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  1. It's a shame that the Mavericks logo isn't what they're actually using.
  2. What makes it a copy outside of vertically-aligned text?
  3. Nice job! Honestly, I like all of these. That Jaguars concept in particular is close to what I would ideally have them wear.
  4. This is pretty spot on if you ask me. Not only does it cheapen Minnesota's brand, but now Western Michigan's brand is retroactively weakened as well. It basically feels like Fleck is using these schools as a platform to lift himself when it really should be the opposite. At best it's corny and at worst it's selling out your schools history for the gimmicks of a guy who didn’t even go .500 last year.
  5. Oh my god, I never thought that I would see both metallic and regular gold on the same uniform. I hate everything about it. The grey set may actually be the worst football uniform I've ever seen.
  6. I'm surprised by how much I like this. I don't know if it's better than just aqua and orange, but this is an interesting change that makes sense.
  7. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    I'm really not a fan of those new Sharks logos at all, the shading style made them look dated as soon as they were revealed. The current primary is not perfect but the form of it is more unique and just better overall. That being said, I'm all on board for the fin logo to make a comeback.
  8. Thank you! I figured it was custom considering I literally couldn't find it anywhere. Joe did really great work there as usual. Whether that specific font is used or not, I have a gut feeling something that is at least similar will be what we see.
  9. That makes sense, I think we've had a similar conversation before funnily enough. Do you happen to know if it is a custom font or not? I have been looking for ages and just can't find it anywhere, I even checked the social media designer's Behance page.
  10. I love that font, its all over social media and their website. If they change it to that I will be very happy.
  11. I really love Barack's portrait. The concept of Michelle's is nice, but it looks rather unfinished and doesn't capture her likeness as well as it should.
  12. This is a cool idea, I look forward to seeing more. As a side note, I think that one of the cooler pieces that Supreme has ever put out were these Thunderbird Hockey Jerseys-
  13. Coughlin being heavily involved leads me to believe that these are going to be very traditional, which I think could be a mistake. Hopefully they don't go too far in that direction.
  14. It may just be my screen, but the outline for the Chiefs logo still looks black to me when everybody knows it should be yellow.
  15. Another local Nashville sports radio debunks the rumors on Periscope around the ~54:30 mark. They're a reliable source from my understanding. It sounds like red will definitely be present, but will not be the primary color. If I had to predict what he means when he says he knows something about red, I'd guess that red will be emphasized over navy to create a bit of a modern Oilers callback with navy accents. Maybe that's just wishful thinking. I'm still bummed that there wont be logo changes, but if not for the leak I would never have gotten my hopes up for that in the first place, so oh well.
  16. I'd love to see teal and gold emphasized over black. It wont happen, but it'd be cool if it did. The more traditional sets the Jaguars wore at the beginning are fine, but just don't suit the identity of the team IMO. They're a 90's expansion team with an exotic mascot and bright colors, and I feel like their style should be loud and modern to fit that identity. Not garish, but not too simple and reliant on black like they have been in years past.
  17. This is ultimately the most damning thing for this guy's legitmacy IMO. I pressed him for more details and asked him that exact question to which he responded that he wasn't comfortable commenting on that yet. His claim to being in the know is that he lives in Eugene and knows a lot of people that work at Nike. Kind of like those kids that told you they knew the cheat to catch Mew because their uncle works at Nintendo. He's not a new poster there and his history supports his claims but I still am having a really hard time buying it. The description is different enough to be interesting but vague enough to be mysterious and easily made up. Regardless, time will tell.
  18. This argument doesn't work for me because it implies that we should keep everything that is bad and outdated just because it's been that way for a really long time. What names are there to lose to this sort of backlash that are even worth keeping around? If it's a slippery slope to removing blatant racism and insensitivity from sports branding than the slipperier the better.
  19. The Patriots, Senators, Vikings and Pirates logos are definitely not caricatures first of all. A depiction of a person does not make it a caricature. The Celtics logo you maybe could create an argument for, but not likely as it is a fictional being.
  20. It's official, our first claimed leakers are coming out of the woodwork on the Titans subreddit. I am skeptical to say the least, but the details are intriguing and waaay different than some of the stuff we have been predicting- Red taking the lead as a color would be very surprising to me. It's also odd to me that this person has claimed to have seen the uniforms but not new logos, but it could help his story because if he felt the need to lie about uniforms than why not just lie about the logos too? I'm definitely reading too much into this. These also sound very similar to Rutgers' Nike uniforms.
  21. The Ravens may be my favorite of all, really well done. Those helmets would look amazing in real life.
  22. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    The way that the star is so subtly used in that mark really bugs me because it looks like a dog collar. It's always the first thing that pops out to me whenever I see it and it bothers me so much.
  23. Color scheme aside, I really love the template for Toronto's city uniform. That should be the base for their regular set.
  24. Nice work! I dig the replacement of the flames with wings. His appearance actually kind of reminds me of Coach Vrabel funnily enough. I was thinking more about the flames being featured on the helmets in the same vein as wings for the Eagles when I remembered that the Titans wouldn't be the first team to do that- Specifically taking inspiration from the Rhein Fire, I'd be interested to see what a potential Titans helmet could look like that still retains the full logo while enlarging it and moving it more to the front of the helmet. With some restraint, it could be a great helmet that helps give the Titans some more personality. At the same time, there would also be a huge potential for something way too garish and gimmicky for the NFL.