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  1. Jets tweak their game pants for a more traditional stripe?
  2. The home greens are a serious downgrade. Was nice seeing the Saints with the white over gold combo.
  3. Players frequently change their helmets throughout the season so it's odd the NFL still puts up this front as if its a safety precaution.
  4. Always liked this Dolphins set:
  5. Thought FSU was going back to garnet #'s?
  6. how they actually changed these....what a crime
  7. Florida St changed perfection....lame. New uniforms are meh....
  8. First year of the midnight green for the Eagles, last year before the navy added to the Dolphins uni's
  9. Ha! Told yall. wont post the image but here's the link to another shot of Deion on offense
  10. POTD. Hell Deion used to switch helmets mid-game when he played offense. Had a facemask for defense and one for offense. I'm sure that's a no-no these days.