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  1. 1 hour ago, 8BW14 said:

    Falcons Font:




    After sitting on these for a couple of days, I gotta say they've grown on me a lot. The helmets are fantastic, I dig the way that the pants stripe and side panel interact, and the overall color balance is nice. Even the gradient jerseys fit Atlanta well IMO.


    That said, the cartoon-ish numbers are ultimately bringing these down a lot and they're also what's making the set as a whole look a more amateur than it should be. Calvin Ridley's 18 looks particularly rough here. They were right in going for something futuristic, but they should have created something that looked more streamlined than blocky. 

  2. Honestly, I wouldn't mind some of these more experimental elements like the gradient or the side panel if they were balanced by a little more restraint in other areas, but it's too much altogether. Not to mention, a uniform with giant numbers needs a well-designed number font in order to work at all, and this font is just sooo goofy.


    I think this criticism gets thrown around pretty flippantly, but this set really doesn't look like an NFL uniform to me. It's going to be wild seeing it on the field. 

  3. tf2csfsi7hbgxdeocrnh.jpg


    These white jerseys have always made this set to me, just the way the the numbers radiate warmth with the orange trim is so pleasing. This uniform would be so much worse without that tiny detail, and I'm glad the Bucs were smart enough to remember that. 


    Side note, there's something undeniably satisfying about the pirate ship logo in black. It just looks more menacing. 

  4. I would really have loved to see the Pewter set contain the orange trim that the other uniforms have, but it's still pretty sleek. I wonder if they will mix and match that jersey with the white pants, or maybe use the white stripe-on-pewter pants with the white jerseys. 

  5. ORANGE! This is exactly why second-hand accounts can't be accepted as exact gospel.


    For real though, I can't believe that they actually just reverted to the old set with the new logos. It's really all they needed to do in this case, because improved details like the larger helmet logo help freshen up the whole thing a lot. These will be very popular. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, VikWings said:


    While I don't like the one helmet rule because it ruins the opportunity to see more throwbacks, she has nobody to blame but herself for that by dropping the white helmet for a navy one in their new monstrosities.


    To her credit she's only been the controlling owner since 2017, but I still agree with your overall point. The team wasted a lot of valuable years where they could have worn them. 


    There's been an overall tumultuous history of ownership for the Titans franchise since coming to Nashville with Bud Adams and his senility to his death and the couple year-fallout from that where there was no controlling owner. Things have been much smoother with Amy, so hopefully that allows for those amazing uniforms to be worn proudly like they should be. 

  7. 46 minutes ago, Claystation360 said:

    and yet they are the ones that decided to change to a navy helmet after about 40 or so years and at the time just under 20 of being the titans. They used the throwbacks during the AFL50 ( two helmet rule).  point being they had plenty of time with the white helmet to do so as well. 


    Can't really argue with that, the team hasn't pushed it as much as they could have (or should have) in the past. They do still reference the history pretty prominently with things like  merchandise, social media, the stadium, etc, but that has never carried over on the field outside of the 50th AFL anniversary. I think that things are trending back toward showcasing them more with Amy Adams Strunk's comments along with the seemingly inevitable repeal of the two-helmet rule, but it's hard to say for sure. If they still avoid wearing them, it would be a big wasted opportunity to say the least.


    All I know for sure is that as long as anybody with the last name Adams is the controlling owner of the Titans, the Texans will never wear Luv Ya Blue uniforms. 

  8. 32 minutes ago, hawk36 said:

    That is shocking to me. Wow. I'd think they wouldn't want to be associated with stealing another city's team (at least I wouldn't). They'd want to be proud of their own team with its own unique history. Who knew? 


    The fans had nothing to do with any Bud Adams douchiness, so I don't think there's any kind of ethical dilemma there to hold against Titan fans. Not to mention, a lot of Oilers fans stuck with the team and became Titans fans rather than rooting for the Texans.


    I don't know, it's sort of a unique set of circumstances even for relocated teams, so I guess everybody reacts to it differently. 

  9. 2 hours ago, hawk36 said:

    My guess is the overwhelming majority of people in Tennessee would NOT want to see their Titans in a Houston Oiler uniform.


    My guess is the overwhelming majority of people in Houston WOULD want to see their Texans in the Houston Oiler uniform.


    Again, forget technicalities, do the common sense thing and allow the Texans to wear the Oiler uniforms once a year. 


    I'm not going to say we Titans fans are more connected to the look, but the bolded portion is definitely not true. Fans have been calling for the team to wear Oilers throwbacks consistently for years, to the point where the new owner herself acknowledged the high demand and said they would like to if not for the one-helmet rule. 

  10. The red and orange is such a warm and unique look, dropping it completely in favor of basically cosplaying a division rival's throwback would be super disappointing. I'm still holding out hope that the person who supposedly saw the new set just didn't have a super trained eye and didn't pick up on subtle orange accents. 

  11. On 3/31/2020 at 12:44 AM, IceCap said:

    Kurt Warner is retired. Larry Fitzgerald will be soon. Kliff Kingsbury might flame out in the NFL (the statistics re: college coach success in the NFL aren't kind). Who knows if Kyler Murray will live up to his potential? Even if he does? He's the one trashing the current unis 😜


    So the fact that you've only bothered to think about the Cardinals for the past fifteen years doesn't mean the past fifteen years is all there is. When Fitzgerald, Kingsbury, Warner, and Murray are all faded memories, what are you left with? The oldest team in the league.


    I mean sure, if you take away all of the significant Arizona Cardinals history that I mentioned, you would be left with the stuff that you like. Specifically, stuff that represented a team that played a lot more years of their years far away from Arizona than in it. I fail to see how that's a productive exercise though. 


    On 3/31/2020 at 12:44 AM, IceCap said:

    And as we've been over, a modern stadium not mean a team can't look traditional.


    I don't particularity care 🤷‍♂️

    They're the oldest team in the league. They should look like a fairly straightforward football team. Let newer teams like the Falcons experiment with looks that will look dated five years after they debut.


    I care. Context and history are important things that organizations have to understand in order to make an effective brand for their football team. For example, the Cardinals being the oldest team in the league means absolutely nothing for the people of Arizona. It's a piece of trivia, not something that should trump all else in determining a good art direction for them. 


    Not to mention, the Falcons were founded in 1966. Not as old as the Cardinals but not newer by any means. Yet, that doesn't define your perception of them due to a lot of factors similar to the ones I laid out for the Cardinals. That's essentially what things like the stadium comment are pointing out, not a literal rule that teams in modern stadiums have to wear modern uniforms. 

  12. I don't really see the appeal in giving the Cardinals a traditional look again. Despite being the oldest team in the league, there really isn't this rich iconic history that they would be referencing. I could get on board with the direction more if there was this great brand recognition with the Cardinals of old and everybody associated their uniforms with iconic football moments, but outside of Pat Tillman that's far from the reality. In reality, they're a modern team with legends like Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner that helped really put them on the map over the past decade. Going forward, they're running what is probably the most cutting edge offense in the NFL lead by Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray. They play games in a super futuristic (spaceship-like) stadium. None of these things make me think that returning to a super old school look makes much sense.


    Outside of those considerations and without having the ability to even lean on things like nostalgia or rich tradition, you're ultimately left with a really dull uniform that is just not aesthetically-pleasing enough to justify bringing back from the dead IMO.




    Side note, if a team tried to tack a giant state flag on their sleeves in 2020, this board would be coming for their head.

  13. I would love the return of those throwbacks as alternates, not full-time replacements. The current Seahawks look is still superior and embodies the team now.

  14. They're definitely kind of weird with the gradient treatment that reminds you more of a tech logo than a sports logo, but they're not as bad as social media would lead you to believe. Comparisons to things like the Chargers and Angelo State of all things are nothing more than lazy cheap shots that aren't all that accurate, especially considering that ASU was just appropriating the Rams helmet logo in the first place. 


    Looking at the positives, they nailed the color scheme and the updated ram head has a nice classic feel to it that feels much more like the LA Rams. It could potentially use more refinement in the face to better match the primary, but it still looks nice enough. Outside of that, I've been looking at the primary for what feels like two whole days now and I still can't decide if I like it or not. I think that I really enjoy the way that the horn is incorporated into the "A", but the "L" feels much less intentional with how it's just sitting on top of it. Then again, I'm not sure of how else you could make it work, so it just keeps making me feel conflicted feelings. 

  15. The Bucs' current uniforms (and logos) are riddled with problems, but I actually think that the big logo looks great on the helmets. It's unique and it allows the important part of their logo to stand out. I guess I could understand the complaints about the chinstrap/facemask sometimes obscuring the sword, but it doesn't bother me that much. 




    I mean, I just think that these look awesome. Being able to see both flags from the front creates a cool visual as well. 

  16. 2 hours ago, L10nheart404 said:

    This! Lukas had the concept made based on his description, which doesn't means he saw every detail, just that it's accurate of what his eyes saw. There very well could be an orange trim that got unnoticed, or was too hard too see for him. 

    For real, I would't take any uniform mockups based on another person's memory as gospel. I remember everybody panicking online because somebody who got a sneak peak of the Dolphins (at-one-point) new uniforms was mistaking the number outline as black instead of navy. 

  17. I love how you take the time to completely flesh out every project you do, it makes them feel all the more exciting and real. I also feel like one of the few people who's on your side in the whole "Seattle Kraken" situation, but I don't know how you can see work like this and not understand the potential that nickname has.

  18. 7 minutes ago, sisdog said:

    Wonder if that is what the horn will look like on the helmet???

    I would guess so. The logo itself is pretty nice although the horn treatment makes me nervous. The current version is one of those things that has already been pretty much perfected.

  19. 5 hours ago, TenaciousG said:

    How on Earth is this not the primary!?!? It’s like the morons in the board room looked at a bunch of options and purposely chose the worst one.


    It's nice as an accompanying element, but it wouldn't be a good main crest simply for how detailed it is. It would lose all readability when shrunken down, which is really the primary way it would be seen (on a kit). 

  20. 12 hours ago, mcrosby said:

    This is a perfect opportunity to switch the swords under the skull for crossbones. Raiders already have crossed swords, and the TB logo already has a sword. 



    You just made me realize how low-key strange it is that the Buccaneers logo features crossed swords, on a flag being carried by a sword. It's totally unnecessary, and your solution makes so much more sense. I really can't believe that I've never thought about that before. 

  21. 11 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:


    I think most, if not all, the silver/gold teams should go back to dazzle.  I prefer the Eagles in dazzle as well.  If they don't want to or can't make it themselves, Nike could just contract them out to Ripon like they did early on in the deal, 


    I think that certain colors (like Midnight Green as you mentioned) worked well in both fabrics, but matte still holds the edge for me in pretty much every case except for teams with metallic colors. Certain teams in particular really did not benefit from the shiny finish-

    Vince-Young-TitansvsPackers-Nov-2-08.jpgshaun-alexander-of-the-seattle-seahawks- 103866000-miami-dolphins-v-dallas-cowboy


    However, since being corrected that Pewter is not actually a metallic color, I think that one serves as an exception to my rule.