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  1. If Duluth Captains was a real team i'll bought a jersey in a minute lol . I always loved maritime themed logo
  2. Beautiful serie so far , but i think Germany dont participate at the tournament
  3. I love all the redesign you've done . Even if they don't exist anymore it will be cool to see the atlantic schooners .
  4. My favorite jersey are BC and New Foundland wow , Quebec is my least favorite even if i'm coming from there
  5. It would be fun to see Hardee's or Arby's team kit or a little canadian flavor with Tim Horton
  6. suggestion name -victoria islanders -London Knights , Monarchs -Calgary Arrows , Cowboys , Rockies , Bisons
  7. If Halifax get a CFL team someday they should use a name and a logo like this and the same colors wow . Halifax is the best so far for canada team with st johns not far away
  8. Gulf coast region best place in the U.S., pecan pie Southern style iced tea mmmmmm
  9. The only sad side of this thread is my favorite town is not there(st louis) but what an amazing work you did
  10. Your league is 10 times better then the real NBA and the T-bird is wow
  11. Sorry, I'm not feeling that name. It sounds good for a minor league baseball team, playing a sport that actually is dirty and dusty. Lol i didn't think about this one but yeah it's sound more baseball(btw best sport in the world no offence to basketball fan )
  12. Philly is my favorite one with Chicago , where i can buy one lol
  13. Iowa Dusters could be intersting name