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  1. I hadn't heard of the chrome possibility yet, just the metallic silver. It sounds like they really exhausted a lot of options over the design process. Also, just to set the record straight because this article gets it wrong, the new helmet features a metallic satin finish, NOT a matte one.
  2. I know that brand loyalty is generally frowned upon, but Adidas' on field product looks worse than Nike or Under Armor every single time. The fit is bad, but the material is the worse. Pair that with skewed design elements and it's just a cheap look.
  3. The Jaguars need gold to look great. Simply teal and black is too cold and dated looking to me. Outside of that, I really hope that the "distinctive" part of that tweet really shows through in the uniforms. That will be the key. Most Jaguars fans clearly want something more reserved, I just hope that they don't take it too far like those leaks may lead us to believe.
  4. This is my question. I know that the reason is marketing, but how exactly could the Vapor Untouchable be improved upon? It took the simplicity and fit of the Tech Fit and combined it with better materials. That looks like a step backwards.
  5. Simply making the font bolder would go a long way. The name "Titans" doesn't imply a thin font like that to me.
  6. Those styles work for those teams because they have a history and meaning behind them. In Illinois' case, taking a program with a much less storied history and trying to emulate that style falls flat on its face because everybody knows how artificial it is. Simplicity is good, but there's a delicate balance there to avoid looking amateurish.
  7. The Washington State and Illinois downgrades represent a bad trend in some of these college football uniforms lately. It's baffling to me that these teams are willingly dropping well-designed and unique uniforms for glorified practice jerseys.
  8. I honestly think that both Jaguars logos are nice. I prefer the old one's simplicity and stylization, but the new one is more expressive and lacks those dead eyes that the old one had. Still if I had to go with one, I'd choose the old one.
  9. After sleeping on it, I still feel pretty much the same about these. There are a lot of great elements, and also some pretty bad ones. Pretty typical of a lot of the new Nike NFL uniforms really. As far as the helmets go, they're by far my favorite part of the uniform. Perfect use of a satin finish, great helmet stripe and the metallic face mask looks great. If I am nitpicking, the extra grey outline around the logo is definitely not necessary. Some of the concepts where the logo blends into the background look great. That said, they're still a huge upgrade in my book, one of my favorite NFL helmets right away. The jerseys are solid overall. I still like the sword yoke. The font is actually pretty good, it really just needs to be thicker. The '3' and '8' probably just need to be reworked altogether, but ouside of that I dig it. The side panels are bad and pointless. They were clearly put in due to the worry about the lack of columbia blue, but they really are invisible 90% of the time. If they were so worried about a lack of columbia blue, there are many other ways they could've incorporated it as evidenced by some of the concepts floating around this thread. Even simply changing the numbers to one color could've been enough. And finally, the pants are the weakest point of the set for sure. The fact that they created a great sword-based stripe for the helmets and neglect to use it on the pants as well really bugs me. I guess that they were worried about too many sword-inspired elements in the uniform. I don't even necessarily hate that tiny style of striping, but it doesn't fit at all in this uniform. I think that columbia blue socks would be better as well. All in all, there's at lot I like about this set. That said, there are obviously issues and I think that things are less cohesive than they should be. This thread is spilling over with hyperbole (navy helmet=Texans clone apparently), but that's pretty typical for this board around new unveilings. I look forward to seeing them on the field.
  10. I think that many of you look at the now old set with some pretty heavy rose-tinted glasses. They had nice elements but they weren't well-designed by any means.
  11. Just some initial takes for now, I'll give a more in-depth revisit later, Helmets are awesome. A huge upgrade, I absolutely love them. The jerseys are ok. I dig the yoke enough although two greys were probably unnecessary. The side panels are insignificant enough, but still a bit of a drawback. The font is cool, the 8 is definitely the weakest number in the set. The pants are the weakest point for me. Seriously just take the nice helmet stripe and apply it to the pants and it would be a lot better. All in all, I like them enough. Color balance is iffy but not a total failure. I would've really liked silver pants.
  12. I thought that was a tramp stamp stripe at first too and I was furious, luckily it was just his undershirt popping out.
  13. If the pants stripe matched the helmet stripe than these would be instantly 10x better.
  14. It's starting now. Also streaming on the Titans facebook, twitter, and youtube. Not long now!
  15. Their identity as Golden State is iconic now, why on earth would they change it? Personally I don't mind it at all, I even kind of like it.
  16. Here's the official timeline- And here's a link to a livestream that they will be doing- http://www.titansonline.com/video/live.html Luckily the Florida Georgia Line concert doesn't start until after the unveil, so you all can save yourselves from that.
  17. Agreed, but I've also been thinking that the '8' could easily be the worst looking numeral in the font, so I'm still hopeful. If the side panels are minimal than I'll be alright with them, and hopefully the pants stripes are simple. I absolutely love the helmets if they turn out that way.
  18. I think we could do without this attitude. The board's popular opinion isn't the "right" one.
  19. Grey aways? Hmm. That could be a disaster. I'll have to see it. On the bright side, that helmet description sounds sexy.
  20. Those comments always crack me up, because the Titans' social media posts about the unveiling are drowning in them. It's as if people think that a professional organization can only focus on one thing at a time.
  21. He's our first-team all-pro safety. Last I heard none of the team had seen them, so it's likely that he may be one of the models tomorrow night. This sums up my concerns really well. It really just needs to lose the side panels and chose either silver or columbia to use as a secondary and it would look great so far.
  22. I think thats present in the teaser videos as well. Could be a unique cut for the Titans. I see that AFC South rival fans are beginning to gang up on it already. In all seriousness, I feel like these new sets for the Titans and Jags may end up representing opposite shortcomings- the Titans set representing trying to do too much, while the Jags set exemplifies simplification to the point of dullness.
  23. I totally agree. Titans is a fantastic nickname, with a lot of great potential imagery to draw from. The Titans seem very opposed to using any of that though. The color scheme is also great, but as this leak may prove, a hierarchy of color is really important. Two tone blue should be the emphasis with pops of red and maybe some subtle silver accents. As of now, it's unclear whether columbia blue or silver will serve as the secondary color. The quality of the leaks definitely had me questioning their legitimacy too, the crooked placement of everything is puzzling, and the tv numbers don't feature the same serif as the main number. However it would just be so unlikely that somebody began producing fakes for a random jersey design. All that said, I'll obviously try and reserve final judgements for when we see the full set on a player. As of now, it looks like it improves some things and downgrades others. I dig the sword-shaped yoke, but side panels rarely work for me. Unlike many here, I actually liked the old number font, and prefer it a lot to what I've seen so far of this new one. It's definitely the weakest part of the jersey to me. The old white Titans helmet never worked unless it was worn with white pants, which was not often enough unfortunately. That is why I am cautiously excited to see a navy helmet.