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  1. The Idaho State news is really disappointing. I've always loved the uniqueness of their tiger logo, so much so that it makes me remember ISU and their brand lol. The new one looks like a Madden logo
  2. Fair enough, definitely in agreement on Mr. White Helmet. I don't post that to call you out specifically or anything either, it's just a distinction hope that people will make when talking to each other.
  3. I'm like 90% sure that the Browns won't be wearing anything nearly that faithful to the previous set. I can't remember the last time a team straight-up returned to a throwback. The Bills sorta did but even then the changes were significant. I'm not a big fan of this characterization popping up a lot around here lately. This is a discussion board right? Not an echo-chamber, meaning maybe some people just don't love those older uniforms. I think that should be allowed and encouraged.
  4. As some of you may remember, the Titans announced that they were beefing up the numbers on the columbia blue alternate uniforms by "about ¾ of an inch more in 2019". https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-to-make-a-slight-modification-to-the-light-blue-jerseys-for-2019 Well, it seems that we're getting our first look now as the defense has been rocking the thicker numbers in practice- Here's a side-by side to give a better idea- I've addressed it before, but the new font developed by Nike is too thin and doesn't fit the name "Titans" very well at all. It's obviously a small tweak, but it looks a lot better in my eyes and makes me wish that they'd adjust the numbers like this for all colors.
  5. These look like a definite improvement, even if only a slight one. The Bay uniform in particular looks really nice. I agree that still clinging to "the Town" after this move is a bit lame, but totally disagree on the collars. I think that the wishbone collar has become a unique feature for GS that just works on their unis.
  6. Here's a homer pick- They were never better than the traditionals, but the combo of orange and grey looks great together and I appreciated the extra effort past simply recoloring the normal template. You can also probably understand why I adore OSU's colors-
  7. I don't know if this is unpopular, but the Maverick green and blue look isn't good either. Nothing about those colors screams "Dallas" or "Mavericks" to me, in fact the two sort of clash to me. The logos and uniforms were also equally uninspired. The Mavericks would really benefit from something fresh to match their young roster.
  8. The Mavericks need new branding desperately, perhaps more than any other team in sports. They have the colors right but the emo horse, wonky logos and horrible fonts just complete one of my least favorite identities ever.
  9. I feel like I'm trapped in a time loop whenever the Browns are brought up here... white facemask vs. grey facemask bulldog vs. football B vs. elf vs. helmet logo orange pants vs. no orange pants I could go on, but most people like the old uniform and that opinion likely wont change anytime soon on here. That said, there is almost no chance that they adopt that uniform exactly as it was. I'm betting on a streamlined set based on the color rush that mirrors the sort of minimalism that college football is infatuated with right now
  10. Still wouldn't be ideal, but almost anything is better than Copperplate at this point.
  11. It would make for a really cool tribute as well, since they're leaving Oakland and all
  12. I actually think that the Dolphins have struck a pretty great balance with their current set. The logo is the best that the Dolphins have had in their entire history and the newest update makes their uniforms one of the most solid sets in the league. The throwbacks are great too, but they are definitely relics of the past.
  13. Beavs may be something that resonates better with OSU and its fans, but as an outsider it looks and sounds clunky. Outside of that, I really like the new set.
  14. A fiesta Spurs alternate >>>>>> A digi camo Spurs alternate The black and silver will always embody the seriousness of that franchise, but those bright colors could make for a really nice change of pace. Plus, those classic San Antonio All Star jerseys from the 90's are one of the most popular jerseys I see in real life.
  15. This new logo is a big downgrade from the previous bear, which could have been pretty great with some simplification. Instead we get this wonky version with a goatee.
  16. I saw somebody call these the "Clemson Wolverines" and I think it feels that way because it essentially is a mashup of disjointed elements. The outline around that ugly paw rendering is so thin that you can hardly even see it. Pair that with a block M that's really too small and it just doesn't really work.
  17. That shade of grey is never ideal when paired with a dark navy, but it at least makes a bit of sense for WVU. Although hard to see, everything else looks like a solid upgrade over the last set.
  18. That's a lame move. This along with the retro helmet feel like bad attempts to reference tradition that isn't really there.
  19. This is nice. The colors are bold and differentiate it from the NBA and they finally got a dynamic yet realistic looking silhouette.
  20. If it is just a tweak, I could see them making the Color Rush jersey the primary. Something as simple as that or a white helmet would be a great upgrade in my book.
  21. This looks great. My only problem might be the kinda wonky block font but even then it's not too bad.
  22. If Cleveland insists on keeping the helmet as the logo, then I've always thought that this concept by Fraser Davidson would be perfect-
  23. The only slight discrepancy I can even make out is that the pant stripe for the guy on the far right turns backward a little bit but that's almost certainly just warping from the pads under the pants. This leak is 100% real and I'll be totally and completely shocked if it isn't.
  24. What the hell is he talking about with the collars and inconsistent striping? Those collars are 100% accurate with the vapor untouchable and the striping is all simple and consistent. The NFL shield thing could be true but even then these were made for a photoshoot, not to be game worn. He's being overly pedantic here.
  25. That looks pretty great actually. I'm digging the finish on that helmet and the green works with the black.