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  1. >>>> Yes it was ....early 1980s The Browns really need to bring orange pants back.
  2. Ya, I don't really see any similarities except that they are both tridents. I think that I actually prefer yours over ASU's. Anyways, I really like this concept and I love the colors but I think that making one of the alts say CCU would be cool.
  3. This looks great, but I think that the new teeth on the frog makes him look like he is trying to hold back from laughing or something. I think that everything else is great and in my opinion, the inclusion of red looks fantastic.
  4. The Ravens are using the Purple jersey-black pants combo again, which in my opinion, looks AWESOME.
  5. I think that this logo has a ton of potential, but there are a few key issues that I would adress. Obviously I would tryvadjusting the feathers to make them less phallic and I think that making the whales tale less cartoony would make it much classier and more professional looking.
  6. The Jags are my favorite with the Patriots in second. I think that the wite stripe on the Pat's pants is really unecessary and the concept would look better without it. Overall though, this is a great concept and I love your creativity.
  7. YES I disagree. It wasn't a terrible uniform, but I think it's one of the weaker Pro Combat uniforms, especially in comparison to their 2009 uniform. I just think this version is the best mainly because of the "technical" parts in the uniform going with the Tech in the University. They took a strange design element and made it look great in a uniform. The version prior for VT was good I think as a main uniform for every game use with a change to the pant stripe, but I respect your opinion. Couldn't agree more. I really loved this uniform.
  8. These are awesome! Could I get a Titans and Predators one?
  9. Wow! Congratulations! It must be awesome to design the logos for one of your favorite teams.
  10. Same designer, actually. Who's the designer?
  11. This is really awesome! I like your new presentation much better. I really like these uniforms. It's a good mix of modern and classic style. I'm really looking forward to seeing more.
  12. Haha this is awesome! Perfect for a hockey team in Orlando.
  13. I agree. I loved both the UTL uniforms and the MSU aways. I especially liked the maize undershirts.
  14. Wow the Ducks and Coyotes look great! I really like both new color palletes. I wouldn't change anything on the Coyotes. I would consider putting the alternate logo on the Duck's alt, but that is my only nitpick. Looking forward to more!
  15. henburg

    Dynasty Avatar

    Could I get a Predators one with: Weber & Suter & Pekka & Tootoo & Legwand Thanks in advance!
  16. Congrats on learning inkscape! This is a great first logo! I do think that making the facial features a little more defined will help it match the rest of the logo. Also, I would consider giving the circle a black outline or making the redskin's outline maroon. Other than these points I think that you have a fine piece of work here. Also, I love your avatar.
  17. ^Is that the real jersey? I hope not because it looks horrible IMO. I don't understand why there wouldn't be any red on it.
  18. Why the star? I suppose it is for being a cowboy? Like a Sheriff's star? Edit: Nevermind, just saw illini1's post.
  19. Ya, I really didnt like it. You shouldn't be able to see a player's pads through the jersey.
  20. henburg

    randyc's NHL

    The Sharks look good but I think replacing the orange in the logo with silver would be a good idea.
  21. I hope that Mizzou goes down this route with thier entry into the SEC. It is unique in a conference where there is already a black and gold team and a team with tigers as the mascot. Excellent work.
  22. I'm a big fan of all of your concepts. They are unique but it looks good while doing it. My favorites are the Sharks,Penguins and Jets. Anyways, onto this concept. I like all of the logos except for the buffalo in the primary. The front legs need to be tweaked so that it is more static. Also, I agree with sparky chewbarky and Lafarge on the number font. Other than that this is a great concept and I look forward to seeing more of your work.