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  1. People need to stop saying it looks like a "J" because it doesn't. Nobody sees Jndians when they look at the jersey. But I suppose that's what happens when cursive is no longer being taught in schools.
  2. I hope they don't wear the green jerseys. They wore that way too much last year.
  3. And including the mismatching 49ers numbers from that season.
  4. Both are decent individually. But together I don't like
  5. Well, the helmets match the throwback look so technically, it works and I seem to like it like that.
  6. I don't mind alt jerseys. They add a good touch of color every now and then. But I dislike it when the alt tops are worn more frequently than the white or gray (example 2018 Indians wore navy tops for almost 100 games) or when both teams wear them for the same game.
  7. But color balance and distribution is part of the uniform visual. Yeah, the Browns unis suck a whole lot but from a distance the balance of orange helment, white jersey, orange pants, brown socks looks real good. Zoom in and then the details of that make it bad. Oh of course I would want the Browns to rid of the design but keep that combo. It's good. And I've always liked that Broncos look so whatever.
  8. Those Broncos unis are great. Love the color distribution. That matchup was pretty good. Yeah the Browns uni sucks but the color distribution was good for me.
  9. So basically a color swap of last year's uni? Weak.
  10. The blue jersey has no sleeve piping... I mean, that's just weird that it isn't consistent with the rest of their jerseys. Reminds me of the Red Sox jersey
  11. The problem with this set is that the black jerseys were far superior. Making the red the new primary just doesn't do it for me. Alternate OK. But primary? Nope. I miss the black jerseys and the black pants. Should it have lasted 15 years? No. But the black would have been more tolerable as a primary color.
  12. And that episode was based on a true story. Prince loved to ball