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  1. Cases where I don't like monochrome usually involve either... 1) A traditional team trying to hard to fake it and subsequently failing in being "cool" (Packers, Chiefs) or 2) A team can't commit to the look fully, resulting in some kind of element like a different-colored helmet or socks sticking out way too much from everything else and ruining the balance of it all (Browns, Cardinals) In contrast, Seattle's monochrome is well done because it suits their modern identity and everything is well balanced color-wise. The set was designed to be worn in monochrome combinations specifically and it shows.
  2. I like the lighter blue used on that hat and could imagine using that full-time as an improvement. The super dark navy is just a dull color that sort of drags everything down with it.
  3. Nashville SC just announced that two additional sponsors have been added to their kits. I'm not sure what that means for the MLS patch normally placed on the sleeve, maybe a temporary measure to recover some lost funds this season?
  4. Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I get why people think that something like Warriors with the spear would make for a really smooth transition, but it's ultimately a half-measure in facing the problem. I could definitely see the league itself stepping in and bending some of their own rules on new uniforms/logos in order to help a potential rebrand be implemented as quickly as possible. They know that a team using a slur for their nickname has been an ugly blemish on their brand for a while now and there's no way that they continue accepting that only to please some traditionalist Washington fans.
  5. Combine this with Nike not selling their merchandise on their site anymore and a change almost feels inevitable now. Snyder is a terrible guy who will do the wrong thing almost every single time, but I have a hard time believing that he'll be able to overlook the money he loses because of this. I'd be interested to see if they would do something like Warriors in order to keep the identity as close as possible to the current one or if they would opt to avoid the Native American connection entirely. Personally, I'm inclined to think they move away from all of that and embrace something new that avoids all potential trouble. Whether that be Redhawks, Redtails, Pigskins, or some random patriotic thing, there's a lot of good options there.
  6. love absolutely everything about this, they nailed the crest and it embodies Iceland so well.
  7. That's one of your best Titans concepts yet! It nails a nice color balance in particular, which is hard for a lot of people to get right I think.
  8. I've never loved that Shark logo, but that lock-up looks really nice. The teal and orange are much better used in that triangle than in their current logo.
  9. I feel like there's room for improvement in the typography and the scaling of it all. I think that simply swapping the star and the bear would make it better.
  10. I love the sounds emphasizing the chevron in a new update, the variations on that template have always been my favorite Raptors look. Incorporating some accents of gold could be cool too. I understand what you mean. In the context of American pop culture, the idea of Toronto has changed and expanded drastically since the 2010's with the rise of artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor, etc. because it helped propagate the city's international identity to the rest of the world. That's not to say that this sort of culture didn't exist before (of course it did), but that dominant influence of popular music through the decade did wonders for capturing the attention of those who didn't think of Toronto in that way before. In regards to how this relates to the Raptors, I think that the current red and black look mirrors this rise strongly and has grown into the embodiment of Toronto as a powerhouse. I also understand the appeal of purple, but keeping it to the 90's throwbacks is enough for me.
  11. Yeah the legibility issue was probably my biggest concern while making it, the contrast may just be too low. It's probably more legible than some uniforms allowed in the past as Buc pointed out, but the NFL has seemed to crack down on that issue a bit since incidents like the Bills vs Jets Colorblind game a few years ago. Still, I feel that the Pewter uniforms are boring without orange and even a little black trim, and I felt that it was worth a shot.
  12. Count me in the camp of people who miss the orange on the Pewter alts, so I photoshopped an idea I've been kicking around in my head to potentially fix it- I included monochrome and white pants options since I think either could work pretty well.
  13. You got another hit on your hands here, really great work. Those colors are the best.
  14. I was just recently thinking about how the Warriors' rebrand back to blue and gold was so perfectly timed with the rise of the Splash Brothers as the team turned into a dynasty. Compiling more of these together might make an interesting thread.
  15. This was the pic I was talking about! I still don't love the font, but this would be a really good modern uniform.
  16. Somebody made a concept (either posted to here or Twitter) that essentially added grey pants and reduced the size of the "ATL", and the uniform actually looked great. I wish I had saved the pictures, because they showed how details can really hold a look back.
  17. Yup, just a slight thickening that I have yet to see translated to fan replicas- Funnily enough, a lot of the alixpress knockoffs emulate this change a bit more closely (aside from the general wonkiness of it)- Switching back on topic...changing from a gradient fill to a solid fill is a bit more of a noticeable change, but the NFL seems to be trending more relaxed rules in regards to uniforms, so who knows?
  18. They're pictures of jersey t-shirts not photoshopped images, which to be fair, don't 100% reflect what the numbers look like on the uniform either. These look like the emphasize the horn outline more than the reality.
  19. I wish that United wasn't already taken by DC and Atlanta where it doesn't make much sense, because Carolina(s) United would be a really good name actually.
  20. I like the ones where the name is actually used and carries some cultural significance for the city, but hate the ones that try too hard to make something up. In other words... Mile High City works for me, Buzz City is stupid.
  21. I'm late to this thread, but great work here for real. All of these feel like they capture the spirit of the "city" uniforms well and make some unexpected choices that are really cool. The Lakers and Nets are my favorite so far, just perfect and fun in the best kind of way. Keep it up!
  22. I think that the notion of a gradient being inherently outdated is a bit... outdated. It's not strictly a relic of the 90's anymore, and the progression of technology and fabric production allows for them to be used in acceptable ways. The Falcons set has a couple of issues holding it back from totally working, but the gradient is not one of those issues.
  23. Also these two, which I had never seen prior to yesterday while watching The Match- It'd be essentially like turning down money for these athletes to not expand their personal brand.
  24. Houston is perfect, that secondary in particular is a beauty. Keep it up!
  25. ...before becoming a timeless design feature, evolving into the definitive Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet and being universally beloved by all! don't worry, I'm pretty sure that's what you guys were about to say