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  1. That is awful. I looked at the calendar to make sure it was not April 1 even tho I knew it was 5+ months away.
  2. Still trying to recall the last custom font (for ANY team) that didn't look horrible. It was probably a non-italicized, random angle/triangle-notched block font, but can't come up with it.
  3. With the exception of a few...sorry no pics, but Frank Gore clearly wearing regular home jersey and I think Jack Doyle changed into regular jersey at halftime. I could tell by the number serifs and by a slightly different nameplate font.
  4. Long time troller, first time poster...I definitely prefer low-cut stirrup socks, but can accept a decent looking full sock. However, Stance completely missed the boat on at least 90% of their designs. How can they not take stirrup designs from each team's history, and make that their first design, or at least inspiration. Instead, they wanted to reinvent the wheel. And I agree, there should in no way, shape, or form, be more than 1 design allowed on the field at the same time. Different heights/cuts, maybe...but different design altogether, NO!