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  1. I like the idea of the peach leaf off the top of the state but either it needs to be more obvious or not there at all. Right now it's just kinda there and it kinda looks awkward. I love these though! I miss the personalized super bowl and BCS championship logos!
  2. I feel like all of these are what bootleg logos would look like. Like something a 2nd hand store would make to see "college" merch
  3. I would say Alabama but there aren't any pro teams! Haha! Just BAMA, Auburn, South, and UAB
  4. I love all of these! Only suggestion is that the Braves kit reminds me of Pepsi. It seems odd to have Coke as the sponsor (which I totally get) but have a shirt that screams Pepsi (thick white line b/w blue and red)
  5. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day! All of these look amazing! Can't wait to see the eventual Super Bowl version!
  6. JCR, I didn't know you were an Alabama fan! Roll Tide! I was named after the Bear and I can a test to it. The Iron Bowl is something to behold! Haha! This newest batch looks great. I loveBamyan State. The Bull based on the FS Bulldog made me laugh. Great Job!
  7. Great design Wonka! I love the colors. Very unique. Only C&C I have is that something is a little off on the eyes. I feel like it needs some sort of pupil. Maybe a little slit in it that signifies a pupil?
  8. They look phenomenal! Will you be doing the National Championship?
  9. I like the way the little arrows add to the logos. But is there a point to it? Symbolism? Or just for the sake of filling space?
  10. It's said it will be a trim color. So whether it's on the uniforms or not, it will be a small amount. thank you for clarifying. I hate it won't be on there more. I can't get Calgary out of my head with just red and yellow
  11. I love these! Haha! They make me laugh, but it's funny how different they look without serifs
  12. These look great! So is it official that no blue will be used on the jerseys? Besides te numbers that is.
  13. I love all of these. Question though. Is MIL cream or yellow? I almost feel like cream is too close to white in MLB. Maybe another? Blue and yellow of 80s
  14. It's a shame these don't get more attention! I just read through all of them, and I enjoyed every one. These are so much fun! I didn't realize that there were that mean minor league teams in Alabama. Stinks that they folded!
  15. I am loving these past few teams! A question though... Why did you pull scores and stuff from the 2009 season?