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  1. TV Cameras in Cincy seem to blowing out all things white, which is what's making the Chargers jerseys look like that, has nothing to do with the uniform design. Look at the shots of the sideline and end lines, blown out whites. Also, though its not common that team captains switch teams often, Brady has the gold C patch signifying 5+ years as captain. I thought the patch was for that specific team.
  2. Has it been confirmed, are teams even having two sets of uniforms for hub games? I guess if there was a clash they would, but to save some time, hassle and resources, and with all the things around hub city games and covid precautions means that training staff is working overtime to keep things sanitized, is there a need for the Flames and Jets (or any teams) to change jerseys and pants and socks at all during there series, both teams wearing home darks? My guess is Flames would go with retro red like they did last year for playoffs as long as they can. If they play Chicago or Arizona eventually in the West, one would have to change. And if the Flames did, going white retro would mean they could at least use same pants as ones they wear with retro reds.
  3. Ok, so it’s once again, financial improprieties (that got Rangers punted down to the third division in the first place) and shady back room deals, should’ve known with Rangers. It’d be a stretch to call then an up and coming Under Armour yet, though; Andy Murray is a name, though fallen off the tennis map all the same.
  4. Are Rangers in the Scottish third division again? Going with a company that’s never done a kit before.
  5. Leak of the Celtic change strip; in my opinion, the best of the bunch, and that was a high bar after the first two kits. Adidas knocked this debut out of the park.
  6. Dunno, there are some good concepts out there. A white change strip? Sure.
  7. What’s the criteria for the jerseys being created? Seems totally random: Flames would’ve played the Isles tonight, but neither team had a St Patrick’s jersey created for warmup. Ones for US teams who played tonight, except the Isles, Sharks, Wild and Blues. Leafs only Canadian team with the St. Pats stuff. Ones for popular US teams not scheduled to be playing (Bruins, Rangers, Pens). Cant be strictly sales, as one even created for Florida, who, would’ve been on the road in Winnipeg, but none for the Jets.
  8. Celtic confirmed to be switching to Adidas on a 5 year deal as of July. Really looking forward to the switch, and away (like Liverpool) from New Balance...because of the kits themselves, but also the other branded apparel that looks a lot better from Nike or Adidas, than NB.
  9. Celtic 91/92 away kit: A complete mash up of multiple shades of green and brown.
  10. My guess is maybe the NFL brought in their own grounds crews for Championship games in the earlier years, thus visitor end zones. No way that happens now. With the high stakes amplified, as well as the focus on the mental game and psychological advantages increased so much that teams have full time people to think of gaining those advantages, no team will put their opponents name in one end zone at their own home field.
  11. Maybe Vegas has some revolutionary material, that if the light hits it on the right angle, it lightens up big time or has a sheen to it. Any club that would do it would be Vegas.
  12. Fine for a regular season kit but underwhelming for an anniversary kit. Celtic a few years back for their 125th had a 3rd shirt which was like an original one. The Nike swoosh and sponsor name was the same colour as the kit (white). The usual home strip had a reduced sponsor logo for the team along with the thinner hoops from back when as well, for that season. Shame that the sponsor didn't agree to something like that this year for Liverpool but maybe a special one will come out over the summer?
  13. Depending on which pop culture reference you want to believe, Toronto has been given itself a trendy nickname "The 6" because of the two area codes that have "6" in it. Or the 6 boroughs loosely formed into the city Toronto. Whatever it is, "The 6" has gained prominence in the last couple due to Drake popularizing/reviving the nickname in his songs and an album name, and Stroman is just hopping on that Drake bandwagon with his number change since last year (which I think was 54).
  14. I know this was covered early regarding the NHL, and I believe it was Neil Sheehy (now an NHL agent) that "broke" the stats system by wearing #0 for Hartford: A link, and some relevant text from it: http://hockey-blog-in-canada.blogspot.ca/2012/06/power-of-zero.html "When I was with Calgary I had two games to go before my contract became a one-way contract. Calgary was on an eight-game losing streak and I got called into Cliff Fletcher's office and told I was being sent to the minors. That team was going to play four games in four nights on the road, what a treat. "Terry Crisp was coaching the minor-league team at the time. When I got there, the trainer had a jersey with number 0 on it and he asked me what number I wanted. I said whatever, it didn't matter. He said would you do me a favour and wear this, number 0. I laughed and said absolutely. Crisp came in a few minutes later and said you're not going to wear that are you, and I said, sure. He laughed and said great, 'that's why I love you...'. "So I wore it in the minors for four games. I got traded to Hartford in 1988 and when I got there I wanted number 5 because I had worn it before but it was taken. I had worn 15 before and it was taken. My first time in the minors I wore 21, but it was taken. So I asked the general manager, Emile Francis, if I could wear number 0. He looked at me funny and laughed, but I told him I wore it in the minors, Crispy loved it, and Emile said 'why not?' "When people asked me why I wore it I had some fun with it. I would tell them it was the furthest number from 99 and talent-wise I'm furthest from Wayne Gretzky, but just remember opposites attract. At the time, the Battle of Alberta was pretty intense and my job was to play against Gretzky a lot of the time. "I also told people I wanted to get the 'O' back in my name for O'Sheehy, my Irish ancestors. The truth is, in Ireland our name was MacSheehy. I just tried to have some fun with it. Fans used to yell at me, 'Is zero your IQ?' then somebody would say, 'Hey, this guy went to Harvard you know.' It was hilarious."
  15. DId a google search of this thread and didn't see Jerry Rice as a Seahawk, but maybe it has. Did see Emmit Smith as a Cardinal; well, here they are together. Sorry if already posted :
  16. The Calgary Stampeders with no red pants. The last pair they had a few year ago had the stripe far to thick.Or, go back to silver trim and silver pants like the mid 70's to 80's. And black pants, if at all needed, should have a stripe (as the Stamps had when they first had black pants), not look like a leotard (that goes for anything in football or MLB too). Back to this: They may still have alternate red pants, but striping it too thick. If it has to be black pants, the pants worn in 2001 (look up the youtube Grey Cup highlights) are much much better. Onto Calgary's other team. Always bugged me that the Flames, after 8 or so home games in 2003, due to complaints from whiny old fans and broadcasters, who for some reason have to read names and not the 3x as large numbers, changed the black nameplate to white...but kept the numbers black. Totally disrupts the overall intended flow and design of the uniform (debuting the new black C) to have the back of the jersey mismatched. Regardless, if the change had to be made, should've changed the numbers to white at the same time, or at least, at the end of that season...but then the new Black C would've looked out of place. Should've kept well enough alone. They had a second chance to correct this in some manner when going to the Edge jersey, but kept the same setup. Wish I would've got my jersey, that I got on launch in 2003, customized and had the original black name plate. Also bugged me that the named are not outlined the same way the numbers were, on the home and away's, as the yellow outline is missing on both sets, though its less noticeable on the home jersey's,with black letters. Finally, the sooner they can get rid of the name and number font, used for almost 20 years now, the better.
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