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  1. As he should. I know the over the top send offs have became clichéd and overdone in recent years. But this one was deserving. This is the first baseball player in history you can definitively say had a HOF-worthy career on two different continents. It may never happen again. In the states, Ichiro will be remebered as someone who had a great career. But in Japan, Ichiro’s legacy will rival if not surpass that of Sadaharu Oh for the title of greatest Japanese player of all-time. As baseball fans, we should all be grateful for Ichiro’s decision to come to the states, and give us a big taste to what made him so special. Him going out to a hero’s ovation in his home country brings his legacy full circle.
  2. The area around the foul poles is going to be narrow no matter what. The one thing you could do with the upper deck is to take out some seats next to the tunnels, and have those section(s) of the concourse open to the field. That would allow you to bring the concourse closer towards the field and would give you a little extra room to work with. The Royals did this in two areas of Kauffman in the last renovation. It’s not as good as a modern design, but it would be better than status quo.
  3. The current outfield situation is almost irrelevant because that part of the park would be completely redesigned, likely dropping capacity in the process. The scoreboard alone would necessitate this. Anything that's in the main grandstand that can be moved to the outfield or outside the park, I would move it. Once I had an idea of how much extra concourse space I have to work with, then I would look into the areas you're referring to and figure out how we can make changes. If stuff is to be moved out of that section of the park to somewhere else, it needs to have a place to go. If that's not enough, then you would likely have to tear down the exterior wall and move the park out more into the parking lot. At that point, you might as well just build a new ballpark IMO. Basically, I would want to do a simpler version of the Wrigley Field renovations.
  4. I have never been to Angel Stadium, so take a lot of what I’m saying with a grain of salt. Anyone I’ve ever talked to that has been has never been disappointed, but never blown away either. Again I’m not getting too detailed with renovation plans, but I would want to keep at least 70% of the ballpark as is. Aside from the Big A scoreboard, most every other change I would want to make wouldn’t be noticeable to an outsider. Deisgn wise the park is fine. I just think you could shift some things around park, such as moving the team store out to the outfield. That would open up more concourse space which the stadium doesn't have a lot of compared to more modern stadiums. Again, I’ve seen more ambitious projects with more obstacles get done.
  5. I've never been, but it reminds me of a lot of Citi Field in the sense that its perfectly serviceable ballpark, but I could picture all 30 MLB teams playing there. There doesen’t seem to be much personality to the place, and I agree with the notion that the Angels present themselves almost as if they're ashamed of their history. If it were me I would bring back a modernized version of that Big A scoreboard and put it back out in left field for starters. Honestly, that was about the only distinguishing feature of the park that didn't make it look like a cheaper version of Dodger Stadium. I would also lose the rocks out in left field. It looks like a landscaping demo. There are other things I would do as well, but I'm not getting too in-depth on a project that's never coming to fruition. Let's just say I've seen teams do more ambitious renovations with less to work with.
  6. You would be trading in the biggest pro of staying in Anaheim has over Long Beach which is land. I would also agree with Gothamite’s assement that the land has more value to the Angels as a parking lot than any potential development.
  7. Fair enough. I just hope you were able to get off before being exposed.
  8. I wouldn’t make this deal, but it’s not the worst contract I’ve ever seen. The back end of the deal isn’t going to be that bad even assuming worst case scenario. He’ll be making less money at the end than Ryan Howard was in 2016. The Phillies will most likely move him before the his contract is up. If they have to go into a rebuild 5+ years from now, he may make for an attractive trade piece. No matter what this won’t and can’t be another Albert Pujols type deal.
  9. Harper is a Phillie. Still waiting on a formal announcement with details, but the deal has been finalized.
  10. Probably at least a decent chance of that happening. Location wise there’s nothing wrong with where the Angels are right now. That alone makes their situation drastically different from what the Rays and A’s are going through. Staying put is also the cheapest realistic option, and therefore probably the most likely scenario. I think Long Beach could work. It’s just going to have a very expensive price tag attached to it, which I think the Angels will balk over.
  11. That's how I would recommend using the land if I were in Disney's shoes. If they were going to incorporate the park with that land, my guess is they would have done it when they owned the Angels. Instead, they operated them as separate entities, and I would assume there were good reasons for that. They would probably have to buy up a lot of the surrounding land to use it as a theme park, but that doesn't mean there aren't at least half a dozen other potential projects for the area that Disney could utilize in conjunction with the park.
  12. That's basically what the city told the team during the lease negotiations and the Angels threw a fit over it. A Disney expansion is just one option of what you could do with that land. You look at what's around there on a map, you could justify building almost anything there. If the Angels leave, whether it be Disney or somebody else, the city of Anaheim is not going to be at a loss for finding potential developers.
  13. Honestly, I don't know why either of the spring pro leagues hasn't considered adopting flag rules. It would guarantee the league wouldn't be NFL-lite and it would be something completely different from what's already out there.
  14. The footprint seems a little on the small side, but aside from that, I can find any criticisms to offer on it. If you're going to go to Long Beach, that's where you would want to go without question. In terms of accessibility and built-in infrastructure, it checks every box anyone could think of. I wouldn't even bother considering any other location in Long Beach if it were me. But as I said before, the Angels are not the only ones with that location marked off as a potential development spot. We'll see what happens going forward.