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  1. These are awesome man. I realize this is an old topic, but I wonder if you would still make these. Christmas is here soon If so, could you do a NY jets one? Also, is it possible to make it as a desktop wallpaper like 1280x768 or 1920x1200? Could you do that for the NY Jets and the NY Islanders?
  2. SP00

    Tiger blood

    If you're referring to the jersey itself, I'll want a date with the local Hooters' waitress in return. lol maybe he'll give you one of his goddesses
  3. SP00

    Tiger blood

    lol nice. You should send the pic to Sheen's twitter. Maybe he'll want it
  4. Your logos are so freakin good that I actually wish teams would use them or that I wish you did not already make them, because that means they will not use them. These are just too good to be just 'concepts' and portfolio show off material. Seriously.
  5. Man, this is awesome. I love all of them, but the New Zealand one is simply amazing. Im looking forward to seeing more and an Italian one
  6. I agree. Without a ball its better. It was a nice plain and simple logo, I think with the ball its gets a bit too crowded. Awesome though
  7. SP00

    Bear Logo

    It's a shame youve changed it again. I realle liked how it was before. Why can't a bear be furry? Bears are furry and to say they are not, well, its all about the imagination and the way one sees it. It can be both. Your first designs were great. The only thing I would have changed are the eyes.
  8. SP00

    Bear Logo

    I like the old one more. Everything is perfect, just the eyes I think dont match well with the rest. What about making them like this, in this style;
  9. I like it. Maybe you should change the left eye a bit, but other than that it's nice.
  10. Nice, I like the little logo's/crests on the pants, especially the Carolina ones.
  11. I dont like this at all. I do like the new jerseys and all but I dont like that they did went back to their old colors and logo style, but left the name Wizards. They should've just went back to Washington Bullets IMO. Instead of everything in the style of the Bullets, but with leaving the name Wizards.
  12. Whoa, I was waiting for this one. I love it.