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  1. I'm really not into the whole trend of taking a vintage mascot logo and tacking it on the helmet of a modern uniform set for nostalgia points. A lot of them are cool logos that have their place, but don't force them with a style that clashes.
  2. I can't stop admiring how great these Blazers' warmup shirts look! They're super simple, yet perfect. So many warmup shirts are too busy or look too muck like workout sweats, but this is a shirt I'd wear casually.
  3. I think it's just because of the overlapping line and shape patterns that are reminding me of some forms of indigenous art, but it's not something you have to lean into if you didn't intend it obviously. For the new wordmark, I dig #3 as a modern font that still has the angular forms you were looking for, but #4 is intriguing as well due to the cultural significance.
  4. This is a super neat concept, very unique! I really dig the primary logo in particular with the combination of the snowflake shape and husky. I think your initial primary is superior to the "accidental" version, the nod to the maple leaf within the husky is more than enough to connect it to Canada. To improve, I might just further consider a font that better matches the sort of indigenous aesthetic you have going on, the current choice is a little too "space age" IMO. I also think that looking into a standalone husky head might make a stronger secondary logo than the current one. Also, I think your presentation is perfectly fine! Oftentimes an over-designed presentation just takes away from the important stuff.
  5. Silver might be better, but I thought the Panthers looked really clean today. I think there's an argument that silver is really just superfluous to a gorgeous color scheme.
  6. That's a great answer, I genuinely appreciate the thought put into this. The note about the repeated difference of scale between design on the jersey, helmet and pants is an interesting note and a definite knock against the set. I'd also side with you in terms of the use as a pattern on the numbers, that definitely feels like a trendy design element thrown into the set. That said, I still like the set. It's not without its flaws of course, but I think that more works than doesn't.
  7. I really like everything they did here except for the wordmark. Obviously the graffiti-inspired art direction is a great idea but the execution makes it feel too corny to me. It reminds me of something that AND1 would have made in the 2000's.
  8. What exactly is supposed to be bad about the Seahawks uniforms? They're visually balanced, consistent without being predictable, and use color very well. It's a unique, striking look and has ascended into the uniform set that defines the franchise IMO.
  9. Orlando needs to drop the edgy cosplay and just look FUN again. They're trying so hard to look like a team not named "Magic" and it's just never worked. Combine this monstrosity with the coming orange nightmare and it really feels like they're hitting a full-on identity crisis.
  10. It really surprises me that the Knicks continue to roll with these alternate uniforms that are hardly any different than their main set. It doesn't look bad, it just seems pointless. I can't imagine Knick fans are rushing to buy these at all.
  11. If they had gotten the guys who did the new branding to update the logo this would be cool, but as of now it's just plain stupid. The gold is wrong and the style just clashes. Don't half-ass the new look.
  12. Nice start, I really dig the international jersey in particular. I love the cartoon Oriole, but the more realistic Oriole from when I was a kid was always really cool to me for some reason. It would be cool if the two could coexist like this somehow.
  13. I love the helmet and use of the stars! The Titans used to sell hats just like that and it's a really nice take on the logo. I also get the use of gold, but I personally prefer the version with our current colors. Still, it's a super nice concept!
  14. I'd say the fact that all of these other schools are trying to capture that same excitement speaks more to the value of their brand than anything else. Not just rinky-dink schools either, very legitimate, storied programs. I mean, Michigan State is wearing those lime green monstrosities just to ride that wave. You live by it, you die by it. That mantra has gotten them way farther than they've ever been before. It's also hard to compare a still relatively new contender like Oregon to a historic powerhouse like Auburn. I mean Oregon had to completely revitalize their facilities and infrastructure just to compete, whereas Auburn had the luxury of legacy and name recognition. I'd say it's more about cutting-edge tech and experimentation than going for the unexpected, although that is definitely still a part of it. If you think about it, they also did kinda revert to some of those older elements with the recent emphasis on Apple Green and Yellow. That said, Rutgers is wearing sleeved jerseys this year, so they will always find something.
  15. Of course. It's more than fine if you feel that way, it's just how you deliver it. I just wish people explained their rationale more sometimes. I get where you're coming from, and agree on many points. I think that there have been instances over the years where Oregon tried way too hard and lost their way. The Alamo Bowl uniform set, the Puddles cosplay, and the Webfoots uniforms immediately come to mind for me. I also definitely agree that Oregon's looks are far less shocking now due to other schools adopting their trends. I still remember the total disbelief I felt with that neon set for the Championship in 2011, yet I wouldn't even bat an eye to it in 2019. The place where I disagree is the bolded part. That is Oregon's brand now, and it has been for more than a long time now. The old green and yellow throwbacks are pretty uniforms, but Oregon was irrelevant while wearing them. Then, they start getting that Phil Knight money and things really turned around for them. They now attract top recruits, contend annually, and are one of the more popular college football teams in the entire country, known for their unique uniforms. You point out that they lost two championships to traditional schools, but I'd argue that they never would have even made it there without that innovative look and attitude. My point being, they didn't destroy their brand. They actually built up a new brand that is the strongest that it ever has been in the school's history. You could argue for more consistency within that framework, but I think that reverting to a throwback look would actually destroy this new, much more renowned brand that they've successfully built up for the past two decades. It may not stick out quite as much as it did 10 years ago, but it's still a fact that they are known for it as evidenced by the dumb jokes. I mean at the end of the day, all uniforms are outfits fellas.
  16. It's pretty clear that sports uniform discussion is super repetitive, no matter what the platform is. I mean seriously, I bet if you documented the discussion surrounding the Cleveland Browns just on this website, you would be able to prove that without a doubt. "HeAr mE oUt GuYs, WhAt iF ThEy jUsT diD ThIs!! XD" *posts a picture of Tim Couch in the old uniform* *receives 34 likes*
  17. They (kinda) used my idea! It looks pretty awesome too, I'm just interested to hear if they receive similar unpleasant feedback as the NBA sleeved jerseys.
  18. The Hurricanes just need to go back to the drawing board with a lot of things. You can tell by the constant little changes being made to uniforms that the ownership is having trouble finding anything that sticks, and i think that is due in large part to the name itself. It's cool I guess, but has such limited material to work with. Whether it's coming up with something tangible to represent something like a hurricane or just trying to avoid being totally insensitive, it's a hard name to design something for. I think that this identity crisis is why their logo has always been super unexciting as well. Still, that's no excuse for why it's drawn so poorly. Something as simple as a better-done cyclone mark would go a long way in refreshing the identity while also giving them a chance to create a new, more coherent uniform set.
  19. Exactly, and the exact same idea applies to the Orlando Magic as well. Often times taking things too seriously just leads to a boring result.
  20. Totally, just my nitpick on what is otherwise a beautiful uniform.
  21. I'm not referring to the embroidery detail, I'm referring to the two lines above and below the buffalo. What is their purpose? To show that the buffalo is charging toward the swords? Just get rid of them, they don't make any sense and clutter up what is otherwise a very nice design.
  22. That's a beautiful jersey, perfect use of the glittery gold. It would look even better if they removed the ugly motion lines from around the buffalo. They're poorly-rendered and absolutely pointless in what is otherwise a pretty graceful logo.
  23. The Idaho State news is really disappointing. I've always loved the uniqueness of their tiger logo, so much so that it makes me remember ISU and their brand lol. The new one looks like a Madden logo
  24. Fair enough, definitely in agreement on Mr. White Helmet. I don't post that to call you out specifically or anything either, it's just a distinction hope that people will make when talking to each other.
  25. I'm like 90% sure that the Browns won't be wearing anything nearly that faithful to the previous set. I can't remember the last time a team straight-up returned to a throwback. The Bills sorta did but even then the changes were significant. I'm not a big fan of this characterization popping up a lot around here lately. This is a discussion board right? Not an echo-chamber, meaning maybe some people just don't love those older uniforms. I think that should be allowed and encouraged.