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  1. This full body logo I love. I know it is way too detailed to work on a uniform but it would have been cool to see it used in some form.
  2. I swear when I was a kid I saw a highlight of the Heat sometime in the 90s and they changed uniforms at halftime. They went from black unis to red unis. They were the away team. I don't know if I am remembering it wrong or not, but that was the first time ever I recall a whole team changing uniforms during a game. Does anyone have any recollection of this? We remember Knicks vs Hawks. Also in 2013 we got this:
  3. I think it did. Yeah you see the flakes but the helmet still for the most part was a black helmet with some teal on it, like the black pants with some teal on it.
  4. Well, the black unis didn't come until Nike/Khan decided to add it. The helmet worked with the initial set IMO.
  5. The teal flaked helmet to me was the only good part of that awful set. I think because the helmet was essentially black. And when some teal was seen under the sun, it wasn't such a drastic change that it wasn't that big of a deal. With that said, having a solid black helmet is still better. The teal flake was just a cool thing -- a nice paint job to an ugly car.
  6. That's the whole purpose of the Jags design. Tom Coughlin drew inspiration from Penn State's uniform.
  7. The issue with that aquafresh piping was that it went through so many changes under Reebok depending on what kind of template was used. And for players like MJD, he wore all three. A design function that can't translate well through different players on the same team is not good.
  8. They don't. It's a form of field turf, not astro turf. Dallas Cowboys home field,Hellas for another 10 years.
  9. Not really. Here's two photos of the uniforms under a bright sun. You can easily tell that these two are not that similar at all. One is more blue while the other is more green.
  10. As an Oakland native, their Oakland uniforms are a slap to the face of those fans. Hate all of it. Last night's uniforms along with the Heat was an eyesore.
  11. The gold trim on the number looks more like gold (matching that patch) versus the one on the shoulder which is more mustard. I do think that if it is part of the number like this, then adding it as a trim to the jersey number can work. It sucks that they had gold prominently featured in their identity in their last and to basically now having no gold except for the helmet logo. I wouldn't be surprised if after the 5-year waiting period is up the Jags will change their uniforms again. Their current set was the brainchild of Tom Coughlin's desire to simplify and kinda be like Penn State. Maybe the team wants to move away from that era and hopefully embrace the teal as the primary going forward and bring back some more gold to their uniform.
  12. I think it's more noticeable on sleeves because the pads make the number curve, which makes it stand out more versus the number on the jersey where it's flat mostly. My point is that it blends better because it's black.
  13. What works well for the Raiders is that it is noticeable on the sleeves but not so much on the body part of the jersey because it's black.
  14. I would like them to wear teal over white for day home games (vibrant bright colors popping) and save the teal over black for late games. For the road if they have to wear a colored jersey, then that's when they can wear the black jersey over teal. And then white over any of the three pants colors would do.