe keeping gold as an accent as the Nats have done on their WCS champs jerseys in MLB this year) ? Keep up the good work.
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