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  1. First of all, lose the wings on the pants...it's a little too much IMO. And secondly, I'd like to see a different colored uni than green since they already wore it in the rose bowl. I think yellow would be cool. And on the template your using...i believe the holes are supposed to blend in with the jersey/pants. So the holes should be a very dark green on this particular set.
  2. I think putting 'TCU' inside the texas logo would make it look a lot better. I like the red lines but I just feel like you could find somewhere better for them Maybe use the current texas logo as an opposite 25 yd line logo and then put the 'TCU' logo at the 50.
  3. B. a is a little too plain b his it right on the head
  4. Nice update! Cant wait to see the unis.
  5. Great update on an already good logo. The secondary doesn't really need the 2 red lines IMO.
  6. You need to make the palm design a little less noticable. Also, add an outline to the numbers. Finally, scale your numbers down a bit....I know they can overlap the seam a little but that five(especially the back one) way too big. Keep going strong! Can't wait to se what you've got in store for Oregon!
  7. These are cool, MG. Could you do a Tennessee Volunteers one for android please. Black helmet with orange T outlined in white & orange helmet with white T if possible. Thnx in adv.
  8. Bears: I like the striping change here...I like how simple it is. The outlines that they currently have on their stripes are a bit much IMO. Lions: You did too much with the striping here. That's really all. I really wish you would've gone with the modern look with the Lions since they are a fairly young team. Packers: I can't really decide on this one. I like the Packers current look, but I like your version too. Definitely like this throwback though. Vikings: Not liking this at all. Sorry. It just screams Panthers to me for some reason.
  9. These are so cool. The Justin Blackmon is my favorite so far. I would love to have a T.Bray one of these things but that's what I get for not looking at this thread earlier. Can't wait to see the next one...keep up the good work!
  10. Could I get a Tyler Bray #8 Tennessee Vols white jersey if somebody is still taking requests.
  11. Im not a big logo guy...but I think you should just redo the eye. I kinda see what's supposed to be going on with it but then again I see the sad gorilla thing. Its just confusing to the eye & that's not what you want with your logo. Try slimming down the eye...I that could give it that fierce look that you want from your logo.
  12. I think you should make the mulerider face the other way on the helmet. The one you currently have on the helmet should be for the left side only. You get way I'm sayin?
  13. TylerBray8

    Dynasty Avatar

    Could I please get a Tennessee Vols one with Bray&Hunter&Rogers. Thanks in adv.