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  1. Both are great. So I wouldn't mind if the team goes with one or the other. They just need to commit to one. But if I had a choice, I go with forest green.
  2. If there is one team that can get a pass for wearing something that isn't their traditional white and grays, it's this team. And with it being Kelly Green, even better!
  3. The average annual NBA salary is $6.4M. Which makes the average gameday pay at around $78K. Nobody is going to refuse the opportunity to make $78K in one day because of not wearing a uniform for about 3 hours.
  4. Looks like the "2" on #23 for Draymond is touching the cable of the bridge. You'd think they'd make the numbers smaller or move it up so the numbers don't touch the bridge.
  5. I've always found the pant stripes an issue for those 90s 49ers unis. It's black/gold/red/gold/black. Fine. I can be cool with that. But the helmet stripe SHOULD have matched it. And maybe the intent was to match it with the older helmet design (with the middle portion raised). But with a newer helmet being rolled out, the gold was simply not part of it. Owens with the newer model vs Garcia with older model.
  6. And it's weird that the Mavs went to Diddy for that design. But NBA was different 15 years ago
  7. I agree with your sentiment. Unless you know the answer to this one, I wonder if the decision was influenced by a specific image they were basing this statue from? Or maybe Marino wanted this? I remember when Jerry Rice had his bust in Canton and he was asked specifically which era of his career he wanted. He chose a look from his Raiders days when he was bald and had a goatee. Heck, even Ed Reed's bust features him in his look post-retirement. Maybe the Marino thing was his choice? (And it's a strange choice too since the last time he wore that specific combo, it was his last game and it was a very ugly loss.)
  8. Because Adidas is trash and they would fail to bad at The City jersey. The solution is to use the same fabric as the jersey itself. Even with Nike doing this, which is adding a whole patch on to the jersey, at least they're using the same fabric. The best way to do this is to actually screen print the entire logo onto it. Not as heavy. The number can be stitched. Just like before.
  9. It's the different fabrics due to the switch. The new ones are a different shade of blue. And they do look darker because the jerseys are soaked from the rain.
  10. Is this the first time they've gone with this combo?
  11. It is their designated Sunday road jersey since it debuted.