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  1. Steelheads and Pines are both pretty awesome, I'd be down for something like that.
  2. A rebrand like this begs the question of what is worse- A terrible logo that is unique OR A competent logo that is very dull A rebrand is a great idea for them right now, but this solution isn't ideal to say the least.
  3. This is a great example of one of those uniform details that I should hate in theory, but can't help but love for some reason anyway. Those colors just look cool to me, and I have no reasons that I can think of to back that opinion up.
  4. I think that the Titans are wearing their best combo today with the white over navy , the side panels are much less visible for all the better.
  5. I like your analysis and think that neo-traditional is a pretty on-point name to describe this class of uniform design. You could maybe even add the modern Patriots and Texans to the group. That said, I feel that staying power can be good but it definitely isn't always the best way to go. In my opinion, a lot of the neo-traditional looks are uninspired to say the least. There's very little consistency/coordination in any of those looks you posted. For instance, that Titans set in particular is just a random mashup of design elements that don't really flow together at all- the tapered helmet stripes really clash with the more traditional pants. It's like the designers of that time didn't know how to complete any of the uniform designs by the time they reached the pants, so they just slapped braisher stripes or outlines on everything. To be clear, I don't hate the look of this era, in fact I like the Panthers and Eagles looks a lot. However, sometimes I feel like complacency can be confused with staying power. If some of those looks were unveiled today, they would not be well-recieved at all and for good reason.
  6. I've learned that social media will hate on pretty much any new jerseys or logos no matter what. Don't get me wrong, hate is justified in some cases, but it seems like a universal thing now. I remember seeing complaints on the Vikings' page when they very very slightly tweaked their logo.
  7. The wordmark is gorgeous, actually better than their primary IMO. Outside of that, this could really use some shoulder logos and maybe a splash of red. Still, they look nice as of now.
  8. Is that pattern meant to be a connection to Silicon Valley? If so, it could be interesting.
  9. It's an improvement to me, but I wonder why the colors in the letters have been switched around.
  10. They usually wear white or columbia at the beginning of the season due to the heat. They've done it consistently for the past few years now. In fact, one of the few times they wore the columbia over white was in an early game in Miami a couple of years ago.
  11. I love the Oregon uniforms. Even the contrasting nameplate looks really cool.
  12. Wow, I really dig that. For those saying that 901 doesn't mean anything, I would disagree heavily. Memphians have a ton of city pride, and 901 is used heavily in Tennessee. Nationally, one of the biggest songs this year features it prominently- I think it's a really smart choice by the team. On another note, was this designed by Studio Simon? It's clearly taking a ton of inspiration from their Redbirds rebrand either way.
  13. A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK I'm admittedly biased because I liked the previous set despite its flaws, but the Jaguars are going to be looking like this 90% of the time next season- How can we really call that an improvement? I don't want to hear any more comparisons to the Giants and 49ers to defend this set either. They're not valid because it's like the Jaguars are trying to play dress-up as one of these teams, and it's not fitting of their identity at all. Neither of those teams are emphasizing a scheme of black and white either.
  14. The monochrome navy does not work for the Titans. Based on the past few years, I'm also afraid that it may be the combo they wear most. The color balance is all wrong. Grey simply was never meant to be a primary color for the Titans with their current identity, but these uniforms practically promote it to secondary status over columbia. The side panels were clearly tacked on due to the fear of lacking the two-tone blue, but it looks like an afterthought at best. I will say that they wore by far their worst combo tonight, but I'm hoping for a change sooner than later.
  15. As in introducing or at least popularizing new concepts to their uniforms. Their set in the last few years just felt derivative of the Mariota set and didn't really push boundaries too far in any way, especially in comparison to how far many other schools take it now. These are refreshing to me in that it feels like Oregon is trying something new again.
  16. I laughed at how big the Oregon numbers were when I first saw them, but the more I see pictures of the new set, the more I like it. It's the first time Oregon has actually pushed a design boundary in years, and I think it has potential.
  17. henburg

    Austin FC

    It's definitely a well-done crest, but it's pretty dull. I can't help but feel like Austin has a lot of better imagery to play with before settling on an oak tree.
  18. I've pretty much stated my thoughts on the Titans uniforms already, so I'll save an updated take for now. Now, I still really love the new helmets, but I was browsing the Instagram Discover page when I stumbled upon these weird photos created by a uniform account on Madden- Ignoring the bizarre mixing of eras, I really dig this color balance. I'll admit that I was more skeptical when everybody else here was wishing for Columbia helmets, but seeing these has changed my thinking a lot. What do you guys think?
  19. I know that people are being a little nitpick-y and all, but this logo is seriously amazing. Fantastic use of symbolism, colors, and nickname for a truly timeless look. This would easily be the best logo in the entire MLS.
  20. The Shark is a good idea for Ole Miss, but that mascot is waaaay too creepy. It's just a bit too realistic.
  21. I'm not sure I really understand this idea, especially coming from a member of a sports logos and uniforms board. No decorative elements of football uniforms have any purpose, but they're still important in giving teams an identity.
  22. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    The stick in the rink logo is lame. It hardly reads as a "C" like it is supposed to, and the scale of the stick and the rink is so distorted that the meaning is barely there anyways. The orca, while not perfect, is miles better.
  23. Wow, what a pointless change. Also, that dark shade of grey being paired with Navy is just plain stupid.
  24. The Bengals helmet is genius, I can't believe that I have never thought about the before.