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  1. I am a huge fan of the Bucks new identity, but their use of the one black stripe bothers me so much. The city jerseys especially would look much nicer without it.
  2. I love these! I'd also be interested in the template if you ever do decide to release it!
  3. I think that you could resolve that awkward bottom left corner by making the neckline of your logo more straight as it is in this original logo. I think that I would like it better that way as well.
  4. You're really close to perfect for the Bears, but non-block number fonts make me nervous. Better luck next time. Also can you please make the Patriots wear red again?? I don't care if makes absolutely no sense, it's C L A S S I C
  5. I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your work, all of your stuff is consistently really nice. Your take on the Vikings is my favorite so far and I'm really looking forward to more.
  6. The Jaguars current look is the best that they've ever had IMO. Give it some small tweaks (mainly the helmet), wear teal at home and it is a great set. I know that the early 2000's set gets a lot of love but they're just so generic and lifeless to me.
  7. There still hasn't been any rumors on the actual appearance of these, but it looks like we have an expected timeline according to this post on the Titans' subreddit today- (Amy Adams Strunk is the Titans controlling owner) Not confirmed by any means, but she was interacting with fans all day yesterday and I believe that the poster is trustworthy.
  8. I totally agree, the chevrons on the current sides are too small especially after Nike's update. This is a more unique way to incorporate them and it does play in well to the idea of the "North". I'd love to see this with "Toronto" and in correct team colors.
  9. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    Maybe I'm biased, but I think that calling Nashville a disaster is too far. They still had the right idea in removing the piping but just took the simplification a step too far. They're more of a missed opportunity than something offensively ugly. There are many teams that still look much worse. I'd say Anaheim's set is much worse than Nashville's and easily one of the worst in the league. The striping is way too complicated and it especially looks cluttered with the stripes running down the sides. Then add a phantom yoke that doesn't make any sense and you have a pretty terrible set. Even the shoulder patches take a good logo and add the pointless roundel shape and script to weaken the whole thing.
  10. henburg

    USA concept

    I think this is really solid! The one thing that really bothers me is the weird grey shape being created behind the eagle by the notches of blue coming in from the outside of the roundel by the wings. They're pretty distracting and I think that just removing those notches would greatly improve this.
  11. Wow, that barely took anything at all to completely fall apart. How did we get here? Are these different than Nike's college uniforms? If so, did they really never stress test them? This has to be embarrassing for them at this point.
  12. Yeah, I heavily disagree with pretty much all of this. All of those uniforms you posted are some of the best in football IMO. Also, how do the Wild pull off "floating stripes" better than the Oilers, the team who pretty much popularized them decades before the Wild even existed? That font is solid, I could potentially see a slightly modified version working a new set. However, it always bugged me that the main numbers are clearly stretched while the TV numbers are not, and the TV numbers look much better as a result. (You can really see it between the differences of the 4's and the 9's in this photo)
  13. That's not a mistake though, it's a 100% intentional way to play off of the negatie space of the V. If the T were unitalicized the logo would look much less dynamic than the current logo we see now.
  14. I actually dig the crest minus the gradients, it's simple but effective. The name is very amateur-ish though. Overall, better than I thought for a fan-designed logo contest. I am also glad that I wasn't the only one to immediately think of the Redbirds when I saw this. Their identity represents a better execution of the same idea I think, but I do have to say I like both.
  15. Do you feel the same way about other sports? Now the MLB is the only league who has a uniform system where the home team wears white. It's not that I necessarily disagree with your thinking, but the opposite could be argued as well I think.
  16. Honestly, other than tradition, what's the big deal about these unconventional uniform match ups? Of course if the contrast between sets is too low then there is a problem, but I really haven't seen too much of that this season. Other than that, what exactly is wrong with teams wearing white on the road for example?
  17. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    I feel that the myth of hockey only belonging in traditional cold-weather markets has been totally busted. So far the organization has been appearing to make all of the right decisions and the team has a lot of good buzz. We'll see if they can keep it going, but being the first major sport team in the city will definitely help IMO.
  18. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    What exactly is so wrong with it? If the city supports the team why would it bother you so much?
  19. I think two is my favorite, I can see both elements in that one best.
  20. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    That's a great looking matchup, I love the color contrast. Vegas' gold really pops on the ice and I think that white gloves turned out really nice.
  21. Perhaps the "Town" Warriors jerseys are an attempt to keep the Oakland fans from feeling alienated after the move? I doubt that the move across the bay will really change that many fans minds, but it's the only way I can make sense of it.
  22. This is seriously the coolest, makes me wish I had saved more of the drawings I made as a kid. The concept itself is really nice too, that color scheme is so amazing yet under used.
  23. I just called it belittling in that VikingsNotMinnesota's original post that started this whole discourse in the first place pointed out that aside from both teams sporting traditionally-styled uniforms, there was really nothing very visually exciting or even pleasing about that match up due to the near monochromatic color scheme. I think it's a more than valid point, but his post was met with people reducing what he said to strawmen almost immediately. Obviously nobody is perfect in this situation. I wasn't trying to split posters into two factions, I'd hope that people consider their tastes to be more complex than "all traditional" or "all modern". Taking it case by case is the only right way to do it IMO, and I am in total agreement with your last point.
  24. It's a definite upgrade, kudos to the team for properly doing a design-a-logo contest properly. To nitpick, I do think that it could be improved through some simplification in reducing the amount of shading and shrinking or removing the swan all together.