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    NHL ProCombat

    Whoa, I really like the idea of this concept, it holds a lot of potential. I really like the "cold" feeling you get from this jersey. However, I think that the birds on the back are too much like seagulls, but other than that, this is a great concept.
  2. Wow! That Hornets update improved the concept x100. My favorite is the NOLA alt.
  3. I would like to have : A Predators primary logo A Preds secondary shield logo A Hawks throwback logo All for iPhone please. Thanks in advance!
  4. ^That is awesome, I've always loved the Tulane color scheme, and the clever hidden "H" makes it even better.
  5. >>>> They haven't worn navy all season, let alone all-navy. They've only worn 2 combo's in 2011 ... lt blue on dk blue pants at home, and white with lt blue pants on the road. A bit odd considering they used to change it up every week in prior seasons, they were kinda like the Oregon of the NFL, we all wondered what combo they'd be wearing each week .... If any teams needs a new direction in uniforms, it's them. Their mono light blue didn't look very good IMO. I liked their navy with white ... it had just enough light blue without overkill. Yeah, at first I hated the navy, but looking back, it's a pretty neat look. I actually wanted Nike to do something with the Titans but I haven't heard anything about that. Plus, as long as Bud Adams is owner, I don't see anything changing.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to put "or" in my statement. Also, I think that I remember in the 2008 preseason they wore the white pants with the navy jerseys.
  7. The Titan's white pants now only seem to be worn with the navy alts with the away jerseys. I don't think that they have worn all navy in a while.
  8. Except for the fact that they play in NASL. Woops, my mistake. Thanks for correcting me.
  9. I don't like Michigan's recent trend of making slight changes to a bunch of random throwbacks and wearing them in prime time games. IMO, their Under the Lights unis were perfect and they switch to those full time. These aren't doing it for me especially. The numbers remind me of thin baseball numbers and there isn't enough maize.
  10. This is a really cool, realistic concept. As others have said, I think that the jerseys could use a little bit of work. I really like all of the logos that you have created so I wouldn't change anything about them. However, I think that the cross on the back would look better on the sleeves. Also, adding some more red could help as well. Last, I think a new, more Celtic number would improve it as well.
  11. This is great to hear. Tampa is a prime example of how a USL team should be.
  12. This is a perfect modernization of the Bronco's logo. Great job.
  13. PLEASE don't let that be Mizzou's new jersey. They should be going for something unique for their entry into the SEC, not that terrible high school uniform.
  14. Haha this is great, you really nailed it.
  15. I really don't like how contrasting the style is between the wordmark and numbers on that Kings alt. Other than hat though it's pretty good.
  16. This is a really cool idea for a series and the execution is great as well. Boeing is my favorite, with Android in a close second. McDonalds is really close to being great but I think that it could benefit from a different number font. Other than that I really like all of these.
  17. henburg

    Columbus Crew

    Couldn't agree more... especially since their name has so much potential
  18. That Timbers jersey is absolutely beautiful. I might even buy one.
  19. This is really great work, The top left is my favorite. However, I did like the "C" insignia in the original post better because it had greater character. I look forward to possibly seeing some uniforms in the future.
  20. Being a Titan's fan, I actually really wouldn't mind Nike giving them a very modern look. Something in Oilers colors would have a lot of potential I think.