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  1. Seen on their black jerseys... which I thin is a complete disaster.
  2. The team is really embracing the kelly green, even for promotional jerseys
  3. Imagine other billion dollar companies doing this. Nike changes their logo every year. Disney changes their logo every year. It won't fly. There is a lot of money lost with this approach.
  4. That's right. And also it would be a nightmare for the NBA to tell all of their partners and all of the media entities every year that the logo they had been using is now outdated and everyone on the graphics teams needs to change it... and BTW, in 365 days you're going to make another update again!
  5. At least it was a couple seasons, so it held through for a bit. Panthers only used it for one season. It would have made more sense to just keep the original template and waited it out until this change
  6. I keep feeling that the people who think it's a "J" are people who don't know cursive. Because a "J" in cursive is distinctly different. And if you're a baseball fan, that logo is instantly recognizable.
  7. Why go through all the effort to change the template, modify the jersey and pants this season only to make another change the following season?
  8. People keep saying it looks like a "J" but how? That's exactly what the "I" is supposed to look like in cursive.
  9. I can't remember where I read this, but it was along the lines of this: If this honor wasn't good enough to do while he was alive, what does him being dead change for it? Retiring his number league-wide makes no sense. Why does he get this honor when there are players who were better than him? Jordan never got this kind of treatment and he's the best player in league history. Does MJ need to die tragically for it? I think the best situation is what already has been stated. Teams don't circulate 24 but don't announce publicly that they're retiring it. Teams can still circulate 24 if they want. It's their choice. The Lakers retired Kobe's number and that's the team that matters for this.
  10. I am still baffled by the Mavs' choice to retire #24. He never played for the Mavs and I don't know of any legit connection that makes sense for this. A knee jerk reaction for sure but is this just Cuban capitalizing on an opportunity to get his name out there as some hero? Also, that silly petition to change the logo to Kobe makes no sense. What happens with Jordan dies? What about Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? It's a tragic situation but there is no need to make all these major announcements or pursue major changes so quickly after it happened. Let the mourning happen before taken action.
  11. Do we have anyone who has been tracking the teams that have worn full solid color socks vs those who still wear their colored socks with the bottom portion in white? I know that the 49ers have not worn an all solid sock with their standard set (but have for the throwback) and the Jags have exclusively just gone solid socks all season.
  12. Are the outlines on the numerals white or gray? Regardless, a small hint of gray on the eyes would be fine. Regardless, I don't even think the NFL would allow a team to change the logo decals on a helmet for a non throwback uniform. They want to keep that helmet standard.