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  1. I'd like to see the Rangers do something so they can settle on whether they're a RED team or a BLUE team. I don't think they need to start from scratch, but just a clean-up would work. The Mariners would be cool to lean into the teal since they're the last team still using it. There's too much red and not enough contrast in the Angels' look. Gold and red would be a nice move to help differentiate them. But overall, Cleveland needs to figure out what they're gonna do instead of treading water.
  2. Have you had a single positive thing to say about this Brewers rebrand? It's been pretty well-received by the whole board here, despite it not being perfect.
  3. Only when those nits are treated as though they completely negate any and all positive aspects. There's a difference between "I wish they would've done *this* but overall it's good" and "I wish they would've done *this* and since they didn't, it's all trash".
  4. Everyone here cares about the details, though.
  5. Some of the "flaws" are just personal preferences though. Like others have mentioned, one might consider thick sleeve piping and no collar piping a "flaw" while someone else might consider it perfectly fine or even preferred.
  6. Honestly, I think if the before and after were flipped, people would be complaining about the very things they say are superior. "What's with the little weird white notch?", " Why'd they change the ball to one seam? It doesn't look like a baseball anymore?!", etc.
  7. May I direct your attention north towards Pittsburgh?
  8. While it's commendable/smart for the Chiefs and Braves to dismiss the overtly offensive imagery from their branding, I still see them opening a window for fans to behave disrespectfully by retaining an association with First Nations/American Indian cultures. The Tomahawk Chop persists. Fans arrive at the gates with warpaint and head dresses. Like others have mentioned, the invisibility of First Nations/American Indians in the mainstream American consciousness is exacerbated when their culture and identity is reduced to mascot status and costuming, further dehumanizing them. While some strategies are more sound/respectful (Spokane Indians) than others, it's probably safest to just vacate that realm when it comes to sports branding.
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