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  1. It's nice as an accompanying element, but it wouldn't be a good main crest simply for how detailed it is. It would lose all readability when shrunken down, which is really the primary way it would be seen (on a kit).
  2. These are pretty cool, the Lakers and Pistons are my favorites. The airbrush lightning bolts for Detroit are a cool touch.
  3. The Indiana State Sycamores going for an edgy, modern look is just misguided. Embrace something fun and vintage.
  4. You just made me realize how low-key strange it is that the Buccaneers logo features crossed swords, on a flag being carried by a sword. It's totally unnecessary, and your solution makes so much more sense. I really can't believe that I've never thought about that before.
  5. I think that certain colors (like Midnight Green as you mentioned) worked well in both fabrics, but matte still holds the edge for me in pretty much every case except for teams with metallic colors. Certain teams in particular really did not benefit from the shiny finish- However, since being corrected that Pewter is not actually a metallic color, I think that one serves as an exception to my rule.
  6. Any hostility you're feeling is one-sided. The only point that I'm making is that whether you like the design or not, it will have nothing to do with that phrase. Really, what would you have them say instead? It's just a people-pleasing expression to try and bridge two demographics together, nothing more.
  7. This phrase is probably used in 90% of all new redesigns, and isn't indicative of anything at all. You guys put way too much stock into marketing jargon and social media lingo.
  8. I actually prefer the matte finish of the newer fabric to the old dazzle fabric 9 times out of 10. Still, teams like the Buccaneers with actual metallic colors really did benefit from that fabric being so popular at the time. If the Bucs asked for that finish specifically, I'm positive that Nike could develop a Vapor Untouchable variation of it. That said, most teams probably just don't notice and don't know to ask.
  9. Not an ounce of this is marketable at all, the team would get laughed at if they embraced any of that. The cultural significance is a decent enough argument, no need to go full tilt on the aquatic biology stuff.
  10. Very similarly to the AAF, if you cut the side panels off of these sets they'd instantly look 10x cleaner and some would actually be pretty solid. With the XFL in particular, Houston and LA go screwed by these awful clunky notches around the sleeves that represent one of my greatest uniform pet peeves-
  11. Sonic has needed a new logo, but this wasn't the right solution. The shape is less dynamic than before, the font is a total mishmash of ugly letters, and the colors are a little too minimal. What a missed opportunity.
  12. I don't think the use of the pattern is bad looking in a vacuum, but within the context of being a visual staple for a rival it's an astronomically dumb decision to keep pushing it so hard. (I'm very biased, but still.)
  13. I appreciate the effort you went to here, it was definitely a hyperbolic statement. Some of your picks are debatable (Anaheim, Calgary) but your overall point is still true. Nontheless, I know you'll still disagree with me but Kraken has enough of a connection (cephalopods, scandinavian population in Seattle) to make your first list.
  14. Is there some movement of Seattleites clamoring for the team to be named Sockeyes that I'm unaware of? I feel like this board gets so fixated on the name being hyper-localized without considering if it's even good. Obviously local significance is important, but there's a balance you should maintain before overthinking it and becoming too niche/trying too hard. That's my problem with Sockeyes and Evergreens, they're just bad nicknames that feel like they're prioritizing a literal representation of Seattle over being a good mascot for a hockey team. Kraken definitely has enough of a local connection to suit Seattle, probably more locally-appropriate than half of the team names in the NHL.
  15. I still think that the historical origins of the creature and name overshadow any meme-relevance there is to it. I don't see how it could go out of style when it really isn't like it's some flavor of the month fad created solely on social media, it's a legend with legitimate roots. Besides, I'd argue the team using it would inherently grant the nickname permanence in pop culture anyway, allowing it to instantly become the first thing you think of when seeing the word Kraken. I agree on the importance of longevity, but I just don't get how a cheesy movie from the 2000's featuring a Kraken disqualifies this creature of folklore from being a mascot. From my perspective, people are attaching immediately to Kraken because it's so much more of an electrifying name that brings up really fantastical imagery with huge potential in branding. Sockeyes on the other hand are not a universally known and not super captivating even if you have an understanding of what they are. That's an immediate hurdle that the team would face in engaging fans. Besides that, the punny nature of the name grants a sound of antiquity to it that doesn't play well in its favor either. Every time I see it, I can't help but read it in a goofy golden-age broadcaster voice because that's what it sounds like to me. I just think that it's so much more underwhelming than Kraken, especially from a marketing perspective. If the biggest concern with Kraken is an association with a popular phrase, then I don't think the team is losing too much sleep over it.
  16. Just as the name "Kraken" wouldn't reference an old meme in any form or fashion visually despite everybody here fixating on that for some reason. The team has mentioned reaching out to indigenous artists for inspiration in the past, so imagine a team centered around a giant squid mascot depicted in a traditional Native American or even nordic art style. There's nothing campy about that to me, in fact I think it could look really amazing. Even if they went a different route visually, it seems like you guys expect them to roll out rage comic jerseys or something. I think they're going to take themselves seriously.
  17. I don't think most people even remember Clash of the Titans, and that's definitely not what people are pointing to as evidence that it's a good nickname. You could argue that the film along with Pirates of the Caribbean strengthened its place in pop culture, but the historical origin transcends that I think as evidenced by the fact that people still recognize the creature. I'm really not following your logic here, those two aren't really comparable situations at all. More apt comparisons would be naming a new team the Seattle Dragons, the New Mexico Aliens, or the Oklahoma Thunderbirds because all of those nicknames still have some connections to the area whereas Polar Bears and Phoenix couldn't be more separate. I think that the presence of Cephalopods and a history of seafarers gives Seattle more than enough of a connection to the potential nickname.
  18. The 18th century is plenty old enough, in fact the New Jersey Devils name comes from an 18th century legend as well. Granted the local tie-in is stronger in that case, but the Scandinavian presence is strong enough to justify it in my mind. The PNW region also shares some similarities with Scandinavia itself so it doesn't feel out of place to me in that regard. As far as the Redwings are concerned, I don't think it steps on their toes too badly. If they incorporated the octopus heavily in their branding I could see where you're coming from, but I don't feel that it's status as a fan prop disqualifies another team from using another mascot in the same biological family. I didn't say it was unjustified, just that it's super uninspiring. Evergreens is a name that gets scoffed at anywhere outside of this board, it's not even rumored as a contender for a reason.
  19. That's a fair point I suppose, but is it really only known as a meme? I don't necessarily think of it that way, although I can't speak for everyone. Being a feature of folklore grants it some permanence IMO.
  20. If you breakdown a lot of these reported candidates, it becomes pretty clear why they wouldn't be chosen. Evergreens, Rainiers, Metropolitans, Emeralds, and Sockeyes are all super antiquated sounding and lack a lot of national recognition or appeal. It feels like they may have functioned as a fine name for an Original 6 team, but in 2020? Way too niche or uninspiring. Can you imagine trying to rally people around the Evergreens? It's just not a great sell. Sea Lions is decent, but not super enthralling. I would be alright with it but it doesn't quite flow as well as it should. All of this considered, I really do think Kraken would be the smartest move, especially for a new team. Even for those who don't like the name, it's provoking way more of our attention and emotion than any of the other candidates because of how singular it is. It's a cool mythical creature that is super unique but still recognizable in our culture. The potential for cool branding is huge and I really hope that the new franchise takes advantage of that moving forward.
  21. It doesn't use dazzle fabric or anything but it's clearly a vegas/old gold, not yellow.
  22. The NFC uniforms are a huge W simply because they actually managed to make a metallic gold jersey look good. I loved the slightly more saturated shade that they went with.
  23. THANK YOU but for real, I get the hate for the new uniforms. They're garish and the elements don't particularly flow well together. That said, these old uniforms were NOT GOOD and they were never considered good (until the change) for a reason. It's like torture for me watching everybody praise this look all of a sudden after it received nothing but hate for the greater part of a decade. The new look didn't get it quite right but it's fixable.
  24. I think that the uniforms were executed really well and that the matchup was very visually pleasing. Both teams payed a nice tribute to hockey history while still looking like themselves, so that's a win. On the more negative side, I think that leaning so heavily into the "HeeHaw" aesthetic felt a bit patronizing as a person from the southeast. I get why they did it, but it could have easily been toned down quite a bit.