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  1. The new helmet is a good compromise between the two approaches for sure, but I loved the huge helmet logo for them since it removed the issue with the height of the sword pushing the flag up near the crown of the helmet. This one... made much better use of the space than this one did- Not to mention that it just looks really awesome, but I think I can still appreciate the newest compromise.
  2. I like the analogy but don't know if I totally agree with it in this case. I see the Dolphins' looks as great complements to one another, with the current uniforms being a great modern set and the throwbacks being really nice as well, but perhaps too old-fashioned for regular use every week. The current rotation allows for the throwbacks to be seen pretty frequently without having to go all in on the super traditional vibe. In that sense, I guess I see the throwbacks as a very high-caliber backup. I think that analogy wold function perfectly for the Chargers and Rams prior to this year, as they were two teams who couldn't decide on a color scheme and overall look to choose, resulting in mismatched elements all over the place.
  3. I personally prefer the powder-heavy look, the navy doesn't really strengthen anything to me. It's definitely not horrible like you said, but I think that it'd be similar to the Dolphins' set with navy trim from a few years back: another set that wasn't terrible by any means, but the removal of dark trim enhanced the entire look a ton and allowed for the beauty of the bright colors to just speak for themselves.
  4. How close are the Hawks to wearing every color on the rainbow at this point? They have to have rebranded more than any team in sports over their history.
  5. The home uniform looks really good to me actually. The gradient is used tastefully and the new horns work really well. The away's are too try hard and the BONE is just dumb. The contrast of blue and yellow on white is one of the best parts of the Rams' look, muddling it all with grey is plain stupid.
  6. Notice the subtle Iowa State-esque number treatment to match the new horns- I don't know, I have a hard time believing that they would include a emphasis like that on the numbers while still going with the old horns on the helmet and sleeve.
  7. I think I remember Presidents, Tuxedos I'm not sure of. I also think that I vaguely remember Generals or Commanders as one of the higher choices as well. I'm pulling all of these from an old book on Titans history that I used to have, with one of the pages being a pretty long list of all the potential nicknames that the team considered at some point. I wish I could find it, it was a pretty interesting glimspe into all of the considerations for a rebranding team.
  8. I had always heard that the finalists were Titans, Pioneers, Wolves, Blitz, and Copperheads, although I think that Copperheads may have just been a fan movement and not an actual consideration from within ownership. Side note, I can't believe that they're allowed to post like a thirty-word fun fact and call it an article, but that's sorta Bleacher Report's thing I guess.
  9. My bad, I must have missed that portion
  10. I really like the way that the bridge is abstracted through the side panels and shorts, and the colors are great as well. Still, the team's success undoubtably pushed them higher up the list.
  11. I think that the idea on "recycling" elements is a pretty interesting observation and definitely a valid one when looking at the bigger wordmark, number style, and leotard style combos, but I feel like it's a bit of a stretch to claim things like a gradient or a angular forms as reused. That'd be like saying that any team using stripes is copying them from somebody else. I also feel like the chrome facemask, while maybe not entirely original, fits really well with the Falcons' shiny chrome stadium and giant titanium bird. That said, it would look infinitely better with a silver pants option to balance it out more.
  12. I don't even hate the LA logo like many do, but the Ram head was always so much better suited to be a midfield logo regardless of fan opinion. This is a good move.
  13. Brutalism is probably the most divisive style of architecture there is. Personally, I think that buildings in this style have a wide range from really cool in a science fiction sort of way to very prison-like and ugly. Boston's City Hall is probably closer to the former for me.
  14. (i'm just kidding please don't take this too seriously lol)
  15. It's interesting that they specifically point out all of the colors utilized for shading in these logos, it's very LA Rams-esque in the case. I wonder if they'll really use those in any other places?
  16. I think it just depends on how much you prioritize certain elements as well as different sorts of aesthetic choices working for different teams. For example, I think that the monochrome look for the Patriots is a mistake, but I think it can work in the Falcons' case because they've adopted a more futuristic identity. I mean besides...the more I look at the Falcons' new set, the more that I think that simply reducing the size of "ATL" and reworking the numerals could make elevate their set from flawed to great. The Patriots are less radical, but there are lots of little mistakes (one pair of pants, weird numbers, striping inconsistencies) that add up. I still don't know if I'd rate them lower than the Falcons, but a case could be made.
  17. These are great, not mind-blowing but that's not a bad thing for them. The yellow pants and helmet numbers are great touches.
  18. The numbers look like an italic Browns font.
  19. I'm eager to see what all of the hype has been about. I can't remember the last time a new uniform set had so much buzz and hype without so much as a teaser being released.
  20. They killed this, all of the marks look awesome. Here's more on their website- https://www.newamsterdamfc.com/
  21. Say you have a room of people, hosting some sort of Art Appreciation Club. Excited about the prospect of discussing your passion for art with others, you decide to go to a meeting. It's a bit intimidating since the group has already built a clear long-standing rapport with one another, but you're still eager to put yourself out there in the hopes of joining a community of people with similar interests. Getting the chance to contribute to the conversation, you begin to discuss a new exhibition you enjoy full of modern art, only to be quickly shot down with comments that lack in good-will or even offer a chance for response: "That's not real art", "That's thoughtless trash","Everything created past the Impressionist period is terrible", etc. Upon being thoroughly dismissed by the group at-large, you feel isolated and unheard, eventually losing the motivation to come to any more meetings. The Art Appreciation Club loses a new voice that could contribute to a greater representation of the opinions that exist in the world, leading to the preferences of the group becoming more internally codified and the conversations growing less nuanced. Everybody loses in the end as the group's original mission of providing a common ground for all to appreciate art is lost. It's a difference in tone and general understanding between people, which your original metaphor neglects to mention.
  22. You're getting pushback on this, but you're right. I am not trying to invalidate the traditionalist viewpoints by any means, but in my experience this is the perspective that is exceedingly popular amongst the board's regulars/veterans, and they often gang up on others who disagree whether it be intentional or not. Even something as simple as conceding the occasional point would make the conversations here so much more open, but that's extremely rare in my experience and it makes discussion not even feel worth the effort. Hell, it's noticeable enough to me that I often find myself going to bat for modern designs simply to try and avoid this website from feeling like a Groundhog Day version of opinions and discussion. Believe me, I don't bow down to everything SWOOSHâ„¢ This board feels more like a sports standardization board than a sports aesthetics board a lot of the time. It didn't always feel like that. I don't think that merely suggesting that vibe being present is such a crime. That's just my opinion though.
  23. It's an alright change overall, the number tweak is strange but not the worst thing ever. I'm personally glad they aren't entertaining red jerseys again.
  24. TV Numbers shouldn't be a requirement at all, as cases like the Panthers prove that they've grown obsolete. If there is ample space then use them by all means, but teams like the Patriots shouldn't be forced to choose between a logo or stripes for their sleeves just to incorporate an element like this.
  25. That's a good point, I saw that it was Indiana but didn't realize that it was within Indianapolis proper. I'd guess that the design team (who was probably based in Oregon) never saw this before since they're unfamiliar with the area, so somebody in the organization probably should've pointed it out. At the end of the day, the two can coexist fine.