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  1. First off, these are both fantastic! Tha classic styling of the nautical theme is timeless and the trident going up the shoulders is unique and awesome. However, the native theme is my favorite of the two. I love that logo and the trident is still incorporated, which I have always liked. My only suggestion is to look into a new number font and color scheme.
  2. henburg

    Yakball Concepts

    Nice work! I love the incorporation of the keystone.
  3. henburg

    My NHL Revamps

    This is a great mix of eras, nice job! My one critique would be to switch this number font with the one used on the current jerseys.
  4. henburg

    My NHL Revamps

    The new lightning striping is a huge improvement and great looking. Good job Midway.
  5. Is that the same font as the numbers for the Netherlands?
  6. This is a great look. One of adidas' best this year for sure. The pattern inside the stripe is nice. What is the pattern? It's got the crown in the center, and I'm not sure if the rest of the design has some sort of specific meaning or not, but here is a better view of it. The only part of the yellow kit I disliked was the crescent-shaped panels where the stripes terminate below the shoulder, and that seems to be absent from the blue version. It's supposed to be Vytynanky (Ukrainian)/Wycinanki (Polish), a Polish and Ukrainian version of the art form of papercutting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wycinanki Wow that's pretty neat. Thanks for finding that out Andrew and Wilt. I love it when local design elements are incorporated into a unifrom.
  7. henburg

    Yakball Concepts

    The Tridents look nice. I like how you tied their identity in with the Lightning. The Batallion look great as well, especially with the unconventional color scheme. Also, by looking at your map, I'm excited to see all of the other teams.
  8. Columbus Explorers/Voaygers Hartford Wolves Norfolk Neptunes Orlando Orcas Memphis Kings/Pharoahs Milwaukee Sharpshooters Portland Lumberjacks San Antonio Soldiers
  9. Although this is pretty roughly executed, the ideas are nice. I think that the primary logo would look really good if you smoothed out the edges and made the outlines more consistent. I would definetly choose a different font for the jerseys and court. Oh, and I don't like how the jerseys say men, so I would fix that.
  10. This is a great look. One of adidas' best this year for sure. The pattern inside the stripe is nice. What is the pattern?
  11. That would have gone with the uniform so much better and it would still have looked cool.
  12. Never thought that I'd hear nightlight used as a team name...
  13. Has anyone confirmed this yet? If that back leg is replaced by a tail than this would be a definite improvement.
  14. Not me. We've got great young talent in Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck is providing leadership that the team hasn't had in a long time.
  15. Yikes, not a fan of that Mizzou helmet.
  16. Minus the terrible back leg, this is an improvement over the old logo IMO. It's much more proportional and realisitc looking. The oversized head in the last one always kinda bugged me.
  17. I don't know if you are aware, but they have been making new hats with zubaz brims: A guy at my school wears this one everyday. Cool hat but I really hope he takes the sticker off. Yes, and thank god that he does.
  18. I guess this is an unpopular opinion but I kind of like these. It took me by surprise but the more that I look at it, the more that I like it. They also kept the star logo, which is good.
  19. henburg

    NFL 2K12

    These are pretty nice, except that I think that NE looks way too much like Ole Miss and I think that sublimated stripes would work better than digital camo.
  20. That logo looks awesome. It actually looks like there is a different number font with it as well.
  21. Birmingham Vulcans Boise Trappers Los Angeles Gladiators Louisville Thoroughbreds Milwaukee Wild Hogs NY/NJ Emperors Virginia Ironclads Omaha Pioneers Salt Lake City Killer Bees San Antonio Twisters
  22. henburg

    Yakball Concepts

    The Supernovas look really good. It looks good aesthetically and it has reasoning behind almost every design choice, which I always love. As far as name suggestions go I can only think of Washignton Resistance with an identity based around a snake and revolutionary imagery. Keep it up man, I'm really enjoying this series.
  23. Does anyone know the font on these NBA shirts?
  24. henburg

    Wildcat logo

    I really hate to hear that. Why would they choose that awful bird-looking thing over your proffesionally designed logo? It's such a shame.