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  1. On this page alone, Sam Houston State, North Carolina State and Arizona are worse. This
  2. I absolutely LOVE these. GREAT look. I agree about wearing the ranks on the unis - a VERY nice touch. Looks like the ranks will be on the shoulders AND in the striping on the pants. WOW...homerun! Gotta love the attention to detail here, even down to the belt buckle.
  3. Yep this was confirmed a few weeks ago. Alabama is wearing the template this year as well. This is also pretty cool from the same site: Evolution of the Nike College football Uniforms
  4. Penn debuts new gray Alternate Team reaction
  5. It's not for Purdue specifically, it's for the Shamrock Series game. They just happen to be playing Purdue in that game this year.
  6. Guys...he's saying they are LIKE the Nike hoodie. Meaning the design is similar to the Adidas one, not that it is actually it.
  7. From the interview with Notre Dame's AD Q: Will Under Armour figure out the correct gold and continuity with the uniform and have they talked to you about it? Swarbrick: “There is not a lot you can do in this first year but they left here with a helmet and football pants to get a better match. In fairness to adidas we changed the helmet independently and next year for anybody would be the year to catch up on the helmet.” http://ndathleticsblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/a-conversation-with-jack-swarbrick-on-ua-partnership/ It was also said during the press conference that all uniforms shown were just mock-ups. The uniforms that are on the field/court in 2014 will be pretty much the same as what you are used to seeing and they will make any changes in 2015. However the Football uniform will remain pretty much unchanged other than the location of the ND logo. They didn't say that the location would change but if anything changed it would be that.