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  1. Possible Bucks leak? Doesnt make sense with it not being gray.
  2. Pretty far off base. First off, Sid was doing the games Johnny Mac was not. John has been behind the mic for 40 years now and the past several years he has done fewer and fewer games each year. He mostly does home games with the rare road game. Second off, Sid was TERRIBLE as a color announcer. The majority of Bucks fans would agree and having him get gone is a blessing. I think this is John riding off into the sunset. The last part of all this is they fired Sid, a well respected Buck from the 80's to hire Marques... an equally (if not more) respected Buck from the 80's (who's much better at his job and has had experience with Fox Sports calling college games). The big town guys fired the small town guy who was terrible at his job and hired another small town guy to fill his spot. This is kind of true. Like I noted above, John has been doing games forever, just far less. Marques fills Sid's spot. Then Gus will take 20 games from Jim Paschke. The Bucks have 78 games on Fox Sports this year. Play-by-play Jim Paschke - 58 games Gus Johnson - 20 games Color Johnny Mac - 25 games (probably more like 23) Marques Johnson - 55 My read on this is that they are giving Paschke another year (or so) as well to ride off into the sunset. Gus is on somewhat of a trial and I'm guessing we're going to try and make him our full time guy after next year. In Gus' interviews since the hire he's made some comments about finding a place to stick and maybe that's with the Bucks. Then, after next year... or the year after... I could see our announce team being Johnson and Johnson full time.
  3. The Okafor thing in context isn't even a thing. But that is a great GIF if you don't know what it actually looks like. https://vine.co/v/eJXEQBMTxzL
  4. I'm not so sure that the black alternate isn't coming. I know the Bucks said "no" but I think they are being coy. People spoke with players (Henson, specifically) who confirmed black and he said they were his fave. Also, this guy is fairly connected, he's kinda like a fan with access (he's been real big with the arena and gets on local radio stations as a guest, not just come call in... anyhow), he says black is coming as well. http://forums.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?p=43834279#p43834279
  5. So what they are saying is.... prepare for the worst.
  6. 1- who are these guys2- is that the new road uniform behind themarket (black uni- top left,red road -behind the guy on the right? ??)?? Pretty sure the one in the left corner is this (based on the side panels):
  7. Yeah, June 6th is the date as Kdub said. Here's their web page on it. http://www.nba.com/bucks/uniforms
  8. At the logo reveal, Jabari Parker said their is blue in the collar and that was confirmed by Alex Lasry (Bucks exec) on twitter. I think the Bucks allowed that photo to be released and haven't tried to throw any water on that fire because the real jerseys aren't in there. We'll find out June 6th, I'll be going to the reveal in downtown Milwaukee.
  9. Its April fools day but we will see the new colours/logo. That, i'm sure of. Is this because you know something or have seen something? Or just your conjecture from the posted image? Not at all asking to be an ass, I read a lot here but don't post a lot... I'm not sure what info you may or may not have.
  10. Yeah, I take back that construction thing. Also: Looks like Wed will answer questions regarding Bucks' color speculation. Sidenote: orange teaser had nothing to do w/arena or sponsorship. — Frank Madden (@brewhoop) March 30, 2015 Not sure if he has real sources, but I read his blog all the time and he does have press access. Seems like too much of a coincidence that it's April Fool's.
  11. Orange signifies construction. The new arena is the most important thing they could possibly have to announce and I think the date matches (or is a day after) when the new owners were announced last year.
  12. When I read "stocked the shirt" that suggested in Stock to me. Which could mean out or on the back. So I take the stupidity comment back. I just read it more as something was out.
  13. There's nothing here. The closest I found was a shirt with the retro logo that only had 2 colors. So it's either someone's stupidity (my vote) or they have a stash of shirts behind the scenes.
  14. I'm going to the Bucks game tonight and I'm going to try and hunt this down. I don't believe it exists. I'm not sure why a team would do a "soft leak" on a t-shirt. I am guessing this shirt has a slightly altered logo and is just "retro" or something or it doesn't exist at all.
  15. Here's the color scheme that was outlined, it's been deleted from the post.