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  1. Kinda.... But yeah, this doesn't really count. I find it interesting that the statement emphasized the importance of red but didn't give the same love for black.
  2. To prepare us for the Mother's Day design and possibly an adaptation to it being a permanent fixture?
  3. If I don't know which player wears what number I look up at the board. Then I am going to remember that that player wears #38. Then that's it. I'm good for the rest of the game.
  4. I can see their attempt to combine past fonts into a new one but it doesn't work for me.
  5. I've always liked these thicker caps with the flap that you can pull down to cover your neck.
  6. On the Unified podcast, they didn't want to carry two different gray pants on road trips so they just dropped one of them.
  7. We don't need another team with numerals in their team name.
  8. That is true. The A's are notorious for deviating from the norm in their uniform identity. It works for them that they are a little different in this sense.
  9. If they do adopt it, that would mean they are dropping their cursive script then match it, right? Could be a transition if they do go kelly green full time
  10. Ah that's pretty cool. I'd welcome that as the road cap but keep the current A's home one.
  11. If they adopt that "O" logo for Oakland and use it on the road, I can be down for that. Basically the Mother's Day cap with the logo in yellow instead.
  12. This is a mess for the Cards. Never liked them wearing red on the road and then blue when they face opponents who have red. That's just odd. Keep it as it was: red at home, blue on road and keep the Sunday alt if you want. I don't mind the matching helmets in this situation because at least they won't be lugging two possible batting helmets on the road. But you do have a point about helmets not matching the caps. I hate what the A's have done for a while now. It's bothered me for so long. They have one batting helmet for home and road. But of course the helmet when worn on the road never matches the cap they wear. It used to match, but not anymore. Then when it comes to their kelly green alts, their cap and helmet don't match either. What a mess.
  13. Mariners and teal-billed caps should only go with the white and teal jerseys. Solid navy for road an navy tops/
  14. Ahhh yes, now that makes more sense. But also makes less sense why they would decide to use this out of nowhere.
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