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    On 9/24/2020 at 9:45 AM, FinsUp1214 said:

    Really nice to see the Jaguars integrating a bit more teal, even if just in the end zones.


    Teal just livens their identity up so much, and I wish they'd lean into it even more. I still feel like if they had made their road numbers teal instead of black that it would have made a world of difference on that set (and maybe they could still make that tweak down the road). Here's something quick:






    Now just imagine if the Jags took this mock-up and simply added gold accents around the arm trim and numbers. It would liven things up so much more and elevate their set to being really solid instead of needlessly basic.


    This alone is still a really great first step though, the lack of teal on the away set is gross.

  2. These are a great tribute as pretty much all of these military academy one-offs are, but shouldn't the silver and red be flipped on the helmet?




    When reversed, the angle would even sort of mimic the red tails of the planes.

  3. 1 hour ago, Chawls said:
    How do we feel about Stefon Diggs wearing grey cleats and mouthguard to match the Bills grey facemask?


    I hate grey facemasks in most any cases and actually really dig this look. The accessories better help the facemask look like it actually belongs in the set and the cool grey color is a nice compliment to Buffalo's color scheme.

  4. This is a cool start, I admire your willingness to try new ideas. The Ravens are my favorite so far. One small criticism I have for your more recent teams is that the Broncos' mane striping is awfully-similar to the Titans' flame striping. I don't think that the color schemes would allow anybody to confuse the two, but something to consider I guess. 

  5. I like both the red and white helmet for Buffalo for different reasons. The red helmet is quintessential Bills, there's something undeniably classic and unique about it that's really appealing. On the other hand, the logo pops much better off the white shells since you can better distinguish the motion stripe.

  6. I really like the horn pattern on the numbers in theory, but I really dislike the choice to use that fruit roll-up material for them.


    The bone uniforms as a whole are just misguided. I like the striping but white on bone provides no contrast and there's too little blue throughout the jersey and pants. 

  7. I really like the simplicity for them actually, I think it suits them. The number font is a very subtle improvement too by the looks of it. Only point of potential improvement is replacing the redundant sleeve logo with the Mountaineer.


    (EDIT: This is in reference to the new App State look)

  8. Yeah...unfortunately the mods may need to be on their toes for the next few months as more of these tributes are released and worn. Say it looks bad if you feel so, but this really isn't the right forum to delve into it further than that. 

  9. 5 hours ago, SportsLogos.Net News said:

    Iowa State Cyclones To Wear Jack Trice Uniform Patch

    September 1, 2020 - 20:40 PM

    In an act of solidarity against racism and discrimination, the Iowa State football program announced on Tuesday it will wear a symbolic Jack Trice patch on its football uniforms this fall. The first black athlete in Cyclones history, Trice tragically died from injuries suffered during a game at Minnesota on



    That's a neat story and a nice subtle patch. That striping on his uniform could be adapted to today for a potentially cool alternate.

  10. Overall, they're a little bit better than the last set, but probably a bit too much white instead of purple. I can't decide if they should have updated the wordmarks to look a little less edgy in order to match the pinstripes. They might clash as they exist now, but I'll have to see it more to make up my mind.

  11. That video really shows how much the trend of an undershirt hanging out of the jersey has caught on, practically every player in a bone uniform had some blue poking out around the waist. I'm never a fan of it, but it's funny in this case that it's practically the only trace of blue near the pants.

  12. I really don't think it's a test ad or anything like that, I think it's just another feature of streetwear that they wanted to incorporate on the jersey. That's supported by some other trendy elements of the new brand (extended fonts, gradients, etc.) being featured so heavily. The contrast zig-zag stitching on the tag in particular is something that you see with a lot of clothing brands.


    I think that @oldschoolvikings did a really good write up on it already, although I cant remember where.

  13. The helmets are fantastic. I've started to notice that the "break" in the new horn is all but unnoticeable when a player is in motion or even seen from a distance, which isn't so crazy I guess, but I feel it may help lessen the blow for many who didn't like the update.


    With the jerseys, my thoughts haven't changed too much. The blue set works and the bone set isn't my favorite. The contrast of white with blue and yellow is so much stronger than what this warm grey color gives us. I just wish we could see what a true white away uniform would look like in this set.

  14. 10 hours ago, TenaciousG said:

    But cool, “hip” people in Atlanta called it “ATL” in the mid-00s so it must still be cool and dope, my fellow kids. (Insert fire emoji) 


    Nah, I've heard it called ATL my entire life, it's a more than acceptable alternative for "Atlanta". 


    It's not like it says "The A" or "Hotlanta"

  15. 5 hours ago, docbrass said:

    Is that close to Cardinals red?  Looks like "SC" was stuck on at the bottom.  could be better with year.


    That is exactly what I first thought of when seeing it, and it makes sense too considering how popular the Cardinals are there. I really like the unique take on a boring color scheme.


    Outside of that though, the name is ok bordering on dull and the crest is bad. I can't decipher any meaning out of it and all of the elements are so disjointed and tacked on. The crest shape shouldn't interact so weirdly with all of the symbols inside like this one does.

  16. 17 hours ago, cajunaggie08 said:



    What a massive downgrade, this just sucks. The racing stripes and beveled font were a really good look for A&M, but now they can emulate Arkansas and Alabama in the name of nostalgia I guess. At this point Mississippi State might as well just remove all of their striping and secondary colors to show solidarity.

  17. On 8/4/2020 at 1:55 PM, gosioux76 said:


    That's interesting analysis, Brian. Thanks for sharing. 


    Interestingly, a prominent figure in the St. Louis soccer scene, Bill McDermott, trademarked the name Legacy St. Louis back in January. Best I can tell, he's not affiliated with team ownership. Here's the logo he trademarked. Based on this, I'd rule out Legacy. 



    That's a pretty slick crest actually, it's got a cool take on the river and the arch. Just tweak some the fonts and I'd really like to see something like this.

  18. 3 hours ago, Ridleylash said:

    From everything we've seen of the actual logo's development, it doesn't seem like they actively considered the "90's wild animal" route for the primary at any point once they had a design team in place;



    It seems the logo was always basically the same concept as the final product.


    These are super dope images that I had never seen before, thanks! It's interesting that they played with varying levels of definition for the eye on the bear, even playing with an abstract bird in the bottom left iteration. Luckily they ended up with the best version possible and ended up making one of my favorite logos ever.