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  1. There's probably a very simple answer. As with any startup, they bore a lot of initial costs, and likely had to hit a certain revenue target to justify keeping the lights on. I doubt they made even half of their projected revenue for the year, so the decision to shut down while difficult emotionally was probably an easy one financially.
  2. This is the first time in my life that I'm glad I'm not working in sports right now. I don't think I watched more than ten minutes of XFL action, but I feel terrible for the employees. As risky as working going to work the XFL was, you would assume they would at least be able to make it through at least one season. Now they're out of a job with few if any other employment options through no fault of their own. That sucks.
  3. It’s what happens when your single and in your 30’s with no prospects. As I told my wife, when baby doesn’t get his bottle, baby starts crying. Doesn't matter what else is going on.
  4. Have a friend who is hardcore into UFC and has been talking about this for almost a month now. Let’s just say he’s not taking the news well.
  5. What a lot of people don't understand about this virus is that it has a incubation period of up to two weeks. Any response is going to be based on the number of cases that existed 10-15 days ago. The Seattle area doesn't have 100+ cases. It HAD 100+ cases that you're just now finding out about. The true number of cases has to be well over 1,000 in just that region alone. The lack of testing is the number one issue with figuring how widespread this virus is. People need to understand this is not going to be something that's going to blow over in a week or two. This is going to get much worse before it gets better. If you're under the age of 40, I don't think there's a lot to be worried about health-wise, but its a near death sentence for the elderly. IMO anyone over the of 55 should be avoiding going outside as much as possible right now.
  6. I don't think any two people in this board's history went at each other harder than dfwabel and Tank went at each other. At this point Tank has been gone for years, and I'm sure dfwabel would still be trying to bury him here if that topic wasn't closed. I noticed more and more over time he was replying to himself meaning he didn't even need anyone to bring up Tank to start knocking him. For the people who thought this guy's knowledge justified his place here, understand he actively tried to push certain members off this board simply because he didn't like them, and I'm sure in some cases succeeded. Anyone comfortable with their own knowledge does not go around trying to police ideas. dfwabel did, and I know he did because he tried to involve me in it, and got angry when I wouldn't take part.
  7. I can't tell you how many times he's commented on posts of mine, but I could count the number of positive things he's had to say about them on one hand with fingers to spare. The PM thing may surprise people, but it crystallizes a lot about what I've long suspected for me. I know exactly what the mods are talking about with these PM's from him. Roughly a decade ago, when I was a regular poster here, I remember getting a PM from him that was him trying to recruit me to go after another member here. I wouldn't play ball, and from that point on, I don't think he had a single positive thing to say about anything I wrote here. I have multiple PM's years ago from me to other members saying there's something off about this guy because there's no way he could have that much of a problem with what I was writing, and not take personal issue with me. Now it all makes sense. He tried to recruit me for his efforts, and I rebuffed him. I just didn't know that's what it was until seeing this post.
  8. MLB in 2019: We're going to eliminate all those blackout restrictions nobody likes, because its the 21st century, and we understand that people are no longer slaves to their cable provider for televised content. MLB in 2020: Just kidding. We're doubling down on blackout restrictions this year. We now consider Vancouver to be part of the Jays' local TV market. Fear not, though. We have heard Iowans complain about being blacked out of roughly 1/4th of all MLB games, which is why we're giving them a regular-season game that will pay tribute to a movie that came out 30 years ago. No, we're not going to play this game in a city with an existing ballpark that has MLB dimensions like Des Moines or Cedar Rapids. That would be silly. We're going to play this game on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Who cares that it will be a logistical nightmare for everyone involved. This game isn't being played because either a network executive or someone in the league office has a Kevin Costner fetish. It's for the fans.
  9. They are keeping the deal with KHTK based out of Sacramento, but the KTRB deal is dead. I don't think its that big of a deal. Thirty years ago, it would have been a different story, but people have been tuning out of listening to AM radio for the last decade-plus. Its outdated technology with a limited shelf life. That's why Howard Stern left the medium 15 years ago. You look at AM radio now and its dominated almost exclusively by conservative talk shows. KTRB is no different, and a lot of A's fans apparently expressed displeasure in listening to a radio station like that, even if it's just for A's games. But that's about all that's out there anymore when it comes to AM radio, so I think the A's just said screw it, we'll do all satellite this year, and revisit the problem next year. Its a far cry from the issues they had in the '70s when their radio signal didn't even reach every part of Oakland.
  10. What I'm saying has very little to do with the Betts trade. You want my top two of my prospects for the best defensive right fielder the game has seen since Roberto Clemente while he's still in his prime? Done. But the Dodgers shopping around Verdugo makes no sense, especially when he's more or less meeting his projections. That raises a flag for me, because the Dodgers have been notoriously stingy with trading prospects, and Verdugo has been for there for the taking for the past year. I'm not knocking the Dodgers for doing this. I'm wondering why, and I have a feeling the Red Sox may get the answer.
  11. I didn't know much about the guy beyond what I saw on the field, but the more I learn about Alex Verdugo, the more he comes off as a flaming dbag. The Dodgers are right there with the Rays for the title of smartest front office in baseball, and Alex Verdugo projects to a potential batting champion. Teams normally do everything in their power to keep someone like that, and instead the Dodgers spent a year trying to trade Verdugo before the Betts deal. Why?
  12. I talk about the Knicks being a dumpster fire franchise, but the Wolves are right there with them. Just one playoff appearance since 2005, and openly feuding with the one player worth a damn in the 30 years the franchise has been in existence. Like the Knicks, they can’t sign quality free agents, and any halfway decent player they develop is gone the first chance they get to bolt. All of this is probably karma for letting the Lakers move to Los Angeles.
  13. The biggest turnoff with baseball for me is the start times of playoff games, and its been my biggest complaint about the sport for the last decade now. You have a disproportionate amount of baseball fans that live on the East Coast. This is the viewing demo they should be catering to the most, and every year the time zone gets the middle finger from MLB with start times. Remember that big Howie Kendrick grand slam that put the Nats over the Dodgers in game 5 of the NLDS? It was probably the most significant moment in Nats team history up to that point, and most fans in D.C. missed it because it happened just after midnight on a Wednesday when 2/3rds of the city is asleep. How do you expect to create fans when you're forcing them to miss out on big moments like that? With every other sport, I pay more attention to the playoffs than I do the regular season. Baseball is the only sport where the opposite is true because the games are on so late. My attitude towards the proposed playoff format changes is baseball can do whatever they want with it at this point. It's just more games that I won't bother tuning into because I'm in bed by 11 PM.
  14. Very well-rounded player who could be an all-star this year. Unlike a lot of lefty bats, he doesn’t shut down against left-handed pitchers. He’s a career .306 hitter against lefties in 124 AB’s. It’s a small sample size, but I’m encouraged enough to say he will be an everyday player going forward. There isn’t a weakness to be found in his game, which is good because Boston just gave up arguably the best outfielder in the game not named Mike Trout to get him.
  15. I talk to Knick fans the same way I talk to girls in abusive relationships. There's a perfectly good team in Brooklyn that won't treat you like this. I know they're not perfect, but you won't have to wait seven years for them to take you to the playoffs.
  16. If I were Steve Henderson, I would be selling every game-worn #24 Oakland A's jersey I owned.
  17. I think the Elam rule could wind up being the best rule change to happen to basketball since the invention of the shot clock. The rule effectively eliminates late minute hacking and endless timeouts, while preserving all the drama of a potentially close game. I love the fact that the NBA is at least experimenting with the rule change, and my hope is they adopt it ASAP.
  18. Your average starting DH is 32. The next oldest position is first base at 29. The youngest starting position is shortstop at 27. Not only is DH the most veteran-skewed position, it's not even close. This is why nobody views DH as a fallback option for a younger player, and why the scenario you describe isn't brought up when discussing prospects. If somebody can't hit, odds are they won't be playing anywhere. In general defensive value is shrinking because so much of the game is now decided by strikeouts, walks, and home runs. You can get away with a sub-par defensive player more now than you could even 25 years ago.
  19. The Twins did not sign Miguel Sanó in 2009 at the age of 17 under the premise that he's going to be their full-time DH by 2015. Nobody has that kind of foresight. You sign/draft whoever you think is good at the time, and you figure about how they'll fit into the parent club later. Worrying about a prospect's potential role on the big-league club is putting the carriage before the horse. Sanó may have also come up as a DH, but he hasn't stayed one. He's only been a DH in 11 games over the past two seasons, and with the Twins extending Nelson Cruz, I doubt his career total will go up much this year.
  20. I don't know how you could. Nobody in the minors should be at a loss for cage time, but even if there was a way to groom DH's, why would you? Its the easiest position to plug-in. Anyone needing a DH just needs to go out and sign (insert veteran slugger here) to a 1-2 year deal. No matter what the rest of my team looks like, I know my DH is going be at least an average Major League hitter. NL farm systems might be more inclined to give pitchers cage time than AL teams, but that's the only difference between how the two leagues operate their farm systems.
  21. I'm not a fan of the DH rule, but I can see the writing on the wall. The biggest hurdle with bringing the DH into the NL is the disagreement the union and owners had over what to do with that 25th roster spot. The switch to the 26-man rosters seems to have settled that debate, which means the NL's time as being a non-DH league is numbered. It may not come this year, it may not come next year, but I would bet good money the NL will be a DH league before the decade is over, because the issue will be brought up at every Winter Meeting until the NL inevitably says yes. I think what tilted the debate towards the AL was both the marketing and success of DH's in recent years. Until Edgar Martinez came along, there wasn't anyone you could consider to be both a DH and a true superstar. Since then, we've seen David Ortiz, Nelson Cruz, Edwin Encarnación, Travis Hafner, Víctor Martínez all have incredibly successful careers in large part because of the DH-rule. Its easier to market established talent than fresh talent, and DH's tend to be almost exclusively veteran players, so its not difficult to see where this is all heading. I read one response on Twitter from someone who said he would never watch an MLB game again if the NL adopted the DH rule that cracked me up, but the pursuits will get over themselves if and when the rule change is adopted. They always do. Its probably going to take NL teams 2-3 years for their rosters to fully adjust to the rule change the same way American League teams have. But once that adjustment period is over, the offensive difference between NL and AL baseball will be erased, and the leagues will be a mirror image of each other.
  22. They really should have. Nobody is going to remember a single detail about a game that was played today aside from the tribute at the start of the Raptors/Spurs game.
  23. Originally NBATV, but appears to no longer be the case. Not sure what’s going on anymore.