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  1. The Shark is a good idea for Ole Miss, but that mascot is waaaay too creepy. It's just a bit too realistic.
  2. I'm not sure I really understand this idea, especially coming from a member of a sports logos and uniforms board. No decorative elements of football uniforms have any purpose, but they're still important in giving teams an identity.
  3. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    The stick in the rink logo is lame. It hardly reads as a "C" like it is supposed to, and the scale of the stick and the rink is so distorted that the meaning is barely there anyways. The orca, while not perfect, is miles better.
  4. Wow, what a pointless change. Also, that dark shade of grey being paired with Navy is just plain stupid.
  5. The Bengals helmet is genius, I can't believe that I have never thought about the before.
  6. My problem with your argument is the sweeping generalizations that you're making. It's one thing to want a white outline around the numbers, but saying that colored numbers on colored jerseys is a bad design choice is ridiculous. Sure, white would provide for greater contrast but it's really your personal preference as there's nothing illegible about that uniform.
  7. We need more non-bulldog canine mascots in sports, so I appreciate the route they took with this.
  8. I'd be really interested in seeing a modern take on this sleeve length. Imagine a jersey like this one in the photo where the sleeves of the undershirt are just an extension of the jersey. I feel like if they were as formfitting as they are in this photo than they wouldn't affect performance much, but admittedly I never played football so I wouldn't know for sure. I'd imagine it could be useful for some of the colder weather games at least. It's probably not realistic but it would be interesting to see if it could be pulled off.
  9. To me, the Rockets are an odd case where they have never truly had a good identity over their entire history. While the red and yellow is classic, that set was really unspectacular and not deserving of being thrown back to in this new set. I'd like to see something totally new for them.
  10. It's clever and pretty well-designed overall, but I almost feel like it's too edgy for Stetson. With a name like Hatters, I feel like you almost are obligated to play it a bit more fun than what they went with here.
  11. Those light blue helmets are really tacky IMO, I can't believe that they're getting so much praise. Outside of what we got, I would have really liked to see silver helmets before light blue.
  12. I really dig the "WH" monogram in the center. It's sleek and modern, yet still clearly readable. That said, they clearly were afraid of losing some of that charm from the past, so they crammed it into a vintage-style roundel with the slab serif typeface. As a result, it's not cohesive and the two parts are really conflicting with each other.
  13. But what's really the difference between a "gimmick" vs. a unique design trait? I feel like people sometimes call something new a gimmick when really it's really just something that hasn't been used in a sports uniform before. For example, there was a large debate in one of the Nike NFL threads that any number font outside of block was gimmicky. Even in your own example of the Coyotes vs. the Islanders, I don't see much difference between the two except for the fact that the Coyotes' designs were executed more successfully.
  14. Why is it so bad that the Nike logo is used to add color to the uniform? If it's going to be there either way, they might as well utilize it effectively.
  15. I worked at a store that sold Tennessee-inspired merchandise last year and I thought that our designer said something about that, but looking into it now, I don't see anything about it's proper use being restricted anywhere so it looks like I may have been wrong about that actually. I do think that the correct alignment could work and follow the natural movement of the logo if they decided to use it that way, and it would reinforce the idea of none of the three regions (east, middle, west) being placed "higher" than the other.
  16. I do know that the stars have to be aligned differently than the flag specifically due to infringement issues, but I definitely agree with your points. The "T" has always been unnecessary clutter in the logo. This has definitely been the trend the past few seasons. I'd expect a lot of white monochrome and columbia over white at the beginning of the season before navy monochrome takes over as the temperatures get colder.
  17. “Honestly, if we’re out there balling, then it don’t really matter” -Jalen Ramsey, nicely saying he doesn’t like these uniforms right in their promo video lmao
  18. Lions - A I loved this set from the day I saw it. A great job of referencing the past while still keeping it current and interesting. Vikings - A Another great redesign from Nike. A true modern classic in my opinion. Seahawks - A I love the Seahawks' look. They're flashy and modern without being overly garish. They're one of the few exceptions of teams that look good in monochrome. Dolphins 2.0 - A A simple, yet much needed update. I never knew just how muddled the previous color scheme was until I saw these. Dolphins 1.0- B- This set was solid and provided a needed refresh of the previous set. The use of navy was ok (but obviously unecessary) and personally I think the new logo is solid. The font is ok, but could definitely be improved. Titans - C+ There's a lot I genuinely like about this set. The helmet is fantastic and the sword yoke is cool. The set's biggest downfalls for me are the side panels and pants. The font has characters that need to be reworked as well. Jaguars 1.0 - C+ This set has always received way too much hate IMO. People couldn't look past the admittedly garish helmets to see that the rest of the set was really nice. I'll miss the gold. Jaguars 2.0 - D+ The Jags listened to criticism, but overcorrected greatly. To me, dullness is equal to tackiness, and this set is astronomically dull. Helmets are the only thing I like. Browns - D+ In typical Browns fashion, this entire unveiling was the joke of the league. I like the brighter colors and stripes, but that's about it. The contrast stitching looks terrible and the team name down the leg doesn't work here at all. They still desperately need to get a real logo. Buccaneers - D- This set is obviously very flawed. I do love the helmets with the larger logo, but that's it. The digital clock font is a misstep too great to overlook, and as a result, they are my least favorite Nike NFL redesign.
  19. I like it! I'd like to see a version where the corners are more rounded off so it's reminiscent of the current font while still featuring your improved forms.
  20. To me, by far the strongest element to the new Titans' look is the helmets. I really genuinely think they're beautiful. If we're pointing out anything that is unpolished in the set, I'd start below the neck.
  21. Reflecting on the two reveals today, I realize how strange it is that I really dislike one (the Jags) and love the other (the Phins) since both are pretty similar in how simplistic they are. Yet, since the Dolphins embraced their bright, beautiful colors, their set is timely and stunning while still remaining simplistic and traditional. If the Jags had simply added more teal to the aways and outlined the numbers in a gold outline, I bet I'd really like these. A pants stripe of any kind would be nice too.
  22. The font is nice, although I'll miss the old one. Helmets look good too. Everything else sucks, I hate how plain these are. Black and white being the emphasis is such a failure. I'll be rooting for yet another change in 2023.
  23. YIKES. I really hope this is satire. Blame the teams themselves, not Nike. Brands evolve, change happens, there's no need to be so personally offended by it. Frankly, I don't love every new design either, but I'd hate to live in a world where no teams ever change their look. Nike simply follows the team's instructions. They aren't holding a gun to anybody's head to adopt anything. As far as having to be a football player to understand uniform design, I think you know how ridiculous of an idea that is.
  24. The Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, and the Denver Broncos come to mind. More recently, the Lions and Vikings have adopted great modern sets. I also love the Seahawks' look, although that'd be much more controversial here. I'm also not sure that this statement makes any sense. What if I don't like this uniform mock up because I feel that it poorly accentuates their identity? To me, primarily black and white uniforms with plain block numbers look bad especially in the context of the vibrant identity of the Jaguars. In fact, I think that most would agree that the emphasis of black over teal is a total disconnect to the team's identity.
  25. The only way that those would be an upgrade is with the helmets. Everything else looks like a big step back.